Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Uberthons Turkeython...for LINCOLN!

Our "Running for Lincoln" group
Thanksgiving day morning (2012) I was up early.  Had to get the turkey in the over before heading to Beaverton for the Turkeython 5k hosted by Uberthons Running.  Uberthons teamed with us (Running for Lincoln) to help raise funds and awareness for our Superhero Lincoln who is in a battle with Leukemia.

Off we drove, my husband Jerry and daughter Raelee.  It was still dark out as we meet Tonya and her family and headed towards Salem to pick up Jenny (Lincoln's Mom).  

The Singing Christmas Tree
Running shirts for sale
We got to the race site in plenty of time to pick up packets, look at t-shirt booths and use the beloved port-a-potties.  

It was very cold so we sat in the car to stay warm while waiting for the rest of our group to arrive.  

Daniel Baldwin and Jenny
Soon the rest were there and we gathered for some group photos.  I was so excited to see everyone with "Lincoln" shirts on.  They made us stand out well for our well in fact that we were noticed by actor/producer Daniel Baldwin (Alec Baldwin's brother).  He took the time to ask about our shirts and Jenny got to share Lincoln's story.  How cool is that!!!? 

Next thing we know it's time to get in the line to start.  I jumped around some to try and keep was still very cold, but nice and dry.  We had fun standing there joking and laughing.  Everyone was happy to be there and excited to get going.  

It's me!  I'm beating boys...hehehe!
Off we went.  It was nice to all start together.  We quickly got separated, in the large group of close to 800 runners/walkers.  The course was a out-and-back so you always were with people and this made it fun.  As I went around the half way point heading back, I began looking for my friends who weren't in front of me. Wasn't long until I started seeing them.  Was so fun to see people I knew off-and-on for the whole race.  I haven't ran a 5k in a couple years so it was tricky to find the right pace.  As I came to the finish line we had to go around lots of corners.  Finally...... the finish line.  Uberthon's was great at saying everyone's name as they came in. Makes you feel like a superstar!!! 

Me, Jerry, and Raelee
I had ran pretty hard so I felt kinda sick for a second.  I couldn't see Tonya.  Raelee said, "good job Mom."  I put my hand up and told her I might puke, so hold on.  I walked over to a tree to contain myself.  I was ok!  I was handed a cool Turkeython medal.  

Tonya, Alyssa, Raelee, Me, and Jerry

I went over to get an apple off the great table of food and found Tonya who had come in before me. 

 Tonya was so excited that we both got PR's today (personal records).  We had ran Silver Falls only three weeks before and didn't know how today would feel.  Felt pretty good!!!!

We went back over to the finish line to watch for friends to come in.  I got to hand several of my friends their medals.  It was so much fun!  

Meet Lincoln

This is Superhero Lincoln.  When I say "Superhero" I mean it!  He is a true Superhero and so is his amazing family.  If you would like to follow us on facebook or team up with us and give a donation, please message Julie here or here.

The support by the group was so awesome.  We raised $50.00 Thankgiving morning for Lincoln.  We also were asked lots of questions about our shirts.  I feel like our time was well spent Thanksgiving day morning!  

Thank you all who came.  All who supported our cause but couldn't make it...and to Uberthon's, for teaming with us.  Together, we make a difference!

By the way, on our way out...we saw SANTA!!!!!  How fun is that!?

Tonya, Jenny, Megan, SANTA and Jerry

Thanks for giving ........

Monday, November 5, 2012

Silver Falls Marathon....For Lincoln!

Just got to the race, it was raining pretty hard (Tonya and Julie)

Jason and Jarhett, our Batman and Robin for the half marathon
 Saturday finally came, Silver Falls full Marathon 11/3/12.  Tonya and I ran the marathon as a fundraiser for our little Superhero Lincoln Jones (age 4) who is battling Leukemia.  My friend Jason Dillon and his son Jarhett ran the half for Lincoln too.  It was great we had a Batman & Robin team both the half and the full marathon! 

 The marathon course is described as ".... the most difficult and challenging, but scenic course....  5000 ft climb. .....packs a punch and features significant elevation gain with tons of mud, rocks, creek crossings and did we say hills?  Yes, there are LOTS of hills!"

As we arrived at the park early Saturday morning it was still slightly dark and pouring down rain.  It was 54 degrees out and everyone was either under cover or using the bathrooms.  We heading to the bathroom, took a few photos and then headed for the covering to try and stay dry before we had to head to the starting line.  We saw Jason and Jarhett and Yolanda and Blanca all preparing for the half marathon.  We also saw Jerrilynn who would be joining us for the full marathon.  It's always fun seeing faces you know at races.

The full marathon map and elevation 
Finally we had to go to the start, even if it was still raining!  The grass was very soggy.  I was excited my husband, kids and friends Chris, Crystal and Katie were there for the start!  We  headed off through the soggy grass through South Falls parking lot out to some pretty flat trails for the first 2-3 miles.  We looped back through South Falls before heading down the trail to North Falls for another 2-3 miles.  Tonya and I were glad to have a fairly flat start but were both surprised how hard the first mile felt.  I guess we were both just needing to get warmed up.  After the first mile we began to feel pretty good and really started to enjoy the trails.  There were 300 runners for the full marathon and 500 for the half marathon.  The first several miles it was rather congested as it's harder to pass on narrow trails.  

As we got to North Falls we got to go downhill for a little bit heading down to were the waterfalls are located.  We passed an aid station and left our sparkle skirts behind, they were becoming more of a bother than they were worth.  We quickly headed up the perimeter trail for a 13 mile hard core trail run through the woods.  The trail started off very steep.  This was about mile 6 and our first hard climb.  This climb just got harder and harder.  About half way up we saw two men walking back down, they decided to quit.  Can't say I blame them, but we just kept going.  It was so steep we looked like we were crawling, but we weren't.  My calves started to burn and I started to feel very fatigued and I really needed to go to the bathroom.   We trained on lots of hills, but not on trail hills.  Trail hills are much steeper than road hills and very muddy.  It began to even out and we were starting to enjoy the trails again.  We were coming up on Howard Creek Horse area (a horse camp).  Around mile 9 or so we came to a sudden stop and people seemed to be panicked.  A creek crossing!  The water looked clean but was moving fast.  I quickly stepped in and it felt so good on my tired feet.  As I got about half way across the water was moving faster and it felt stronger so I slowed down for fear of falling.  The water came up to the middle of my shins, I think it hit Tonya's knees (I am taller than her).  I was determined not to fall in, the water was very cold and I still had to go to the bathroom...this didn't help!  I actually thought about peeing in the creek, but just couldn't do it! We finally stepped out on the other side and I felt numb but started running again.  It was a very strange feeling to run with numb feet/calves.  It felt as if I had compression socks on.  I looked down and my skin was very pink but as we ran on, the numbness eventually faded.   

