Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simply Julie!: Running for Lincoln

Simply Julie!: Running for Lincoln: A few weeks ago my friend Rebecca came to me at our son's baseball game and asked me to make cookies for a bake-sale  "if it's not too muc...

Running for Lincoln

A few weeks ago my friend Rebecca came to me at our son's baseball game and asked me to make cookies for a bake-sale "if it's not too much trouble"  she asked. She went on to tell me the bake-sale was for the Jones family who's son Lincoln has been battling Leukemia for the last year.  I knew who this family was, I see their posts on facebook but I don't know them personally.  "To much trouble!" making cookies is the least I could do I thought.
As the week went on, I knew I needed to do more than making cookies.  I begin a new dream, running a marathon for Lincoln and just for Lincoln, not for me.  I feel my running has been a gift from God and I am ready to use it for something bigger than myself.  I threw out some thoughts at my friend Rebecca and in just a day or so things began to come together to get this started.
I looked at several marathons in Oregon.  I found about five that would be coming up before the year ends.  I was looking for a few specific things.  I got it narrowed down to two.  I went back and forth for days on the two.  I finally felt like the right one is Silver Falls Marathon.  This marathon is run by Run Wild Adventures and is known for mud, crossing creek, trails and very steep hills.  Not my idea of a good marathon but it was the one, and I knew it.
I had mentioned this one to my running buddy Tonya in the past joking and she was very anti Silver Falls Marathon.  I was sure I was going to be doing this alone and was okay with that.  I was actually scared to even tell Tonya.  I finally told Tonya and to my surprise she was willing to do this, not for herself, but for Lincoln a total stranger to her.  That very same day, an anonymous donor offered to pay her registration fees.  Wow, this is a big deal!
This isn't going to be easy training but it's for Lincoln and I know that will keep me going and it will keep Tonya going.  We have to do some extra workouts to get our legs stronger to handle the mountain we will be running on.
I don't expect this to be easy, but cancer isn't easy.  It affects more lives than we realize.  In the next four months there will be multiple ways you can help raise funds and awareness for Lincoln.
Please start by following by page Running for Lincoln and watching for updates.  Updates will include, ways to help. The good and bad of training. Updates on how Lincoln is doing in his Dad's Brian's blog.  Photos and much more.
Join us on this journey of encouraging Lincoln and his family.
Meet Lincoln, he loves Batman!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simply Julie!: Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!

Simply Julie!: Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!: I am not the most coordinated person, with that said...I've never really been one to get on a bike for fun in my adult life.  I have a hard...

Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!

I am not the most coordinated person, with that said...I've never really been one to get on a bike for fun in my adult life.  I have a hard enough time walking with-out falling down, so getting on a bike is scary.

I have two cousins who love to bike, they are cyclist.  They go on really long rides and know what they are doing.  One cousin was almost killed on a ride and that hasn't helped my "like" for bikes.  My other cousin brought his bike over a year ago and wanted me to check it out.  He told me to put these special shoes on and then "clip" into the bike!  Do you realize how scary that is?  It freaked me out!

After my marathon I decided I wanted to find something else to enjoy on my "off running days."  I have a stationary bike and an elliptical in my garage but there is something about being outside that I love!

About 14 years ago my husband and I went to K-Mart and got two mountain bikes.  The first time we took them camping we let some teens borrow them and they thought they would do bike tricks....Uh, mountain bikes aren't meant for tricks!  Anyway, Jerry's bike ended up with a bent back rim...Jerry bent it back, but we have never replaced it.  It works, but you can tell when!

This week I have been riding to Tonya's and back for the extra cross training in this lovely weather on our "run" days.  Today was a "off run day." I decided to go for a "real" bike ride.   My bike has a messed up chain so Jerry bent bike it is!  I also needed to wear a helmet so I don't kill myself.  I found either Rylan's or Randy's and put that on.  I don't have "bike gear" so I put on my running gear.  Bike gear is padded and running gear isn't (I don't feel the need to explain this one)!!!  

My son's helmet rubbed my chin wrong but I knew I must wear it or Tonya would kill me.  I tried to stay off the main roads and in the neighborhoods so less people would have to look at me.  I must of looked hilarious.  I was scared to take my hands off the steering wheel.  I wobbled up and down three neighborhoods in Dallas this morning.  If you saw me, I'm sorry but I enjoyed it.  I don't care if I look silly, it was fun.

