Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Four Corners of Drain, Oregon

I grew up in the City of Drain! 

 I learned to love and hate running in Drain.  I moved away right after graduation, never to return to run....until today!  20 years later, I wanted to run in Drain again, so that's what I did! 
I ran ten miles! Drain is a very small town, so I had to get creative running a full ten miles. Come with me, and see my run through the City of Drain......

Front of my High School
HS track
HS track
This is North Douglas High School.  I went to this school 8th-12th grade.  There was no middle "school" at the time, so yes...8th grade.  

As I came to the  High School Track, I had to run on it.  It looked the same, muddy.  I ran one lap and then headed off to see more of Drain!

My old house
Up the hill from the H.S. is the favorite house my family lived in.  It's the tall tan house.  This road goes up to the Drain cemetery.   

Founders of Drain
I remember cemetery hill being very steep.  We used to have to run up it for practice sometimes. There were 3 or 4 dogs that lived half way up that used to come out and scare us.  I figured after 20 years, surely the dogs were dead.  I made it to the top, no dogs and for the first myself.  I was always scared to go up to the cemetery alone as a kid. This tombstone shows Charles and Anna Drain.  Charles is the founder and politician of Drain, who donated 60 acres of nearby land to the Oregon and California Railroad in 1871.

On my way back down the hill, I stopped to explore the forest up behind Drain.  My brother, my friends and I used to play on the trails on this mountain.  

This shows the view on the side of the mountain. If you look closely, you can see the town through the trees.  It was a beautiful day! I wish I had had more time to explore the mountain again, but thought I better head back into town since I was alone. 

This is the Charles and Anne house, now used for the school district.  It's a beautiful house to see in person.  It sets just on the other side of the HS track.

I ran back by my HS and over to the Elementary school, just a few blocks over. This was my school, kindergarten to the end of 7th grade.  I remember some of my teachers so clearly.  Some still live in Drain and every once in while, I get to see them.  Small town love! 
North Douglas Elem.

Next I ran back to the HS again and around the back to see the Drain swimming pool.  I spent most every summer with my friends in this pool.  We even got to have PE class in the pool since it is so close to the HS.  It's still open every summer if you were wondering.

Now, it was time to run to the other side of Drain.  To get there I crossed the railroad track that goes through the middle of town.

This railroad is still in use today, if you were wondering.
  This is the walking bridge I crossed countless times walking to school back in the day.
The Division house, our house with the creek in the backyard.
I used to play down at this creek with my friends for endless hours every summer I lived in the Division house.  I remember this house being small but had the best back yard.  A big yard to play in with a creek just down the bank. We also had two really cool neighbors. I learned to ride a bike while living at this house. 
The church I got married in.

I stopped here...

  •  Next I headed to the opposite end of Drain.  I went past the old mill my Dad worked at and out too Elk Creek Road.  Soon I came to the church I grew up in and got married in.  It still looks exactly the same.  I ran on out elk creek road.  My Senior year my family moved out into the country.  I didn't run clear to the house since it was out a ways and up a long driveway. I wouldn't be able to run up anyway.  
  •  I stopped here!  (see picture above) I'm have no memory of this house at all.  This isn't a good photo but there are pumpkins and shoes hanging all over the fence along with a hanging bike.  Not sure what that's all about.   I heard a dog and decided it was time to turn back towards town.  

The road back to town

This is a view of part of downtown Drain. you can see the post office and the bank.  There is also a bowling alley and a small grocery store and a few local small businesses.

This road goes through the middle of Drain.  Near my division house.  Countless memories of the Drain parade going down this road.  Memories of this road being flooded and not drive-able.  The only gas station in town is up there to your left! 

I will end this tour with the Drain Covered Bridge.  It used to be in a different location just over about 100 yards, but after a big flood was moved over to this area.  It was no longer safe to drive on.  For years it's been used as a walking bridge and a popular place for photos to be taken.  I was sad to see today, it's no longer even a walking bridge.  The small green sign reads, no access and a fence is blocking it off.  It's no longer safe to even walk on, but still a beautiful bridge to look at. 
As you can see, Drain doesn't really have four corners, but hey, it caught your attention didn't it?