Mile 10.7,  aid station #3
Aid station #3 was just ahead (mile 10.7) and I needed a port-a-potty.  I told Tonya I had to stop and she needed to fill up with water anyway. Through the trail we went and there was my husband, kids and friends (Chris, Crystal, & Katie).   I said, "where are we?"  I forgot they could come to this aid station.  Rylan (my 8 year old) said, "Mom, what took you so long?"  I used the port-a-potty and handed off my arm band and phone.  Extra stuff was just causing me problems and I wanted to get rid of it.  Tonya got her water and we took off again.  That was the Conference Center by the way!

We headed up Old Maple Trail.  I don't remember that being terrible, very muddy and pretty.  Every once in awhile we would remind each other to "look."  It was so beautiful out there on the mountain.  It was wet from the rain but the sun was shining in through some of the trees, lots of trees and ferns.  As we came up to about mile 12-15 we knew there would be trouble!  Buck Mountain!  I do believe this is the climb Tonya said she would tell me she hated me on!  I knew she would get over it, she never came the the "hate" point but did tell me to "shut up" when I told her,  "keep going, she wouldn't want anyone to think I was faster!!!"  Yes, this is the way we talk to each other when it gets hard, but we both love each other dearly and never really get mad!  

We finally made it to Aid Station 4 (around mile 14) and there was our friend Jerrilynn who we had played passing games with the first half.  She seemed rather tired so Tonya encouraged her to join us.  We all took off up the mountain together.  We were all in good company.  We all somehow needed each other.  The trail was still narrow and we had to run single file up and down, across another creek, over a couple large tree stumps.  This was more difficult than it sounds, our legs were so tired at this point that we couldn't just hop over the logs or we were sure to fall on our faces.  We had to stop, and lift our legs up and it hurt so bad, but we did it!  It was so muddy in some parts of the trail we had to slow down so we wouldn't fall on each other or down the bank.  There were some holes, lots of large mud puddles, sticks, rocks, slippery bridges but we all watched out for each other.  We would warn each other if there was a hole or slick spot. All three of us were able to keep from falling down.  If you know me, you will be surprised I didn't ever fall, in fact, Tonya came close to falling more times than me, hehehehe!

Around what we thought was mile 19 (was really about mile 18) We were still running single file as I go by a man standing in our trail path and he seemed to be looking for his friend to come.  Next thing I know Jerrilynn is talking to him, then she kissed him!  Come to find's her husband!  She was so happy to see him and I was glad she wasn't kissing a strange man!  

We thought we were almost off that dreadfully beautiful mountain but Jerrilynn's husband was saying something about a little over a mile to the next aid station?  We all agreed that we hoped he was wrong!  He wasn't!!!  He was right, and it felt like it took forever to get off that mountain.

Finally we start hearing cheers, we knew we were close!  We came around off that narrow muddy trail to the paved path that lead to the waterfalls (North Falls, aid station #5, mile 19.1) and I looked up on the bridge above us and there is Lincoln's Mom Jenny, and my friends Shawna and Rebecca who helped get this fundraiser going.  They had been standing there asking people if they had seen Batman and Robin.  Other runners remember us and told them if they had passed us or not so they could keep track of where we were on the course.  They threw their arms up and screamed!   I threw my arms up and screamed.  We stopped fill up with water and they ran down off the bridge for sweaty stinky hugs and showed us they had our sparkle skirts.  They found them at the aid station we left them at.  We told them to go to South Falls for the next check point and we started to take off again but had to stop for just a second.  Tonya was overwhelmed with emotion and I realized she was crying.  Seeing Jenny was a reminder of why we were out there and we had just come off the hardest part of the marathon and our bodies were tired and hurting.  When I saw Tonya's emotion I started up a little but had to keep going.   I thought I would be crying at this point but I just couldn't.  Not sure why.  I was beginning to worry about Tonya a little, she seemed very tired and we still had to run around the whole falls trail.  

This was the part of the marathon I was really looking forward too, I love the water falls.  I have never seen Silver Falls in the FALL time, it was very yellow with beauty all around us from the trees.  Tonya insisted that the mile marker 19.1 at the aid station was wrong and her Garmin was right (saying about 20).  Now one mile sooner is a lot of a difference, 7 miles left? 6 miles left?  Yes, a BIG difference when your this tired and ready to be done.  Was hoping Tonya was right, but had a feeling she was wrong because I knew how long the trail was around the waterfalls and it's longer than 6 miles, but I kept my mouth shut and kept going.

Look closely and you can see we ran behind this waterfall
We got to run behind waterfalls, it was so fun.  Even tough I was dead tired, I tried to really enjoy these moments.  One of the falls was very wide and it was dark in the cave area we ran through.  I had to slow down so I wouldn't lose my footing and fall, but I put my hand out and felt the cold mist hit me, it was very cold and refreshing.  I loved that moment.  The other waterfall we ran behind wasn't dark but very muddy.  They had boards set up along the cliff with markers so no one would get to close and slide down.  

