Sunday, September 2, 2018

Ambassador for Eugene

For several years now I have been trying to run a "fast" marathon.  One "fast" enough to get me to Boston!  My friend Kristi Clack (2018 ambassador) asked me to run Eugene with her in 2018.  She told me it's her favorite course, the weather has always been good for her, and she's always run well at that race.  I signed up for 2018 and trained harder than I ever had.  It all paid off.  I ran a great marathon in Eugene this year and did get that BQ after many failed attempts.  Eugene marathon has become my favorite course.  It was my 13th marathon.  I tell everyone, it's a "must run race! "

I started running as an adult in October 2008, not knowing any runners.  I had recently moved to Dallas, OR and just decided I wanted to be a runner after not running since High School.  I soon meet a couple ladies who also ran.  I learned from them and slowly got stronger.  In Dallas, there are people out running all the time.  I had a dream to bring some of these people together.  I started a facebook page inviting people to run with me on Saturday mornings.  I started meeting more and more runners in the area.  I also started a running blog and meet more runners from simply writing about it.  It's wasn't long before I decided to run a marathon.

My running group runs and trains together regularly now. We get up at the crack of dawn and go out and run, share advice and help each other keep believing we can all get stronger, working together! It's such an encouragement to run with others. I would like to represent Eugene and encourage my group along with area runners, to run Eugene 2019 because I had such a great experience there in 2018. Eugene for me was a "magical" experience. I had very good training, so overall I ran well, but there was something extra special about Eugene.  I meet some really amazing runners out on the course that day.  When it got hard out there, I had people around me that somehow helped.  I had to gut it out the last two miles.  Finishing on Hayward Field is something I will never forget!  I went back and ran in Eugene "just for fun" in July.  I went out on parts of the course.  It was again "magical."  From running on Pre's Trail to feeling the Eugene Running love!  It is place I want to take all my friends.  It's an inviting place, a comforting place.  A place the community seems to embrace the runner.  I love it! I cannot finish on Autzen Stadium 50 yard line in 2019!!!

I not only run with my running group in Dallas, OR, but I do go to Salem, OR and run with the Gallagher's Fitness group. I am also an ambassador for Uberthons . I travel to the Portland area every month or so for their races, talking and sharing with other about the benefits of running to be healthy, for fun, and for competition.

I know I'm a good fit because I have a knack for sharing with others what I love to do in person, and on social media.  I often am asked about what races I would recommend and for training advice. I am a Run Oregon Blogger as well.  I believe a little encouragement goes a long ways! I take weekly photos to share on social media already.  If I am asked to represent Eugene, I will find creative ways to share the Eugene love without hesitation.

Social media is something I've been playing with for several years now. My three favorites are facebook, instagram, and blogging.  Twitter can be a lot of fun as well.  I love sharing photos and giving encouragement while using hashtags to help get my posts out a little further.  You can read about my 2018 Eugene Marathon experience HERE!

I look forward to representing Eugene for 2019!

 Julie is a 41 year-old runner from Dallas, OR.  She works full time at West Valley Hospital/Salem Health and runs as often as she can.  Julie ran in High School but as an adult, started running in 2008. Eugene 2018 was Julie's 13th marathon and her first BQ! She's loves to runs with local runners - it's what keeps her motivated and consistent! Never stop dreaming big!