A year ago I said I would never be a bike rider.  I still don't consider myself a "bike rider" and I'm definitely not a "cyclist" like my cousins. I sure enjoyed my silly little bike ride this morning and will go again this summer.  I think I will go lots more....ride on friends!

Don't be afraid to try something new, you might just enjoy it!

"... run with patience
the race that is
set before us ..."
Heb. 12:1-3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simply Julie!: My Perfect Marathon

Simply Julie!: My Perfect Marathon: Saturday June 2, 2012 I ran Newport Marathon.  This was my 3rd marathon in the last two years.  If you have read about marathon one  or  ma...

My Perfect Marathon

Saturday June 2, 2012 I ran Newport Marathon.  This was my 3rd marathon in the last two years.  If you have read about marathon one or marathon two, you know that I had a hard time for many different reasons, and they definitely didn't go as I had planned.  I did learn a lot each time, but I was still hopeful for what I considered "the perfect marathon" for "me" anyway.  

This season, I trained for the second time with my bestest running buddy Tonya.  We did our training slightly different this year. You always learn with each new season what works and what doesn't work.  Our plan this year seemed to be going well.  We are both much stronger than last season.  Our "long runs" went really well this year.  We did have one that wasn't the greatest and one that went way wrong, but other than that, it just went well.  Having one or two long runs that are bad, really isn't a big deal in marathon training, it's expected.  It was a shame the worst long run conflicted with Hippie Chick, but when I signed up for Hippie Chick I said, I would rather Hippie Chick go bad than Newport!  Well!!!!   

Friday June 1st, my family took off for Newport.  I picked up my packet and meet up with some friends.  It was fun seeing a few of my Hood to Coast friends.  I had saved up quarters to get my really awesome Marathon sweatshirt.  I was able to save, more than enough, the sweatshirt is so awesome!  After packet-pick-up Jerry and I went out for chowder with Tonya and Bob.  Yummy!  We ate at the Chowder Bowl, right where we would be running by in the morning. 
My registration bag and marathon sweatshirt!
Jerry and I went to meet up with my Mom and Step-Dad at Inn At The Otter Crest.  We were blessed to stay in a Condo a friend of mine offered my family for the weekend.  It was so relaxing once you walked to the top!  What a hike, LOL...was well worth it, thanks so much Robbin!
We stayed at the very top left hand building!

Saturday morning came, I actually got about five hours sleep.  This is very good the night before a marathon when nerves often keep you up.  I was up at five.  Took a quick shower to help wake up.  Got my gear on, ate some peanut butter toast and off Jerry, my Mom and I went to pick up Tonya at The Landing
The view from our Condo Sat. morning
 Then we headed for the start!  Mom and Jerry weren't allowed to drive in to the "starting line" but got a few photos of us before they drove off.
Tonya, lets RUN! 
At the start!

Tonya and I quickly got in the port-a-potty line.  We only had about 25 minutes and it had to be done!  I was getting nervous because the line was moving so slow.  Tonya reassured me, we are being chipped timed this year so even if we get out a little late, our times will be right.  We started up our gamins to keep our "pace plan."  Mine wouldn't turn on.  Seriously? I tried and tried and tried.  It wasn't dead, I had just charged the battery overnight.  It was very odd, but all I could do is nothing, so OH WELL!

We got done, and in "race line" with about five minutes to spare...perfect!  We started near the back of the line.  Our plan was too start at a 9:30-9:45 pace and that is exactly what we did.  Tonya's garmin was working so she kept the pace for the first 16-16.5 miles.  

We took off and did a loop around some neighborhoods and then to the bay-front.  It was fun.  The runners were mostly all together during this time.  We looked like a river of people.  There were people looking out house windows and small businesses doors to cheer us on.  There were also lots of family and friends on the sides of the road cheering us on at this point too.  I reassured Tonya, they were ALL cheering for her and me!  People would yell, "running wild"  It was on our shirts and it was great fun to hear this!  I loved the little turn-a-round where we got to look out at the ocean!  It was a little foggy but it didn't matter.  I was enjoying this too much.  I was talking and talking.  Tonya talked some but was concentrating. She needed to get some warm up miles in before she could calm down.