We had lots of inclines up and down through the falls trails,  Some paved paths and lots of gravel.  Then it was time to climb out, oh no, the stairs!  From the moment we decided to do this fundraiser run, the stairs is what scared me to most.  I was afraid I would either fall down or wouldn't' be able to lift my legs anymore.  I knew we were getting close to the end, so all I could do was go up the stairs! It hurt and I had to go slow but I kept going.  I looked back and Tonya and Jerrilynn were coming along.  Tonya seemed to be hating this part very much!  There was also a man in a orange shirt who seemed to be pulling himself up with his arms on the railings.  As long as I took it slow, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined   We had a ramp to go up to get up to the top, aid station #6 (mile 23.5).  We had to walk up this ramp, our bodies were wearing down and Tonya's hips and chest were hurting. As we got to the top, there was Jenny, Shawna and Rebecca again.  Aid station 6 had been abandoned and they took over!  They gave us water and we took off walking while they headed to South Falls, the finish line.  The man in the orange shirt got to this point and asked my friends the quickest shortcut back, he was done...he walked off the course!  

Tonya's chest was hurting whenever we would start running so the three of us walked together.  We were not going to risk anyone's health to finish faster.  Besides, we were all so beat up, no one really cared to slow it up.  The cut off time was 6 hours and we knew about this time we weren't going to make it.  We had no idea if the race organizers would even still be there when we got to the finish.  They stated clearly on the website that the cut off was 6 hours.  I really thought we would get done in 5-5:30 hours, 6 at the very most.  We all three can run a normal marathon in around 4.5 hours, BUT...this is no normal marathon.  As we came into South Falls I was so happy.  If Tonya's Garmin was right, we just needed to go through the grass to the finish!  YES!  

Almost to the end!
WELL.....Tonya's Garmin was OFF (from the cutting in-and-out on the mountain) and we had to go up another nasty hill!  It was like a bad joke, we were right close to the finish and we were sent up another mountain and it was very steep, long and muddy. I was so mad I could cry, but was too tired to cry. We couldn't of even ran down the hill if we wanted too, it was extremely steep and full of mud.  Our legs were pretty much shot by now, so we had to be careful not to fall down and injure ourselves.

As we came down off that last hill, we had to run through some grass and I saw my son Randy watching for us.  I could tell he was watching for us because all of a sudden he looked up and then took off running to the finish back over our last bridge we had to cross!   We ran over that last bridge and there was the finish line still up!  Our families and friends were all still there waiting and cheering for us.  They handed us medals (we didn't think we were even getting medals for this marathon).  Rebecca and Shawna had pockets full of little yummy apples they had taken for us off the food table that was now shut down.  It was the best apple I've ever had!  I was so hungry.  I was so happy it was over but too tired to cry, and all Tonya could do is cry.  Every time someone would hug me, it hurt my shoulders and back but how could I not hug people!  It was done, finally!  

Tonya and I along with 241 other runners finished the full marathon   52 people didn't finish the race.  This is the only time I have ever thought it would be nice to know the course good enough to cheat.  I wouldn't of cheated when it came down too it, but just for me to think of cheating you know it was hard!  

I knew this marathon was going to be very hard, and that's why this one was picked for Running For Lincoln.  Superhero Lincoln is in a battle with Leukemia, we needed to go battle the mountain for him to raise awareness and funds for his family.  I didn't know just how hard that mountain would be.  Life is full of mountains.  When we look to God and have family and friends support us, the mountains aren't easier, but more bearable.  Lincoln's family gives God the glory and I admire them.  Please consider sending in $26 to show this family support as they run over their mountain.  Tonya and my marathon is over, they still have over two years left of treatments.   A marathon is 26.2 miles, we are close to our goal of $100 per mile each, for a total of $5200.  We ran 26.2 miles, can you give $26 and help us with our goal and bless this family?

You can see our fundraising page/updates here.

Tonya, Jenny and me (Julie)
If you have any questions please message me here.  Through November all your giving is tax deductible  so don't wait, give today!

The true Superhero, Lincoln!
By the way, I would NEVER run this marathon for myself, it was way too hard.  Running it for Lincoln was worth ever ache and pain and every hour in training,   Lincoln is a true Superhero.  I never expected to get a new friend though this experience.  Thank you Jenny for being such a encouragement and friend and showing God glory in your good times and your bad times.  You are such a good example to us all and I am so thankful for you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Love of a Stranger.........for Lincoln!

Today Running for Lincoln got $100 donation that I would like to tell you about.  We have received several $100 donations, and all are important but this one really hit me hard because of how it was given, so I would like to share with you how it was given.....

Tonya and my goal from the start of this fundraiser for Lincoln has always been to raise $100 per mile each.  A marathon is 26.2 miles, so our goal together is to raise a minimum of  $5200.00.  We have been given $1.00 at a time, up to $298.00 from our awesome donors.  Every dollar adds up, that's for sure.

Today's $100.00 was given as cash from someone who has never meet Lincoln or anyone in Lincoln's family.  This person has three kids and is a great supporter of their family but doesn't have lots of extra just sitting around.  This person felt compelled to do something, so instead of making excuses why they couldn't give, this person looked at what they did have, took some stuff and started selling it!  This person wanted to donate to fill $100.00 mile and that's what they did!  Now that is some true giving right there!  Makes me tear up cause this is what it's all about!

I don't believe we should all just go out and sell our stuff so we can give, or all go run a marathon to raise awareness.   Some have used what they are good at, like making jewelry to raise money, other have bought a wristband.  Some have freely given money.  The key is to do what you feel called to do, not make excuses, but give freely as you feel lead to do so.  

Thank you for giving, your donations are making a difference.  

                                                               Running for Lincoln

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon 2012

Yesterday I ran the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon.   My friend Tonya signed us up a month or so ago for my birthday.

Tonya and I are getting ready to run Silver Falls Marathon November 3rd as a big fundraiser for our little Super Hero Lincoln, so we weren't sure how the half would go being so far into a full marathon training.  Last time we worked a half into a full marathon training schedule, the half went terribly wrong.  But last time, it was very hot and allergy!  We thought we would give it a go anyway!  You see, when you are in marathon training, sometimes your body just doesn't want to run a faster race.  The shorter the race, the faster you go.  So, in a half...we need to run much faster than what we have trained for if we want a "good" time.  Example, in a goal pace would be a 9:09 minute mile to finish under two hours.  For a full marathon, my goal would be to keep a 10:18 minute mile to finish under 4:30 hours.  For Silver Falls we will not finish at that pace because it's a hill marathon, not a flat normal one.  We are shooting for 5-5:30 hours.  So, the question comes down too this, has all the slow hills we've been running made us faster/stronger, or are our bodies tired from all the hill work?  We are in a three week taper, and you have to be careful with the taper.
Getting ready to leave............

