Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It Pay's Off!

    I am a couponer.  Some of you were at my last coupon class where I talked about having goals for your savings!  Well, today I was able to pay off one of my couponing goals! I paid off a credit card and it felt good.  I know that saving can be a struggle, but it really does pay off when you meet that goal.  What is your savings goal? Maybe a vacation, or a new piece of furniture. Maybe you don't have a goal yet.  I say, make a goal today...saving only $40.00 a month for 10 years is $4,800.00...think about that for just a second. Could you find an extra $40.00 in your budget to save every month?  I bet you can...start today!


  1. That is crazy how $40 adds up pretty fast. I am going to try and start putting $20 a month away in a savings for each of my daughters (possible future wedding budget?)