We made our little loop and came back around to where we started.  We made our way up a hill (thank you Bridlewood training for making this easy) up under the Yaquina Bay Bridge.  A school band was playing for us runners.  A lady running just be hind us got excited and was hoping the band would start up again.  Of course they did.  I told the lady they started "just for her."  It's really fun to talk to people out there on the course.  Some people will get in a zone and not talk, but you can quickly pick up on that.  The good thing about going up that hill, is we got to run down the other side.  We ran right down on the bay were you could here the sea loins making honks.  I, of course told Tonya the sea loins were cheering for us!  About this time we ran by the "fish market."  I knew the smell was coming but I was talking so much I got a big whiff up my mouth and had to spit....yuck!  

We came around to were we would eventually finish, The Landing and The Embarcadero. This is were we started looking for family and friends.  There they were, Mom, Jerry, Bob and Megan.  We handed off my useless gamin, Tonya's coat and her water belt that was annoying her.  This was about mile 4.5. 
Handing off my garmin, mile 4.5

Off we went to run to the turn-a-round, our next check point!  We knew family and friends would be out there somewhere. Newport Marathon has a really cool bus going round and round the whole time the marathon is going on for family and friends. 

Tonya put music in her ear and I kept talking.  She needed focus and I was just happy.  Tonya would look at me nod and smile every once in awhile, but I don't really know what she was hearing, but it didn't even matter. For once I didn't have a headache running a race. The weather was so perfect!  It was about 55 degrees with a slight mist.  I must of said "the weather is perfect" like 50 times!  If felt good, I kept trusting in our training and wasn't really worried.  Very weird for me but this is how I felt.  

Around mile ten the arch in my left foot started to cramp up but I didn't say anything, just kept on going reminding myself Jennifer (my cousin) ran this last year with more foot problems then I have ever had, and she made it!  

Joe handing us much needed water!
Soon we saw my wonderful fans who have driven over from Dallas both years for Newport Marathon.  Joe, Diane, Bill, and Carol!  They had water for us and cheered us on!  I was so excited too see them!  I told them we would see them soon and we ran on!  I feel so loved by these wonderful people!  

Soon I saw Mom and Jerry near a water station.  I was super excited too see them standing there waiting for us.  We waved and I gave Jerry a quick hug and off we ran again.  We were looking for that turn-a-round!  We knew Tonya's family would be there and that is where we turn and run back to the finish!  It's a big deal!!!  Tonya was starting too feel better now that we had some miles in.  We both had some mild pain, but were really doing good.  

As you can see in the pictures I am wearing a pink skirt.  This is "the traveling sparkle skirt."  The traveling  sparkle skirt comes in hot pink and turquoise. They travel the globe spreading the Team Sparkle Love!  As you can see, I am wearing the hot pink one and enjoying every minute of it. My skirt was last worn in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Broad St. 10 miler by Melanie!  Yah Melanie!  I will now send this skirt on to spread more sparkle love!

Just went around the turn-a-round cone!

Soon we knew we were getting close, the turn-a-round was just ahead.  About mile 15.5 we saw Tonya's family, all of them waiting, yelling and even taking pictures.  We were pretty excited as we went around that turn-a-round cone!  
Off we go!

Off we went to finish up this thing!  I was still feeling rather good.  A little tired yes, but that's expected.  My upper back felt a little stiff and my arch still hurt, but really that wasn't bad!  I was not feeling overheated at all, the weather was perfect!

Me, Jac, Jerry and Rylan after the marathon at her party!
Mile 16 was ran for my friend Jac who was graduating this morning.  I told her I would run a mile for her. 16 was for you Jac!

We got to my fans again,  Joe, Diane, Bill, and Carol.  Joe ran across to us with more water!  Love water...even in the cooler perfect weather your body needs lots of water when your running.  I sweat like a pig and all the sweat has to be replaced fast or you get sick and pass out or trow up.  I choose to only drink water and take hydration tablets this year.  In times past, I have used goo, gels, sharkies, etc.  These are things that runners often take out on long runs to help keep their bodies going.  Goo's taste a lot like frosting and sharkies are like fruit snacks.  Anyway, I didn't use them this year because when I use them, I often deal with stomach issues after I take them.  I didn't use them during training and I didn't have as many stomach issues so it worked for me.