So the morning of our half came.  I was excited, had a goal in mind but didn't want to think of it too much in case I once again, didn't make it.  Breaking two hours has been my goal for the last 2.5 years.  I have come close, but never quite made it.

6:30am comes and Tonya and I leave for Lebanon, OR.  We parked, used the port-a-potties and get our packets that included  a super cool long sleeve shirt and a backpack full of fun goodies.   Got to see my friend Jennifer working at the registration booth too!  Then it started raining..... HARD!  We had some extra time so we went and sat in the car for a half hour to stay warm and dry.

The race started at 9:00am so about 8:40am we knew we needed to stand in line at the port-a-potties one last time and get into the starting line shoot.  Standing in line we ran into my friend Debbie from my Hood to Coast team.  She told us to hurry up, lol!   The rain was bad and so we went over to bag check and got plastic garbage bags to put over our heads.  We poked holes in the bags so our heads would pop out.  We stood under a tree with our bags on  for five minutes.  We looked funny but didn't care at all!   About 8:57am we got into the shoot and saw our runner friend Keith and more Hood to Coast team members, Yolanda and Blanca! It's always fun to see runner friends at races.

Off we went into the rain.  It was a very tight trail the first mile.  The trail was narrow with over 900 runners/walkers.  The good thing about this is it forced me to keep a slower pace at the start.  I needed to go out slower for the first 3-4 miles then pick it up.  I have a hard time with this cause I feel so good at the start and naturally want to go fast.  It's exciting.  Last year I started too fast and the last 3 miles was terrible.  I was really trying not to do that this year.  I closely watched my garmin went dead about mile four!  Oh my goodness, how am I going to pace myself now?  My pace plan just went out the window.  You see if I go too fast too early, I will have a terrible last three miles like last year.

New plan quickly went into affect.  I knew Tonya's goal, and I knew Keith's goal and they were both awesome at pacing and both have garmins.  Keith's and Tonya's goals were both faster than my goal (to break 2 hours) the time, Keith was about 200 meters in front of me, Tonya just about 25 meters behind me.  If I could keep Keith in view and stay with Tonya when she passed me, I knew I would be ok.  Well, as the miles went by I slowly was getting closer to Keith (goal 8:57 a mile).  I was a little worried I was going too fast but I do run better in the cooler weather so I went with it.  I wouldn't know for sure how it was going until the last 3 miles.  I would look back for Tonya and sometimes would see her and sometimes wouldn't.  I was thankful Keith had a neon yellow hat and vest on.  Made it easy to keep my eye on him.

The weather wasn't getting any better, still pouring down rain and at times the wind would blast us.   It didn't matter at this point, we were soaked to the bone but as long as we kept moving we don't get cold.  Around mile seven I looked at all the people between Keith and I and started to "pick" people.  It was a fun mental game.  I would pass, and then pass, then pass people!  Kept me going and made me feel good.  Mile ten came, this is the last 3 miles (3.1 to go).  Last year I fell apart here and people were "picking" me.  The true test is now, am I going to fall apart again or finish strong?  I just kept "picking" people.  The gap between Keith and I was getting shorter and shorter.  Wow I thought, maybe I will catch up to Keith!  I got almost to him, we reached mile post 13 a glorious sight.  I started to pick up my pace to catch up to Keith.  I could almost reach out and touch him when all of a sudden he picked up his pace too.  He passed a gal and so we finished with one person in-between us.  My time, 1:57:36 (8:58 pace), Keith's time 1:57:23.   I finished much stronger than I thought, I felt good and my Dad made it to the finish line.  He hasn't seen me run since High School!

I waited for Tonya and a few others to come in and then went to get some food!  I was really really cold.  I was able to shower and get to Salem in time for a friends memorial service.  Was a good day.

Thank you Tonya for registering me for this race for the best birthday present ever!

Please follow my fundraising page at Running for Lincoln.  This little Superhero is in a battle with Leukemia and would love your support.
Meet Superhero Lincoln!

Friday, September 21, 2012

22 Miles for Lincoln

Today I would not of chosen to run 22 miles on hills but I needed too.  I am currently training for Silver Falls Marathon on November 3rd.  If it had of been up to me, I would of ran Portland in October, but this marathon isn't about what I want or even about me!  I am running Silver Falls Marathon for Lincoln, a 3 year old boy who is battling Leukemia...running 22 miles for someone else is very different than running it for yourself.  

My bestest friend Tonya is doing this as well, so we do all our long runs together.  We met this morning and started off on a new hill loop along with my husband Jerry.  It was about six miles of hills and it was hard but the weather was per-fect!!!  We came out at Oakdale.  Jerry got to turn and head home but Tonya and my run wasn't even a quarter done yet!  We turned and went out to Bridlewood to get another good hill in before we ran out to Hwy 99 and back.  We just took it slow and steady.  As times we turned on our music and didn't talk.  It gets hard out there.  I was going up Bridlewood and all I could think about was Lincoln.  What a little blessing he is.  Running is hard but somehow Lincoln made me feel better.  I got to the top and Tonya told me that she had been thinking about Lincoln...I couldn't believe it!  Lincoln you little superhero!  

We headed down Bridlewood, my stomach had been hurting all morning, Tonya was all stressed were we even going to finish this?  We got to my church out on Miller and stopped at the faucet for water, nice to stop for a second.  Our next checkpoint was Hwy 99.  Off we went.

About half way there we were just tired.  We had to start playing mental games to keep going.  It really really helped.  We would say, lets run to that pole then walk to that pole" and so on.  We did this for several miles and our spirits were lifted.  

Finally we made it back to my church for another water refill.  Now, all we had to do was go home with Safeway hill added on, no cheating!  To make the full 22 we needed the hill.  At this point we didn't feel much like talking so we put on our music and one of us went ahead.  You just do what you have to go get done when your that tired.  It was that deep deep tired in my feet and legs that just ached.  My shoulders were beginning to feel it too.  I was glad for the new music Jerry put on my phone, it helped.

