Monday, January 15, 2018

For the Love of Running! It only gets Better from Here 2018!

It's 2018 and this 41 year old is excited for the New Year!  
Angry Owl 2017, my first completed Ultra
Last year was a little hard to swallow.  I suffered an injury at the peak of training for Newport.  I was thankful to be able to complete the marathon, but very disappointed.  I went on to run The Oregon Marathon, for fun with a friend.  I ran Angry Owl, a Summer Ultra to keep me motivated to keep up my miles.  I ran several half marathons and smaller races, but never really competed like I had planned.  It was a year with plenty of good memories with my running group, but I'm still after more! 
I think my proudest moment in 2017 racing was the finish line at Autumn Leaves 50k in October.  Ultra running is fascinating to me, but I don't consider myself an Ultra runner yet.  It's very new to me and I have so much to learn.

We did it, Newport Marathon, June 2017
In December of 2017 I finally felt my body was finished healing.  I was excited to start up Marathon training again and I haven't felt that way in a long time.  In April I'll be running Eugene Marathon along with many of my running friends.  I am excited to have such a fantastic group to train with.  We also keep each other accountable and it's a great thing!  I have set some high goals for myself in Eugene. 
I will train properly and hope my body cooperates this time around.  

My first half is coming soon.  January 20th, The Uberthons Winter Half.  This will be my first tempo run for Eugene training.  I'm excited to up my pace and give myself a challenge.  
I will be doing all of the Uberthons half marathons this year.  Uberthons has a half marathon series, one each season, you can
2017 Winter Half, can't wait for this year!
check out here.  I love experiencing each season with a half marathon. I certainly have my favorites, but I enjoy them all.  I will be helping and running at most Uberthons events this year as an ambassador.  I always love seeing my running friends there and making new running friends at the races!


October 6th brings a new excitement for 2018. Uberthons Fast on Flat!  I get to be an ambassador for this new event and run it too.
Fast on Flat will be held at Portland International Raceway.  There is a 5k PR challenge, a BQ Invitational Marathon and a Marathon
Relay.  This is a flat course that will be worth running on.  Come get that 5k PR, try to get your BQ or form a marathon relay team.  Your team can have 2-5 runners.  Limited to 600 teams.  The BQ Invitational Marathon has a limit of 300.  Do check this awesome new event out HERE!  I hope you can join me this day for some sure win PR's.  I know I can't wait! 
ZaoFit Running Group
                                                                                                       Training starts now!  Join my training group at ZaoFit
 We run 
together most weekends.  Looking for a Eugene half/full marathon promo code?  Use EMAMBKC18 for $10.00

💜🏃💗🏃❤I just love to run!💓🏃💗🏃♡🏃

Register for an Uberthons Event HERE

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Happy to a part of the 2018 Runway Crew as an
ambassador for Stiletto Running