Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"CEP Compression Sock Review and Giveaway"

 I was so excited to receive my CEP Compression Socks from Sports Compression.  I couldn't wait to try them out.  I have never worn any type of compression socks so I didn't know what to expect. They fit nice and snug as compression socks are suppose too!  I went out for a run in them and didn't care for that.  Some people love them on a run, but me, not so much.  On the plus side, they did stay secure, had nice ventilation and didn't cause any blisters.

I do LOVE my compression socks after a run.  The next time I went for a run, I came home and put them on.  It was instant relief.  They felt so nice.  The aches in my legs felt better. I also like to put them on after being on my feet for several hours as my job requires of me.  They makes my legs feel so much better.  

CEP Compression  has lots of great information on their website

For all Runners and Endurance Athletes
~The scientifically optimized pressure flow provides your muscles with the maximum amount of oxygen and energy during performance and recovery.

The times are over where the sole purpose of socks and stockings was to protect feet from blistering. The CEP compression sportsocks are the first functional sport socks with a unique compression profile that provides a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance.

Achilles Tendon Support:
 ~Additional support of the Achilles tendon protects and prevents irritable tendons.

Padded Foot Soles:
~The special support of the foot sole prevents irritations caused by pressure spots.

Ventilation Channels:
~For a pleasant foot climate.

3-D Fit:
~The socks adjust to the anatomy of the leg and foot for a perfect fit thanks to the three-dimensional manufacturing process.

~Shin Splints 
~ Achilles Issues
~Fatigue, Micro Muscle tears
~ Vibration trauma
~Blood clots from travel

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing compression socks.  I encourage you to check them out now here. CEP Compression offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  

CEP Compress is offering you a one time discount on your purchase from their website.  Just use this coupon code at checkout...BLOG15 to receive your 15% discount.

I look forward to having my new CEP Sports Compression socks after I come home from running, especially when I go over 5 miles or run a race.  I am really glad I will have them for my upcoming relay, 2011 Hood to Coast.  We will be traveling and taking turns running.  I will be wearing my sports compression socks in-between my runs to help with fatigue and cramps.  Oh, I do believe this is a must for anyone doing Hood to Coast!

 Would you like to win a pair of compression socks for yourself?  

Here's how to enter:  

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     1.  Follow Sports Compression on Facebook!  Go here and “like” Sports Compression. You MUST leave a comment on their page saying "I love and are here because Simply Julie sent me". Then come back to this blog and tell me in a comment below. 
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I was given a pair of CEP Compression socks from Sports Compression to test in exchange for my honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way
A winner will be picked on the evening of July 19th, after Dallas OR Running Club group run.  

Good luck and spread the word!


  1. Thanks Julie for sharing....maybe this would help those stupid cramps a bit??

  2. Thanks Julie, it would be great for energy

  3. Like the Black one, look great

  4. I faithfully follow this blog :)

  5. I prefer black. I was excited to learn they have a 30day money back guarantee!

  6. I reposted this blog on my FB page.

  7. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Thanks Julie -- if I win I'll definitely do a review on my blog as well as well!

  9. LOL!!!! The security word I was given to type in was "acher" =)

  10. PS -- I would like the fuschia best if they had them for men! =( But a close second is the chartreuse/green compression "ski-board" socks. As an RN, I knew the value of compression for someone with already compromised circulation, so was also already aware of the likelihood of benefit to an athlete for recovery -- but I learned that an average marathoner might see an 8-10 minute (5%) improvement in their time! WOW!

    I also liked Dallas, OR Running Club, and posted a link to the giveaway on my facebook page.

    I'm pretty sure I have done everything I can do to enter to win! =)

  11. Thanks Julie. If I win I'm not sure if I'll get myself a pair for long-run-recovery or my wife a pair for her RN duties...

  12. Thanks Julie.. and Jason who just commented. Its interesting that athletes are MORE at risk for DVT when traveling due to a lower resting heart rate.. and I am also a nurse.. I should be living in these socks. :)

  13. Ok I entered! I really want to try these socks!!!

  14. i follow ur blog

  15. I posted simply julie sent me on dallas running group

  16. Compression will help keep the blood moving in the veins and prevent a DVT. By reducing the veins diameter at the lowest point in the legs and gradually reducing the sqeeze as the sock moves up you increase velocity of blood flow towards the heart. :) And I would love black ones. And I follow your blog, and Joined the Dallas Running Club. I think I did it all :)

  17. Thank you all for entering...our winner is Can Opener Boy!

  18. hat's an experiment on compression socks on the performance during running. Shows to be beneficial.

  19. Thanks for the assessment - here is another great..compression socks running