Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Roaring Run Half Marathon

Looking for a good half marathon to start off the New Year?  How about the Roaring Run Half.  It's taking place in Scio, OR on January 31st.

  This will be my first half marathon of 2015 and I would love for you to join me.  If a half isn't for you, they are also offering a 5k and a 10k.  

Starting Time

  • 8:30 AM – half marathon early start
  • 9:00 AM – half marathon regular start
  • 9:30 AM – 10K
  • 10:00 AM – 5K

Fees ~ All Proceeds go to the cross country running program at Lebanon High School.

  • $30 for the half marathon, if registered by December 1, 2014
  • $35 between Dec. 2 – January 1, 2015
  • $40 between Jan. 2 – 28               
 The race will be starting and finishing at the Roaring River County Park.  This park is about 10 miles southeast of Scio, OR.  The race is open to runners and walkers, featuring a early start time if needed.  I haven't ran this race before, but it is explained as being mostly flat, gradual downhill and uphill.  The course sounds beautiful:  "runners will pass by rolling fields and horse farms, and finish the loop by running through the historic Larwood Covered Bridge."   I'm definitely going to go out and try for a PR for this one.
There will be an overall award for both men and women along with age group winners.
Everyone who finishes the half marathon will receive a finishers medal.
Following the race, all participants may feast on the baked potato bar.  

Don't miss out, register here.
You can check out the official race website here
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Uberthons New Yearathon

Thinking about doing a race first thing in 2015?  Look no further! Join me and my family and walk or run the Uberthons New Yearathon.  I will be running the 1 mile race with my 18 year old, 10 year old and husband.  I'm also racing in the 5k. 
Don't feel like running?  That ok, come and walk.  Just get out and start the year off moving.  There is also a FREE kids race, the kidathon.  

Location: Cook Park, Tigard OR
Date: Saturday January 3rd
Time: 8:30 am

1 mile: $14.00 with Medal 
   under 7 mins starts at 8:30 am
   over 7 mins start is 8:40
5k: $22.00 with Medal
   starts time 9:00 am
1 mile & 5k: $25.00
Kidathon: FREE (can purchase a medal for $10.00)

 Meet at Structure 2 in Cook Park

Bib Pick up:  Friday January 2nd at ROADRUNNER Sports in Tualatin between 3 pm and 5 pm.  Everyone will be entered into a drawing for a pair for FREE running shoes.  Winner will be drawn on the day of the race (one male and one female winner).

ONLY 40 spots remain, don't delay, register today!

Check out the 5k course here.

1 mile course 

This will be my first race in 2015!  Come drink a hot coco with me and my family and get moving!  You won't regret it! 

No day of race registration.  Click here to register today!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vega One Review and Recipe

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Vega to try a new product.  I have used Vega before and love their products. I was happy to try something new.  I was sent a box of Vega One.  The exciting thing about Vega One? 33% MORE Protein.  2x MORE Greens!  Now, there is even MORE nutrition in every scoop.   

I'm a runner so my favorite time to have a Vega One Shake or Smoothie is right after a running workout. This morning I made up a smoothie using one serving of Vega One, frozen mixed fruit, greek yogurt, raw nuts and water.  So good and so simple!

 Another favorite is my Coconut Blueberry VegaOne Protein Muffins.  I make these up and have after a workout or for a snack during the day. 

Coconut Blueberry Vega One Muffins:
Gluten and Dairy Free
Makes 14 muffins

1 cup Organic Coconut Flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup honey
1 cup coconut or almond milk
6 eggs
4 tbsp Coconut Oil, melted
4 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp Chia Seeds 
1/2 cup raw walnuts
1 1/2 cups blueberries
1 serving Vega One

Mix all together in mixer except the blueberries.  Add the berries last, fold the berries in by hand.  Pour into greased or lined muffin tins.

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

I store mine in the fridge.  Enjoy!!!!

One serving:
184 calories
11.2g fat
7.9g carb
7.1g fiber
11.7g protein

Please feel free to share this wonderful recipe with your friends and order yourself some Vega One. You won't be disappointed!
Order your Vega One here.   
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Instagram @vega_team

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Four Corners of Drain, Oregon

I grew up in the City of Drain! 