I came off of Reed and onto Douglas and felt a bit of relief.  A downhill and only 1.5 miles to go (funny how 1.5 miles can be so close but yet so far away)!!!  I finally get to Wyatt with half mile to go and was so done, I even threw up with a nice little burp...yah, just what you wanted to hear hu!  I got to the end of Wyatt and hit my 22!  I felt so good to be done and so glad I made the choice to run for Lincoln this morning!  

Our little Superhero Lincoln
I am asking you (if finances allow) to send in $22 for Lincoln this week.  I ran it, you send it!  Together we can show Lincoln's family love and support! Running for Lincoln 598 SW Augustus Drive, Dallas OR 97338.

Monday, July 23, 2012

No One Said This Would be Easy-Part TWO!

Saturday I blogged about how Tonya and I ran our "long run" 14 miles and I fell down.  Bloodied my knee up and had a good laugh.  Well, what I failed to mention is the reason I fell down is, I hit a spot on the sidewalk and my left ankle turned in, and I went down.  It hurt slightly at the time, but I walked it off and was able to finish (more than 6 more miles) my run and it didn't seem to be any worse.  When I got home to stretch I was suddenly scared to take my shoe off and see what I would find.  It was swollen, I could tell.
Saturday after my long run, my ankle bone usually sticks out
I iced, propped it up, everything your suppose to do.  The next day was Sunday, it still looked the same when I got up.  I went to church...came home to ice it again and this is what it now looked like...
Sunday afternoon
This discoloring kinda had be scared but I could bear weight on it so it can't be that bad right?  I have never sprained or broken a bone in my life so I have no idea what to look for or how it should fill.  I  always thought if I broke a bone I would be in lots of pain and was always told a sprain hurts worse.  Surely this isn't the case for me, there isn't a sharp pain.
Well, Monday rolls around and it's just not getting better.  I know I want to run, but shouldn't. If I do try, I might make things worse in the long run,'s time to see a doctor. 
I went to Dallas Family Medicine.  Dr. Edwardson knows I'm Running for Lincoln and is in full support of it, but I also know he knows what he's talking about and will tell me how to get better.
The good news's not broken, phew!
Bad news, it's a sprain and NO RUNNING for a long time.  I go back in 3 weeks and am hoping to get right back into training but chances are, it could be 6 weeks.  Dr. Edwardson did say, he thinks I will heal fast and that I could do some workouts on my elliptical machine to help keep up with training, but NO RUNNING, not even on a treadmill.  It will heal wrong and cause me more problems later.  
I get to wear this smugly cast.  A tie up shoe has to be worn with it and it's the middle of summer, oh joy!
I am thankful it's not worse and am still going to run Silver Falls Marathon November 3rd.  I may have a little setback, but isn't there lots of setbacks in life?  If this was easy, it wouldn't mean much!  

Our Superhero Lincoln is worth it!  Just look at the joy in his face...that's all I need to see.  I have a sprained ankle, my buddy Lincoln had to go get chemo in two days.  He didn't pick cancer, I didn't pick a sprained ankle but I would pick a sprained ankle over chemo any-day.  Keep praying for him and his family!  Thank you all who have given up-to-date!  Keep giving, it is blessing this wonderful family and giving will bless you!

Sorry about the nasty photos of my feet, but I had to show!  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

No One Said This Would be Easy!

This morning Tonya and I were scheduled for a 14 mile "Run for Lincoln".   I was excited she agreed to run part of it on James Howe because I'm getting sick of Safeway hills!  Our plan...Run from my house, 6 miles of hills on James Howe, then run through town and finish up on Bridlewood.  A good hill challenge, and we need hills to prepare for whats ahead at Silver Falls.  
We started off and did several hard hills, feeling good and feeling like we were working hard.

We stopped for a second to get this shot at the top of what felt like a's was so pretty out there!  The picture doesn't even do it justice. 

We finished up James Howe,  filled up our water bottles up, and set off for Bridlewood.  We felt good knowing the hardest part of the run was over, but we still had another good 7+ miles ahead of us.  We ran down Levens, then turned on Kings Valley Hwy.  We passed my friend Michelle's cute yellow house.  I said,  "there's Michelle's house" and we ran on.  We got to the mini mart and all of a sudden I'm on the ground.  I'm talking....two arms out, flat on my face down!!!  
It went something like this....
Julie goes down, Tonya says, "stop your watch"
Julie tries to get up, but hurts and is scared so she just lies there.
Julie sees a coin and say's, "there's a coin"
Tonya tries to help Julie up. 
Julie finally gets up.
Tonya tells Julie to sit back down.
Julie sits on the curb and picks up the coin she saw.
Julie and Tonya both see another coin out in the road.  
Julie tells Tonya she better go get it.
Tonya says' she's going into the mini market to get band aids because Julie is bleeding.

Julie say's, "lets go to Michelle's house" that is what we did!  

Thank you Michelle!

We ran on to Bridlewood to finish up.  We were tired and walked more on Bridlewood then we normally would even think of, but we were so ok with it! 

So there you have it!  No one said training for a marathon at Silver Falls would be easy, but cancer isn't easy!  We love our Little Superhero Lincoln!

Please like our page for updates on Lincoln and pray for him as he is in treatment for leukemia!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Plumbline: Running for a cause

The Plumbline: Running for a cause: I have a friend who is into running - she does marathons - long ones, at that!  Goodness, running all those miles and doing it over and over...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Treatment Day

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Lincolns weekly treatment

 day. What this means for the family is they will get up

 and be quiet as possible while Lincoln sleeps in, hopefully until time to leave.  Lincoln 

isn't allowed to eat or drink so everyone will avoid food and drinks 

around our little super hero.  Sometimes they will 

even fast with him.  Imagine your little guy not being 

able to eat all morning into the afternoon every week!

   I have three kids of my own and that would be very 


Before they head to Portland they will put numbing cream on his port site and load up the 

van.  They will arrive at Doerbecher's children's hospital in Portland around 10.  He 

always goes though getting his height, weight, blood pressure, etc. checked, and by 11 

it's time for the procedure...  If he passed all his tests.