About mile 16.5  I yelled at my fans, less than ten miles to go!!!!  They looked excited for Tonya and I, and I was excited that I hadn't felt like quitting yet.  It was getting hard but not hard like my last two marathons.  It's hard to explain. 

This is when Tonya needed to slow it down for a little bit.  I went ahead for awhile.  She stayed close behind.  I soon came to Mom and Jerry.  I didn't know at the time, but Tonya had told Jerry the night before I would break down around this time and too be ready to run with me.  Oh, she knows me too well!  Jerry was ready and as soon as he saw me he asked, how you doing, should I run with you? Well, that's a silly question!  Of chose I wanted him to run with me!

I had asked him too take good pictures of me for the questioner I will be filling out for Team Sparkle, so he was getting pictures.  I told him I needed him to talk, and talk about anything.  I wasn't feeling too much like talking anymore, but I liked the company.  A few times he ran ahead to get mile marker photos.  It was fun.  

Tonya soon got her second wind and passed us up.  I was so excited to she her back at it feeling better!

Jerry and I counted the mile markers up...22, 23, 24, 25, 26...some seemed to come faster than others, it was exhausting.  He stayed with me for about nine miles.  Jerry has never ran this far before.  He is seriously thinking about running a half marathon with me this next year!  How exciting is that?  

Jerry speeding off to meet me at the finish line right around the corner
I'm waving at my fans, I love them!
The last five miles were pretty hard.  My body was done.  I kept thinking of my five mile route at home. I would tell myself where I was in Dallas, so I could focus on just going home, and home was the finish line.  I know this must sound really silly, but you have to play mental games to finish sometimes. 

As I ran down that final stretch a women must off saw my look of distress.  She said, your sister is waiting for you!   She must of saw Tonya in the same shirt as me and thought we were sisters. Tonya can be my sister, that was great!  

Finally I was done...I did it!

Ahhhh, the fun at the end!
Yah, the finish line.

I was sooooo hungry.  The wonderful volunteers placed my finishers medal over my head and cut the chip timer off my shoe.  I walked over to the finishers area in search of food, Tonya and my family. 
The finish FINALLY!
ALL done!  We both PRed (personal record)

 Last year I felt so sick after I ran, I couldn't eat or hardly even stand up.  This year I had no problem eating!  I was so hungry!  I ate a quarter sandwich, some fruit and a few bites of Mo's clam chowder.  Said hello to some running friends from Dallas.  Got a finishers photo with Tonya and I was done!  Lets go home! 

Jerry, Mom and I walked too the car and drove back to the Condo where Alan, Randy and Rylan were waiting.  It was so nice of Alan to stay with the boys so Jerry could run with me.  We packed up and headed home.  We had some graduates to celebrate.  Yah Bethany and Jac!

Jerry surprised me and stopped at Lincoln City Outlet and got me a two new running tops. I got a hot pink top and a purple one.  The hot pink will forever remind me of the Taveling Sparkle Skirt. I loved all the great comments I got out on the course from wearing it.  I think I may have impressed Jerry today!  It was sure fun to have him run with me.  

I ended today with a race time of 4:29:18.  This was my perfect marathon.  Ever since I decided to run a marathon, my goal has been to beat 4:30.  I don't know exactly why I made this my goal, but I did.  It has taken me several years too get it, but I did.  Being consistent does pay off.  The weather was cool enough I didn't over heat, but warm enough I never got chilled.  I didn't suffer any headaches or terrible pains/injuries.  The pain in my arch stopped hurting after I stopped running.  I may of hurt because I didn't wear my nifty shoe inserts, lesson learned!  I was able to eat after the marathon and walk around with out feeling like I was going to puke.  Yes, it was my perfect marathon. 

I don't have a new goal for a marathon right now.  I'm sure I will do another next year if not before. I would love to try some other courses, but I do LOVE Newport!  Next time I might not even set a time goal.  I might just enjoy the run!

Thank you too Robbin and Bruce.  Bill and Carol.  Diane and Joe.  Mom and Alan, and especially Jerry.  You guys made this so fun and I feel so much love and support from you.

I also thank Tonya for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself.  For listening to me talk, talk, talk and for being my friend.  I love you so much!  

Oh when I got home, I took my garmin out to try and fix it worked!!!!  VERY WEIRD!

"... run with patience
the race that is
set before us ..."
Heb. 12:1-3