 I learned to love and hate running in Drain.  I moved away right after graduation, never to return to run....until today!  20 years later, I wanted to run in Drain again, so that's what I did! 
I ran ten miles! Drain is a very small town, so I had to get creative running a full ten miles. Come with me, and see my run through the City of Drain......

Front of my High School
HS track
HS track
This is North Douglas High School.  I went to this school 8th-12th grade.  There was no middle "school" at the time, so yes...8th grade.  

As I came to the  High School Track, I had to run on it.  It looked the same, muddy.  I ran one lap and then headed off to see more of Drain!

My old house
Up the hill from the H.S. is the favorite house my family lived in.  It's the tall tan house.  This road goes up to the Drain cemetery.   

Founders of Drain
I remember cemetery hill being very steep.  We used to have to run up it for practice sometimes. There were 3 or 4 dogs that lived half way up that used to come out and scare us.  I figured after 20 years, surely the dogs were dead.  I made it to the top, no dogs and for the first time...by myself.  I was always scared to go up to the cemetery alone as a kid. This tombstone shows Charles and Anna Drain.  Charles is the founder and politician of Drain, who donated 60 acres of nearby land to the Oregon and California Railroad in 1871.

On my way back down the hill, I stopped to explore the forest up behind Drain.  My brother, my friends and I used to play on the trails on this mountain.  

This shows the view on the side of the mountain. If you look closely, you can see the town through the trees.  It was a beautiful day! I wish I had had more time to explore the mountain again, but thought I better head back into town since I was alone. 

This is the Charles and Anne house, now used for the school district.  It's a beautiful house to see in person.  It sets just on the other side of the HS track.

I ran back by my HS and over to the Elementary school, just a few blocks over. This was my school, kindergarten to the end of 7th grade.  I remember some of my teachers so clearly.  Some still live in Drain and every once in while, I get to see them.  Small town love! 
North Douglas Elem.

Next I ran back to the HS again and around the back to see the Drain swimming pool.  I spent most every summer with my friends in this pool.  We even got to have PE class in the pool since it is so close to the HS.  It's still open every summer if you were wondering.

Now, it was time to run to the other side of Drain.  To get there I crossed the railroad track that goes through the middle of town.

This railroad is still in use today, if you were wondering.
  This is the walking bridge I crossed countless times walking to school back in the day.
The Division house, our house with the creek in the backyard.
I used to play down at this creek with my friends for endless hours every summer I lived in the Division house.  I remember this house being small but had the best back yard.  A big yard to play in with a creek just down the bank. We also had two really cool neighbors. I learned to ride a bike while living at this house. 
The church I got married in.

I stopped here...

  •  Next I headed to the opposite end of Drain.  I went past the old mill my Dad worked at and out too Elk Creek Road.  Soon I came to the church I grew up in and got married in.  It still looks exactly the same.  I ran on out elk creek road.  My Senior year my family moved out into the country.  I didn't run clear to the house since it was out a ways and up a long driveway. I wouldn't be able to run up anyway.  
  •  I stopped here!  (see picture above) I'm have no memory of this house at all.  This isn't a good photo but there are pumpkins and shoes hanging all over the fence along with a hanging bike.  Not sure what that's all about.   I heard a dog and decided it was time to turn back towards town.  

The road back to town

This is a view of part of downtown Drain. you can see the post office and the bank.  There is also a bowling alley and a small grocery store and a few local small businesses.

This road goes through the middle of Drain.  Near my division house.  Countless memories of the Drain parade going down this road.  Memories of this road being flooded and not drive-able.  The only gas station in town is up there to your left! 

I will end this tour with the Drain Covered Bridge.  It used to be in a different location just over about 100 yards, but after a big flood was moved over to this area.  It was no longer safe to drive on.  For years it's been used as a walking bridge and a popular place for photos to be taken.  I was sad to see today, it's no longer even a walking bridge.  The small green sign reads, no access and a fence is blocking it off.  It's no longer safe to even walk on, but still a beautiful bridge to look at. 
As you can see, Drain doesn't really have four corners, but hey, it caught your attention didn't it?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Runaway Pumpkin Half '14 Race Review

October 18th 2014 was the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon in Lebanon at Cheadle Lake Park.

