Monday, January 26, 2015

Run your Tutu off 5k 2015

Join me for the 3rd annual Run your Tutu off 5k
 Saturday February 21, 2015!  
This will be my first time at this event. I am going with a fun group of friends.  I am ready to have a great time! Please join us!  If your from the Dallas/Salem area, you are welcome to join our car pool to the event.  Just e-mail me at 

Run your Tutu off 5k information:
Saturday 2/21/15
10:00 am 5k Starts
If you need to register the day of the event, that will be going on from 9:00-9:45 am.

Register for $25.00 (adults) and $10.00 (kids).  Children under 5 years of age will be free.
The funds raised at this event will go towards providing beds, pillows, sheets, and blanket sets to children within the community.
You can register online through 9:45 am on 2/21/15 here (adults) here (kids). 

Check out past years photos and more here.

Chrystal Lake Park-Corvallis
100 SE Fischer Lane.

This event is put on by Fitness By Emily to raise funds to benefit the Benton Furniture Share.  The 5k is designed for beginners to advanced runners and walkers. Come, have fun and help support a great cause!  Oh, and don't forget to wear a tutu (Men are welcome too!)  Lets have some FUN! 

If you would like to support this event but don't want to walk or run, you can volunteer before, during, or after the event.  Contact Michelle at 541-754-9511 for any questions you may have.

Hope to see you on the 21st! 

~Julie at ZaoFit

Friday, January 9, 2015

Uberthons NewYearathon 2015

I picked Uberthons NewYearathon to be my first race of 2015.  I love Uberthons events.  I rounded up several Dallas, OR area friends and we headed to the race on January 3rd.

Runners warming themselves with the
nice heaters.
The race was held at Cook Park in Tigard OR.  It was very easy to find and there was plenty of parking.  It was a cold morning.  We had picked up our race bibs the night before, but race day pick up was going on over near the starting line. There were two nice large warming heaters for runners and walkers to huddle around.  My friends and I headed off to find the restrooms and to get warmed up.  There were several restrooms all over the park.  I saw a few people I knew and got ready to start the race.

Jerry and me with our cool new bling!
First was the 1 mile warm up.  I was going to run this with my 10 year old but he didn't end up coming.  I watched two friends run this!  I was getting excited for the 5k.  I have never run a race this close to the beginning of the year.  Typically over November and December I am not in training so I'm not excited to race in January.  This year, I did a November running challenge and ended up stretching it to Christmas.  I felt I was in better shape this January and was excited to start the year with a good 5k!

The 5k started about 9 am.  Darwin from Uberthons let the kids come up front to start the race with a 30 second head start.  I love how Uberthons promotes active lifestyle for the whole family.  This race was chip timed so we took off in waves.  I left in the 3rd wave of runners.  It was pretty packed at first.  Some of the path was a little narrow.  It was a beautiful safe path through the park, mostly paved, partly trail.  Around mile two we had to go up and down a small but challenging hill.  The rest of the course was fairly flat.  Part of the course we came back around and could see other runners/walkers going out.  I like races where you can see other runners coming and going in all different pace groups.  

Eric and Erika after the race, great job!!!
As we came back into the main part of Cook Park we did a short out and back before coming into the finish line.  This was a fun part for me because I got to see all my friends who were in front of me and behind me!  So much fun!  I came into the finish line to start off my 2015 with a nice 5k PR!

After the race my friends and I went for a short cool down run and then got bananas and hot chocolate provided by Uberthons!  We were able to get a print up of our race times but had to wait to find out if we placed in our age group. Age group winners were announced after the kidathon race.  Alan from Uberthons lead the kids in a loop around the park.  It was really fun to watch!

My Husband ran a PR time today too! Great job Jerry!
Check out these AWESOME medals!

My friends and I had a wonderful morning running and hanging out at the Uberthons Newyearathon.  This is a race I would definitely run again.  It was a fairly fast course.  There was one small hill and several turns that made it not the fastest course.  I like that it was off road, in a park.  I like that it was family friendly but competitive if you want to race.  
Found more friends! Great job Sheila and Brittany! 
Newyearsathon was open to 400 people.  330 people finished the race. 
Uberthons offered a 1 mile race for $14 
5k for $22
Both the 1 mile and 5k for $25
Kidathon for FREE ($10 for a kids medal)

Something extra:  On my facebook page I have done two Uberthons I CAN DO THIS Challenge's.  My last challenge ended the end of December and one of the bonus challenges was signing up for an Uberthons race in 2015.  My winner, Betsy Seth was there, running the 1 mile and 5k.  I was able to present her with a Uberthons shirt after the race was over.  This was so much fun. I love how Uberthons encourages a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

I highly recommend Uberthons races.  They are family friendly but also competitive.  Darwin, Alan and their crew are some of the best I have meet.  They put on quality fun events and do so much for the communities they work with.  Check out these upcoming races.  Most of them I will be at and look forward to seeing you!


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Happy Running!!!