  If everything is a go, he will have a spinal tap and 

chemo tomorrow.  Sometimes they have to come back again on Thursday too. Talk about

 a long day, I will check myself next time I complain about my day!

Today Lincoln is still coughing and his nose has started to run again.  This means Lincoln is

 at the mercy of the anesthesiologist as to whether he goes under for his procedure. 

Please be praying all this evening into tomorrow that Lincoln is well tomorrow at his

 hospital visit and that 

everything goes as planned.  Pray for his parents and for rest.

It amazes me how when I talk to Jenny, Lincoln's superhero Mommy, how positive she is. 

 She is an amazing women who stands firm in her faith in God.  This is a recent post of

 hers on facebook.  

"Let me show you My way for you this day. I guide you continually, so you can relax and enjoy My presence in the present. Discipline your thoughts to trust Me as I work My ways in your life. Pray about everything; then, leave outcomes up to Me. Do not fear My will, for through it I accomplish what is best for you." 

His ways are always best. We pray, but do we really leave the outcome up to Him or do we try to handle in on our own and in our own way and time. Again, His ways are always best, trust in Him."

Thanks you Jenny for being such a great example to me as a 

Mother.  You really are a superhero Mommy!  Praying for 

your family!

Lincoln and his Mommy

You can follow our updates on these pages.....
Running for Lincoln
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simply Julie!: Running for Lincoln

Simply Julie!: Running for Lincoln: A few weeks ago my friend Rebecca came to me at our son's baseball game and asked me to make cookies for a bake-sale  "if it's not too muc...

Running for Lincoln

A few weeks ago my friend Rebecca came to me at our son's baseball game and asked me to make cookies for a bake-sale "if it's not too much trouble"  she asked. She went on to tell me the bake-sale was for the Jones family who's son Lincoln has been battling Leukemia for the last year.  I knew who this family was, I see their posts on facebook but I don't know them personally.  "To much trouble!" making cookies is the least I could do I thought.
As the week went on, I knew I needed to do more than making cookies.  I begin a new dream, running a marathon for Lincoln and just for Lincoln, not for me.  I feel my running has been a gift from God and I am ready to use it for something bigger than myself.  I threw out some thoughts at my friend Rebecca and in just a day or so things began to come together to get this started.
I looked at several marathons in Oregon.  I found about five that would be coming up before the year ends.  I was looking for a few specific things.  I got it narrowed down to two.  I went back and forth for days on the two.  I finally felt like the right one is Silver Falls Marathon.  This marathon is run by Run Wild Adventures and is known for mud, crossing creek, trails and very steep hills.  Not my idea of a good marathon but it was the one, and I knew it.
I had mentioned this one to my running buddy Tonya in the past joking and she was very anti Silver Falls Marathon.  I was sure I was going to be doing this alone and was okay with that.  I was actually scared to even tell Tonya.  I finally told Tonya and to my surprise she was willing to do this, not for herself, but for Lincoln a total stranger to her.  That very same day, an anonymous donor offered to pay her registration fees.  Wow, this is a big deal!
This isn't going to be easy training but it's for Lincoln and I know that will keep me going and it will keep Tonya going.  We have to do some extra workouts to get our legs stronger to handle the mountain we will be running on.
I don't expect this to be easy, but cancer isn't easy.  It affects more lives than we realize.  In the next four months there will be multiple ways you can help raise funds and awareness for Lincoln.
Please start by following by page Running for Lincoln and watching for updates.  Updates will include, ways to help. The good and bad of training. Updates on how Lincoln is doing in his Dad's Brian's blog.  Photos and much more.
Join us on this journey of encouraging Lincoln and his family.
Meet Lincoln, he loves Batman!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simply Julie!: Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!

Simply Julie!: Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!: I am not the most coordinated person, with that said...I've never really been one to get on a bike for fun in my adult life.  I have a hard...

Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!

I am not the most coordinated person, with that said...I've never really been one to get on a bike for fun in my adult life.  I have a hard enough time walking with-out falling down, so getting on a bike is scary.

I have two cousins who love to bike, they are cyclist.  They go on really long rides and know what they are doing.  One cousin was almost killed on a ride and that hasn't helped my "like" for bikes.  My other cousin brought his bike over a year ago and wanted me to check it out.  He told me to put these special shoes on and then "clip" into the bike!  Do you realize how scary that is?  It freaked me out!

After my marathon I decided I wanted to find something else to enjoy on my "off running days."  I have a stationary bike and an elliptical in my garage but there is something about being outside that I love!

About 14 years ago my husband and I went to K-Mart and got two mountain bikes.  The first time we took them camping we let some teens borrow them and they thought they would do bike tricks....Uh, mountain bikes aren't meant for tricks!  Anyway, Jerry's bike ended up with a bent back rim...Jerry bent it back, but we have never replaced it.  It works, but you can tell when!

This week I have been riding to Tonya's and back for the extra cross training in this lovely weather on our "run" days.  Today was a "off run day." I decided to go for a "real" bike ride.   My bike has a messed up chain so Jerry bent bike it is!  I also needed to wear a helmet so I don't kill myself.  I found either Rylan's or Randy's and put that on.  I don't have "bike gear" so I put on my running gear.  Bike gear is padded and running gear isn't (I don't feel the need to explain this one)!!!  

My son's helmet rubbed my chin wrong but I knew I must wear it or Tonya would kill me.  I tried to stay off the main roads and in the neighborhoods so less people would have to look at me.  I must of looked hilarious.  I was scared to take my hands off the steering wheel.  I wobbled up and down three neighborhoods in Dallas this morning.  If you saw me, I'm sorry but I enjoyed it.  I don't care if I look silly, it was fun.

A year ago I said I would never be a bike rider.  I still don't consider myself a "bike rider" and I'm definitely not a "cyclist" like my cousins. I sure enjoyed my silly little bike ride this morning and will go again this summer.  I think I will go lots more....ride on friends!

Don't be afraid to try something new, you might just enjoy it!