Tonya, Erika and me!

Runaway Pumpkin  is a fundraiser for the ABC House.  The ABC house is in Albany, OR.  They provide a safe and healing environment for children who have been abused.  I love that funds are going to support this!

Info on the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon:
Race entries: Early bird $45.00 through May 31st. Prices went up until just before race day.  $55.00 through Aug. 31st, $65.00 through Oct. 7th and $70 till registration closed on Oct. 15th. 
Registration included a cool tech shirt, a reusable goodie bag FULL of coupons and samples.  It was one of the best goodie bags I have gotten at a race. You also got a finishers medal!
  This race was chip timed.

Staggered start in pace groups.

Packet pick up was available the day before the race or on race morning.

Race was open to walker and runners (4.5 hours time limit).

There were 7 aid stations along the course.

Course is a nice loop, partly along the water.

Lots of food after the race with gluten free food this year.

Lots of vendors including a massage vendor!!!

That's me in the middle, front with the really white legs, lol!  Costume contest! (Photo by Ingrid B.)

The Runaway Pumpkin Run from Julie's point-of-view:  Saturday morning I rode up with friends.  We came early so we could take part in the costume contest The Runaway Pumpkin Half was having before the race started.

The weather was good but could of been a little cooler if you ask me, lol.   I stood in line at the port-a-potties with Emily, Erika, and Tonya for the second time.  With only  five minutes left to start and about 8 ladies in front of me, I left the line and headed for the start. I joined my pace group and was excited to get started.
Me at the starting line (photo by Eric F.)
Soon the race started.  The race director did a great job with the staggered start.  The first mile was a narrow path and I never felt like there were too many people around me that mile.  People were passing each other with no problems.  As I ran a few people passed me and I made it a point to remember them.  Come miles 7-13, I had plans of passing them back!  I was really trying to pace this race right!  As I turned the first corner (a sharp corner) a guy almost tripped me cutting me off to shake a volunteers hand. He was so focused on the volunteers he didn't even realize what he had done.  He went on my passing list!  

Erika running fast (Photo by Eric F.)
I ran the first four miles and wondered if I should speed up but I just tried to maintain.  I didn't want the last few miles to be horrible.  I had told my friend Erika (running this for the first time) that it was a flat course. I had ran it a few times and honestly remembered it being flat.  Well, it was fairly flat (opps).  There were several small rolling hills but it wasn't bad at all.  This is one of my very favorite half courses. I did keep thinking, "Erika is gonna kill me"   
I found Erika and ran with her for a few min.
I knew Erika's husband would be at about mile nine.  I had plans to hand off my water bottle and fly to the end if I felt good.  About mile 8.7, there he was.  I almost didn't see him. I handed off my water bottle and I took off.  I was feeling good and I needed to finish passing all the people on the list in my head.  I was sure I wasn't going to PR at this point so I didn't focus on that too much.  I just looked at the line of people in front of me and started picking them off, one by one.  If they had a bright shirt on, I went after them.  
With about two miles left I realized I might just PR, but I was going to have to really GO, so I speed up.  Mile 13 was my fastest mile!  I was just short of a lifetime PR, but I did PR the course by about eight minutes!  I finished at 1:50.53 feeling AWESOME. I do believe that was the best I have ever felt for a half and it was my 11th one.  It pays to learn how to pace correctly.  I did learn that if I feel good, I should speed up a few miles earlier than I did.  
My friend Emily had finished way before me, and Eric told me in on how she did.  Eric and I headed out to look for Erika, Tonya, Mitch and Kelleigh. Some of our Dallas friends.  I was supper excited for Erika, she PRed today!  As everyone came in we went over and found the food booth and looked around.  

Found Will from Dallas, The DJ for the event
Finished! 1:50.53
Found some Superheros! Mitch and Kelleigh! 
We did good Tonya!
Race sponsors 
Post race food!

This is a half marathon I definitely would suggest you do!  I look forward to next year!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Knockout! Panties Review and Giveaway!

