Friday, November 25, 2011

Simply Julie!: Thanksgiving Blunders

Simply Julie!: Thanksgiving Blunders: Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent the day at my Mom's house along with my Step-Dad Alan, and his son Andrew. My brother Jeff was going ...

Thanksgiving Blunders

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  We spent the day at my Mom's house along with my Step-Dad Alan, and his son Andrew. My brother Jeff was going to join u,s but got sick and had to stay home.  We (Jerry, Raelee, Andrew and I) started the day with a three mile run.  We passed some fresh roadkill (gotta love Yoncalla)!
My husband Jerry stopped to capture the!  My run quickly turned into a walk around mile 1.5.  I have allergy problems whenever I come to my Mom's house.  I am convinced I'm allergic to Yoncalla!

We came home and got washed up for Thanksgiving!  Mom already had the turkey in the oven.  The wonderful spells of dinner quickly filled the house.

We were able to eat and have a wonderful dinner together. I ended up breaking my "no dairy" for the first time in 7 days.  Boo hoo!  I started right back up today!  I'm not giving up.  I did read this weekend that if you get more than 15 headaches in one month, you most likely have a food allergy.  Might be talking to a doctor to get this figured out.  I went to a store today with lots of non dairy options and that helped.   We enjoyed some football and naps.  We also enjoyed celebrating Alan's birthday (it fell on Thanksgiving this year). The evening came, and we decided to load up and go to Cottage Grove to catch the opening deals at Wal Mart.  We got to Wal Mart as they were opening (10pm).   We were able to get everything we went in for.  Jerry got in line, and Mom, my boys and I went home.  Rylan said he didn't feel well.  I didn't think much of it, I knew he was really tired.  We drove home in the pouring down rain and came into Mom's house.  The dogs started barking and we find they have gotten into some blueberries.....where did the dogs get blueberries?  Rylan said, "I need a bowl."  When Rylan (age 7) says I need a bowl, he is going to throw up.  I went to the kitchen to get a bowl and can't find one.  Then I here it coming!  I went and grabbed Rylan and helped him to the bathroom as it keeps coming.  My Mom has a furnace in the floor and he puked in the furnace.  It started smoking and then the fire alarm went off!  I get Rylan in the bathroom and go to scrub up the mess.  In the meantime, Jerry, Andrew, and Alan come home so, once again...the dogs started barking!  What a night!  It's now around midnight and we all went to bed.  Rylan slept in really late today.  He needed it.  He felt fine when he woke up.  I am Thankful for family, memories and so much more.  Now bring on Christmas!!!                                                                                                                        

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simply Julie!: "My First Non-Dairy Thanksgiving!"

Simply Julie!: "My First Non-Dairy Thanksgiving!": Four days ago I posted about going off dairy for a week to see if it helps my allergy headaches. In the meantime I have had two friends (on...

"My First Non-Dairy Thanksgiving!"

Four days ago I posted about going off dairy for a week to see if it helps my allergy headaches.  In the meantime I have had two friends (one a nurse, one who has dairy allergies) tell me to give it at least three weeks.  Well, my first thought was, "Thanksgiving!"  I decided it was still worth doing, so I am four days in and going strong.  Tonight I did have a huge challenge....Thanksgiving Potluck!

Now some people have no problems "not eating" at potlucks because they are germ-a-foes.  Me...not so much. The people at my church are wonderful bakers.  The Thanksgiving potluck has the best food of all potlucks too! Tonight I knew I could eat turkey, and green beans. I was bummed! That just isn't enough!  I decided to make non-dairy mashed potatoes so I could at least have one more thing on my plate. I was a sad girl!  I have no problems eating, and eating well at a Thanksgiving potluck, not tonight!

I got in line and found a couple yummy looking veggie salads, my non dairy mashed potatoes, turkey, and ham.  I also got one beef roll thing that looked super good.  I set my food down and took my 7 year old to the dessert room.  Three large tables full of favorite!  Rylan picked out a few I walked around I couldn't find anything that didn't have dairy in it.  Crust of any sort, is sure to have dairy unless it's specially made.  Brownies, cookies, pie's, cakes....nothing I could have!  I was sad as I walked back to eat my meat and veggies.  I actually was feeling sorry for myself and let my husband know!

After I finished my plate I was surprised that I felt full.  I got home and was okay!  For the first time ever, I didn't pig out at a Thanksgiving potluck.  Wow, I surprise myself!  The great thing is I don't feel "guilty" or "bloated."  It's actually a great feeling.

In a few days we will be at my Mom's eating Thanksgiving dinner!  My brother is coming this year and he is very allergic to dairy.  Since I'm on a "non-dairy" kick and Jeff is coming, my wonderful Mother is making us "special" non-dairy food.  She has some yummy stuff planned.  I will even get pie!  I'm so excited, but wonder how in the world, is pumpkin pie going to be good with no dairy?  Who knows, maybe I will loose 5 lbs this Thanksgiving instead of gaining 5 lbs!   LOL!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cut out Dairy????

About a year ago a friend of mine cut out dairy to see if it would help her terrible allergies.  Her allergies were so bad, a few months out of the year she would have to stay indoors or she would get sick.  To my surprise it worked for her.  She was able to do outdoor actives this last year with minimal problems.

I have allergy issues myself, but even so, was not willing to give this a go....until today!

I have had a terrible couple of months with allergy headaches (not migraines ... running regularly has almost cut those completely out).  Because I have dealt with migraines for the last 13 years, I though I could handle headaches pretty good, but enough is enough!  Today I am willing to try something new!  I am sick of feeling so run down from allergies/headaches.

Dairy is something I LOVE.  I eat dairy in almost every meal, but if it works, it will be worth it (I think!).  I started a "no dairy week" this morning!  I am only posting this so I don't cheat!  I also could use a lot of support because this isn't going to be easy for me.

Easy snack ideas, recipes, and loving support wanted!