"... run with patience
the race that is
set before us ..."
Heb. 12:1-3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simply Julie!: My Perfect Marathon

Simply Julie!: My Perfect Marathon: Saturday June 2, 2012 I ran Newport Marathon.  This was my 3rd marathon in the last two years.  If you have read about marathon one  or  ma...

My Perfect Marathon

Saturday June 2, 2012 I ran Newport Marathon.  This was my 3rd marathon in the last two years.  If you have read about marathon one or marathon two, you know that I had a hard time for many different reasons, and they definitely didn't go as I had planned.  I did learn a lot each time, but I was still hopeful for what I considered "the perfect marathon" for "me" anyway.  

This season, I trained for the second time with my bestest running buddy Tonya.  We did our training slightly different this year. You always learn with each new season what works and what doesn't work.  Our plan this year seemed to be going well.  We are both much stronger than last season.  Our "long runs" went really well this year.  We did have one that wasn't the greatest and one that went way wrong, but other than that, it just went well.  Having one or two long runs that are bad, really isn't a big deal in marathon training, it's expected.  It was a shame the worst long run conflicted with Hippie Chick, but when I signed up for Hippie Chick I said, I would rather Hippie Chick go bad than Newport!  Well!!!!   

Friday June 1st, my family took off for Newport.  I picked up my packet and meet up with some friends.  It was fun seeing a few of my Hood to Coast friends.  I had saved up quarters to get my really awesome Marathon sweatshirt.  I was able to save, more than enough, the sweatshirt is so awesome!  After packet-pick-up Jerry and I went out for chowder with Tonya and Bob.  Yummy!  We ate at the Chowder Bowl, right where we would be running by in the morning. 
My registration bag and marathon sweatshirt!
Jerry and I went to meet up with my Mom and Step-Dad at Inn At The Otter Crest.  We were blessed to stay in a Condo a friend of mine offered my family for the weekend.  It was so relaxing once you walked to the top!  What a hike, LOL...was well worth it, thanks so much Robbin!
We stayed at the very top left hand building!

Saturday morning came, I actually got about five hours sleep.  This is very good the night before a marathon when nerves often keep you up.  I was up at five.  Took a quick shower to help wake up.  Got my gear on, ate some peanut butter toast and off Jerry, my Mom and I went to pick up Tonya at The Landing
The view from our Condo Sat. morning
 Then we headed for the start!  Mom and Jerry weren't allowed to drive in to the "starting line" but got a few photos of us before they drove off.
Tonya, lets RUN! 
At the start!

Tonya and I quickly got in the port-a-potty line.  We only had about 25 minutes and it had to be done!  I was getting nervous because the line was moving so slow.  Tonya reassured me, we are being chipped timed this year so even if we get out a little late, our times will be right.  We started up our gamins to keep our "pace plan."  Mine wouldn't turn on.  Seriously? I tried and tried and tried.  It wasn't dead, I had just charged the battery overnight.  It was very odd, but all I could do is nothing, so OH WELL!

We got done, and in "race line" with about five minutes to spare...perfect!  We started near the back of the line.  Our plan was too start at a 9:30-9:45 pace and that is exactly what we did.  Tonya's garmin was working so she kept the pace for the first 16-16.5 miles.  

We took off and did a loop around some neighborhoods and then to the bay-front.  It was fun.  The runners were mostly all together during this time.  We looked like a river of people.  There were people looking out house windows and small businesses doors to cheer us on.  There were also lots of family and friends on the sides of the road cheering us on at this point too.  I reassured Tonya, they were ALL cheering for her and me!  People would yell, "running wild"  It was on our shirts and it was great fun to hear this!  I loved the little turn-a-round where we got to look out at the ocean!  It was a little foggy but it didn't matter.  I was enjoying this too much.  I was talking and talking.  Tonya talked some but was concentrating. She needed to get some warm up miles in before she could calm down.

We made our little loop and came back around to where we started.  We made our way up a hill (thank you Bridlewood training for making this easy) up under the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  A school band was playing for us runners.  A lady running just be hind us got excited and was hoping the band would start up again.  Of course they did.  I told the lady they started "just for her."  It's really fun to talk to people out there on the course.  Some people will get in a zone and not talk, but you can quickly pick up on that.  The good thing about going up that hill, is we got to run down the other side.  We ran right down on the bay were you could here the sea loins making honks.  I, of course told Tonya the sea loins were cheering for us!  About this time we ran by the "fish market."  I knew the smell was coming but I was talking so much I got a big whiff up my mouth and had to spit....yuck!  

We came around to were we would eventually finish, The Landing and The Embarcadero. This is were we started looking for family and friends.  There they were, Mom, Jerry, Bob and Megan.  We handed off my useless gamin, Tonya's coat and her water belt that was annoying her.  This was about mile 4.5. 
Handing off my garmin, mile 4.5

Off we went to run to the turn-a-round, our next check point!  We knew family and friends would be out there somewhere. Newport Marathon has a really cool bus going round and round the whole time the marathon is going on for family and friends. 

Tonya put music in her ear and I kept talking.  She needed focus and I was just happy.  Tonya would look at me nod and smile every once in awhile, but I don't really know what she was hearing, but it didn't even matter. For once I didn't have a headache running a race. The weather was so perfect!  It was about 55 degrees with a slight mist.  I must of said "the weather is perfect" like 50 times!  If felt good, I kept trusting in our training and wasn't really worried.  Very weird for me but this is how I felt.  

Around mile ten the arch in my left foot started to cramp up but I didn't say anything, just kept on going reminding myself Jennifer (my cousin) ran this last year with more foot problems then I have ever had, and she made it!  

Joe handing us much needed water!
Soon we saw my wonderful fans who have driven over from Dallas both years for Newport Marathon.  Joe, Diane, Bill, and Carol!  They had water for us and cheered us on!  I was so excited too see them!  I told them we would see them soon and we ran on!  I feel so loved by these wonderful people!  

Soon I saw Mom and Jerry near a water station.  I was super excited too see them standing there waiting for us.  We waved and I gave Jerry a quick hug and off we ran again.  We were looking for that turn-a-round!  We knew Tonya's family would be there and that is where we turn and run back to the finish!  It's a big deal!!!  Tonya was starting too feel better now that we had some miles in.  We both had some mild pain, but were really doing good.  