A while back I was contacted via twitter to do a review for Knock Out! Panties.  I like doing reviews so I quickly agreed.  Since I am a runner, I asked to try the no sweat bra and thong, both out of the Fitness Collection.  I was excited! Not only did they send me those two items to try, but a third pantie, the lacy thong

Smart Pantie, Lacy Thong
I have had these for a couple months now and have worn and washed them several times.  My favorite ended up being the lacy thong. The price is what I consider high, but the value us A+++.   I have never had panties that have fit so well and been so comfortable.  After washing time and time again, they still fit like they are new.  
The thong out of the fitness collection is great too.  I would pick the lacy thong first, but I do think this is an excellent value too.  I even ran in these! 

Fitness Collection, Thong
Fitness Collection, Sports Bra
The sports bra isn't what I expected.  I like to wear a padded sports bra with some support.  The no sweat bra is very comfortable, but there is no padding or under-wire, so I wasn't comfortable going out for a run in it.  I do, love wearing this bra with casual wear or doing at home workouts.  It doesn't pull or pinch at all.  It's so comfortable, I could sleep in it, and most bra's are a big NO for sleeping in.

Some facts about Knock out!
Invented by a women who wanted a little something extra for sweat, spots, and little leaks that can occur during exercise or just because (because it happens and we all know it!!!)
She wanted women to have a better thin cotton liner.  Knock out panties are made with patented technology that protects from wetness and odor all day, everyday!  The liner has an all natural odor absorbing treatment and a dual action wicking fibers built right into the 100% cotton fabric.  It is thin, breathable and natural.  They have styles for every personality and any outfit!

After trying these myself, I can tell you, this is a way better liner than any pantie I have worn. Even brands that I thought were top quality.

Founder & CEO of Knock out! is Angela Newnam 
 Panties are made in the USA
You can find Knock out! on facebook here. 
Find them on twitter @KnockoutPanties

Knock out has generously offered one of my readers a couple free pairs of panties.  I picked the lacy thong since they are my favorite.  Enter the giveaway below and share with your friends! 

Please note: I am not sponsored by Knock out! Panties and received no compensation for this blog. 
All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Portland Marathon 2014

My first marathon was Portland 2010.  A lot went wrong during that race, but I never once regretted doing it. 
I walked away from Portland '10 knowing I wanted to do that over again, but not sure when that would ever be.  2014 was the year.  It was my 7th full marathon 4 years later.

I signed up for Portland '14 about a year ago.  At the time, I was in the best shape of my life with dreams of a Boston Qualifier in '14.

2014 came and suddenly I found myself in the most stressful year of my life.  I found myself going through some things I never thought would happen to me, to loved ones, and other family members.  I found myself having days of wanting to withdrawal from people. Life can get hard can't it?

As I started training for Portland, I knew I had to start running in the early mornings to beat the summer heat.  At the time, I didn't have any running friends who wanted to run at 5:30-6:30 in the
Early group run with Erika and more!
mornings, and it was difficult to get into the mindset of getting up early several times a week to train by myself.  The day I decided to try and get motivated I saw another lady running down the street in my neighborhood with a Boston dog.  A runner and a cool dog, it caught my attention but I didn't know her so we just passed each other.  Later that day, on my facebook page ZaoFit, this very same lady said she thought she saw me.  We decided to meet for a run and there you have it, a morning running buddy!  Eventually we got a group of 4-6 people meeting with us 2-3 times a week between 5:30-6:30 am.  I got used to getting up extra early to get my training in.  These group runs kept me moving forward in my training and moving away from withdrawal.  

As I went to Portland Saturday it was so amazing.  I had dreamed of running that course over again for four years.  I dreamed of running over the St. John's Bridge and being able to enjoy it and not suffering like in 2010.  Last time I ran over that bridge, my head hurt so bad I was on the verge of a migraine.  Also, because of a back problem, I had only made it to mile 15 in my training (not good).  The St. John's Bridge is mile 17 and you go up a nice hill to get to it.
Jerry and I at that starting line! 

I had dreamed of a Boston Qualifier the year before, but because of some things that had happened, I let life take over and chose not to do all my training correctly.  I still was in good shape, but I also knew I needed tempo runs and I really skimped on them.  My tempo runs are very "mentally challenging" and I just didn't want to do them most weeks, so I didn't.
And we are off!  That's the Start!

