Saturday, May 25, 2013

Newport Marathon Goals and Stuff

Newport is only 7 short days away.  I have never blogged about my goals but I think I will this time around.  It can be scary to tell the world your goals.  Last year I did it! My goal was sub 4:30 and I ran a 4:29:18.  Talk about close.  I also really struggled the last several miles, but none-the-less...I did it!

As I started into training for this year I realized, If I want the same results..fine, train the same way!  But, am I really capable of more? After last year I thought I had reached my potential.  I had ran my perfect marathon time and I was completely satisfied with that.  

But this year is a NEW year!  

After I realized I needed to change things in my training and diet I went with it.  I met Ultra Runner Chris and started picking his brain.  Jerry (my husband) had also decided to run Newport this year (for the first time) and was doing all kinds of running research.  I was getting all kinds of good training tips.  It was like I was a new runner again learning how to train different.  I decided, "what do I have to lose?" and went with a new training plan.  Chris works with a coach and gave me some tips, lots of tips and constructive criticism.  Over the next month or so I started to see a difference.  I enjoyed all the different types of running workouts I had to do.  I had very hard running days, and very enjoyable running training days.  But, I never burnt out...I typically have a burn out sometime in training....interesting!

I also changed my eating and fueling for the first time in marathon training.  The change in food made a huge difference in the stomach issues I have dealt with over the last two years.  I also lost six
pounds the right way and am going to run Newport at my goal weight.  This is something I've wanted since I started running 4.5 years ago.  I have more energy and feel so much better with just simple changes.  

As I embraced the changes and had a couple guys (Jerry and Chris) saying, you CAN do this...I started to believe I could indeed do it. I realized it was really working when I ran The Biggest Loser 15k in April with a nice PR.  Then I ran the Hippie Chick Half with a  pretty PR only two weeks ago.  

I set my Newport Goal at sub 4:00:00.  I know I can do this.  It won't be easy, but I have done the work.  All I need to do now is simmer for one more week and then give it my all for a pretty payday at the finish line.  I realize I may not make my goal, but I also realize I AM capable.  I will give it my best next week...can't what to see what happens!  

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hippie Chick Half 2013

Just leaving town (Tonya and I)
I had no intentions of running Hippie Chick Half this year.  I love this race, full of women all ages shapes and sizes but last year was a bad race for me, and I didn't add this one to my wish list for 2013. My friend Tonya had other ideas!

Several months ago Tonya asked if I would do Hippie Chick '13.  I told her I hadn't planned on it but she just went ahead and registered the both of us  She did ask first!  I have to say, I'm glad she did!  I really needed this race for a confidence builder for Newport Marathon in three weeks and to get over the disapointment of last year!

 Saturday morning Tonya and I drove off about 5:45am towards Hillsboro Stadium.  We got there with plenty of time to use the port-a-potty and gather our gear.  Then we did a little warm-up going towards the starting line while looking for people we know.  Sure enough, we saw our running friend Susan!

Tonya and I got in line and worked our way up to the pace group we wanted.  We had just a few minutes to start and Tonya kept saying she had to go pee again, so you guessed it....I needed to pee too!  The lines for the port-a-potties were WAY backed up at this point and there was no way to make it back in time for the big start.  I decided to "deal with it."

The gun went off and Tonya and I split up right away.  Usually we stay together for at least the first half but today we both had  different goals.  I felt really good.  I wanted to hold a 8:15 for the first ten miles but I was going faster.  I just went with it because I soon as it heats up I will slow down no matter what.

The first eight miles went super.  I knew the course this year and that was really nice.  I also remembered all the spots I broke down last year.  Thing is...I wasn't breaking down this year!  Even the "hill" we had to go up seemed very small this year.  I think it just seemed bigger last year because I was having a bad run.

At the top of the hill we did a turn-a-round.  The turn-a-round was about 1.5 miles out and back, so as the elites started coming back, I started counting them.  It gave me something to do.  1...2...3....4.  I kept counting until about 43. Then I got tired of it and stopped.

I got up to the turn-a-round and started looking for Tonya.  Soon I saw her and she looked really good.  I could tell she was happy! We gave each other a high five in passing! 

As I got to mile nine I began to really heat up.  It was getting very warm and I still had to pee.  There was port-a-potties along the course, but every time I came to one, I couldn't bring myself to I kept going.  

At mile ten, the plan was to speed up for the last 5k (3.1 miles).  I didn't have it in me at this point.  I just tried to maintain and keep my overall pace under a 8:15.  We ran on a road, gravel, and a blacktop.  As I came to the blacktop about mile 11-12 the heat was miserable.  I also now found myself with 100's of walkers finishing up their 1/4 marathon.  I weaved through them and got tired of my music.  I stopped my music and just tried to enjoy the race...I knew I was almost done!

I came to the dreaded corner that Jerry meet me at last year and just flew by...I was stronger this year and I reminded myself of that. I didn't need anyone to come talk me through the last mile or, not this year! 

As I came to the "Luna Mile"  (Luna bar aid station and final mile to finish line) I was feeling that finish line.  I was very tired, but knew the end was near.  

As I passed more walkers a lady grabbed my arm and said, "JULIE."  I about peed my pants right then and there!  It was Tonya's Mom, Teresa!  "Hi, Teresa...I've been watching for you" I said as I went by!  I love seeing people I know out there!  

The final .1 mile

Just before I came into the stadium (the final .1 mile) Tina (another running friend) yelled my name as I ran by.  I turned the corner to step on the stadium grass and about took out the walker in front of me!  My goodness...sorry lady but you need to move!  

I looked up and there was Jerry!  Was so good to see him!  I took off and ran as fast as I could to the finish.  I stopped my Garmin and hoped that my chip time was what my Garmin said, cause I liked what my Garmin said!

I was given a bottle of water and my Hippie Chick 2013 necklace.  I went over to meet Jerry and Rylan (husband and 9 year old son).  I was so happy to see them.  Jerry has been a HUGE help in supporting me this last year with all my running goals.  
Tonya and I...finished at last!

I waited for my best friend to come in and then went over to check out the vendors.  I won a Brooks shirt and got some food.  I love the free food after a race!  

I really was glad to be done, the last four miles were really hard but I can tell my marathon training is working.  I PRed (personal record) by about 8 minutes from my last half in October.  I finished at 1:49:31 (1 sec. off of what my Garmin said).  29th in my age group out of 331 other women.  Overall I came in 100th out of 1860.  Pretty happy about all that.
Rylan (my 9 year old) and I after the race

I have Newport Marathon (26.2 miles) coming up on June 1st.  I have higher scarier goals this year.  Goals I didn't think I would ever even think about making for myself a year ago.  It's nice having people who believe in me and support me.  Looking forward to seeing what June 1st has in store for me!  I can hardly wait! 

Thank you Tonya!!!!