As you can see in the pictures I am wearing a pink skirt.  This is "the traveling sparkle skirt."  The traveling  sparkle skirt comes in hot pink and turquoise. They travel the globe spreading the Team Sparkle Love!  As you can see, I am wearing the hot pink one and enjoying every minute of it. My skirt was last worn in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Broad St. 10 miler by Melanie!  Yah Melanie!  I will now send this skirt on to spread more sparkle love!

Just went around the turn-a-round cone!

Soon we knew we were getting close, the turn-a-round was just ahead.  About mile 15.5 we saw Tonya's family, all of them waiting, yelling and even taking pictures.  We were pretty excited as we went around that turn-a-round cone!  
Off we go!

Off we went to finish up this thing!  I was still feeling rather good.  A little tired yes, but that's expected.  My upper back felt a little stiff and my arch still hurt, but really that wasn't bad!  I was not feeling overheated at all, the weather was perfect!

Me, Jac, Jerry and Rylan after the marathon at her party!
Mile 16 was ran for my friend Jac who was graduating this morning.  I told her I would run a mile for her. 16 was for you Jac!

We got to my fans again,  Joe, Diane, Bill, and Carol.  Joe ran across to us with more water!  Love water...even in the cooler perfect weather your body needs lots of water when your running.  I sweat like a pig and all the sweat has to be replaced fast or you get sick and pass out or trow up.  I choose to only drink water and take hydration tablets this year.  In times past, I have used goo, gels, sharkies, etc.  These are things that runners often take out on long runs to help keep their bodies going.  Goo's taste a lot like frosting and sharkies are like fruit snacks.  Anyway, I didn't use them this year because when I use them, I often deal with stomach issues after I take them.  I didn't use them during training and I didn't have as many stomach issues so it worked for me.

About mile 16.5  I yelled at my fans, less than ten miles to go!!!!  They looked excited for Tonya and I, and I was excited that I hadn't felt like quitting yet.  It was getting hard but not hard like my last two marathons.  It's hard to explain. 

This is when Tonya needed to slow it down for a little bit.  I went ahead for awhile.  She stayed close behind.  I soon came to Mom and Jerry.  I didn't know at the time, but Tonya had told Jerry the night before I would break down around this time and too be ready to run with me.  Oh, she knows me too well!  Jerry was ready and as soon as he saw me he asked, how you doing, should I run with you? Well, that's a silly question!  Of chose I wanted him to run with me!

I had asked him too take good pictures of me for the questioner I will be filling out for Team Sparkle, so he was getting pictures.  I told him I needed him to talk, and talk about anything.  I wasn't feeling too much like talking anymore, but I liked the company.  A few times he ran ahead to get mile marker photos.  It was fun.  

Tonya soon got her second wind and passed us up.  I was so excited to she her back at it feeling better!

Jerry and I counted the mile markers up...22, 23, 24, 25, 26...some seemed to come faster than others, it was exhausting.  He stayed with me for about nine miles.  Jerry has never ran this far before.  He is seriously thinking about running a half marathon with me this next year!  How exciting is that?  

Jerry speeding off to meet me at the finish line right around the corner
I'm waving at my fans, I love them!
The last five miles were pretty hard.  My body was done.  I kept thinking of my five mile route at home. I would tell myself where I was in Dallas, so I could focus on just going home, and home was the finish line.  I know this must sound really silly, but you have to play mental games to finish sometimes. 

As I ran down that final stretch a women must off saw my look of distress.  She said, your sister is waiting for you!   She must of saw Tonya in the same shirt as me and thought we were sisters. Tonya can be my sister, that was great!  

Finally I was done...I did it!

Ahhhh, the fun at the end!
Yah, the finish line.

I was sooooo hungry.  The wonderful volunteers placed my finishers medal over my head and cut the chip timer off my shoe.  I walked over to the finishers area in search of food, Tonya and my family. 
The finish FINALLY!
ALL done!  We both PRed (personal record)

 Last year I felt so sick after I ran, I couldn't eat or hardly even stand up.  This year I had no problem eating!  I was so hungry!  I ate a quarter sandwich, some fruit and a few bites of Mo's clam chowder.  Said hello to some running friends from Dallas.  Got a finishers photo with Tonya and I was done!  Lets go home! 

Jerry, Mom and I walked too the car and drove back to the Condo where Alan, Randy and Rylan were waiting.  It was so nice of Alan to stay with the boys so Jerry could run with me.  We packed up and headed home.  We had some graduates to celebrate.  Yah Bethany and Jac!

Jerry surprised me and stopped at Lincoln City Outlet and got me a two new running tops. I got a hot pink top and a purple one.  The hot pink will forever remind me of the Taveling Sparkle Skirt. I loved all the great comments I got out on the course from wearing it.  I think I may have impressed Jerry today!  It was sure fun to have him run with me.  

I ended today with a race time of 4:29:18.  This was my perfect marathon.  Ever since I decided to run a marathon, my goal has been to beat 4:30.  I don't know exactly why I made this my goal, but I did.  It has taken me several years too get it, but I did.  Being consistent does pay off.  The weather was cool enough I didn't over heat, but warm enough I never got chilled.  I didn't suffer any headaches or terrible pains/injuries.  The pain in my arch stopped hurting after I stopped running.  I may of hurt because I didn't wear my nifty shoe inserts, lesson learned!  I was able to eat after the marathon and walk around with out feeling like I was going to puke.  Yes, it was my perfect marathon. 

I don't have a new goal for a marathon right now.  I'm sure I will do another next year if not before. I would love to try some other courses, but I do LOVE Newport!  Next time I might not even set a time goal.  I might just enjoy the run!

Thank you too Robbin and Bruce.  Bill and Carol.  Diane and Joe.  Mom and Alan, and especially Jerry.  You guys made this so fun and I feel so much love and support from you.

I also thank Tonya for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself.  For listening to me talk, talk, talk and for being my friend.  I love you so much!  

Oh when I got home, I took my garmin out to try and fix it worked!!!!  VERY WEIRD!

"... run with patience
the race that is
set before us ..."
Heb. 12:1-3