 The morning came.  Jerry (my husband) and I got to the starting area at 6:00 am October 5th.  We did the normal stuff. Used the port-a-potties over and over and watched people. It was about 56 degrees, humid and dark.  More and more people joined up until the whole block was packed full.  We sang the national anthem, were told some instructions, and we were off in the 2nd wave of runners. I knew I should of used the port-a-pottie one last time!  Why????  I decided I would deal with it and ran! 

I knew I had no business being in the 3:40 pace group but I did put that as my goal time a year ago. Once you register you aren't allowed to change it. I clearly wasn't the only one that shouldn't be in this pace group.  It was so funny to watch some of the people!  I could dropped back after we started, but thought, what the heck, and I ran with them for awhile! By the way, starting too fast isn't a good idea in a marathon!

The marathon is 26.2 miles and to get though the "miles" I play tricks with my brain.  This time I divided the marathon into 4 mile segments.  I can run 4 miles any day, even when I don't feel like running, so this made 26 miles, seem more like 6.  There you have it....a brain trick!  I ran my first 4 miles well.  I was feeling good.  I knew I wasn't completely on track, but I was still within reason.

About half way (mile 13 or 14), I realized the temperature was rising and my head was starting to hurt.  For the first time this race, I walked for a sec, and took a mineral pill and two Excedrin.  A few more miles and I saw the St. John's Bridge.  I was actually looking forward to running up the hill this time.  I had totally lost it at this point in 2010 and I was determined to enjoy this moment.  About half way up the hill I decided I better walk because this was still

steep 4 years later!  I walked about half way up and I was ok with that.  There were lots of people who had to walk too. It was hard, lets face it!  As I got to the top and turned to my right, I was on the bridge!!!!  I still had to run UP over the bridge, but I was up there.  I began running again.  The sun was out and it was beautiful.  I enjoyed the whole bridge.  About mile 17.5, I came down off the bridge and took a sharp right into a neighborhood stocked FULL of people cheering for me and other runners. There were kids giving high 5s.  A man giving out free hugs (no thank you!) Also lots of rolling hills. Too bad  I couldn't skip the hills! 

One of the down hills felt as if it was tearing up my quads.  This was rather uncomfortable and I had to slow down my downhill pace so I wouldn't fall down and end my race there in front of the man giving out hugs!  This was rather frustrating.

I was still in the neighborhood full of fans cheering loudly and along came a person on a bike next to me (about mile 21).  This person starts asking me if I need anything and called me by name.  I was too tired to turn my head but then realized he knew me so I looked at him. To my surprise, it was my runner friend Britt Sexton!  I almost cried!  I was wondering what he was doing there.  He had come to cheer for runners and to see people he knew running the race.  At this point I was really tired and it was really hot out.  I didn't need any of his GU or Gels (that's runners fuel) all I wanted was company.  There were people everywhere but he was the only person who knew me!  I asked him just to stay with me for a few minutes.  Bikes aren't supposed to be out on the course so I only ran with him for a short time.  He went up ahead looking for Jerry and his other running friends.  I saw him off and on until I finished. It was really cool. 

At that point (mile 20+) in a marathon, having someone there for you is a huge deal.  It can lift your spirit up for a mile or more and keep you moving forward.  Soon I reached the Morrison Bridge and I knew the finish line would be coming soon, but first, I had to cross back over the river.

I saw a lady runner being coached by another runner.  It was very clear the poor lady was done.  Her coach never stopped talking so I just listened and took the motivation for myself.  Watching these two ladies helped for another mile or so.  There were some inclines up and down and I could feel the struggle in my own body.  I could also see the struggle in others around me.

At mile 25 I was coming up behind a man attempting to finish the race, but his legs had locked up.  They were flinging out as he moved and I knew something bad was going to happen soon.  We were on a slight downhill and it wasn't long till the man hit the pavement!  His race was over at mile 25!  I started to stop but 3 or 4 other people gathered around him, so I ran up to the aid station and told them to send a medic.  Then I ran on with the rest of the runners around me.

Around a few more blocks I went, running by 100's and 100's of people cheering for family and friends in downtown Portland.  It is an amazing feeling even though my body was spent at this time. I was so tired! My feet were achy, my arm hurt from the stupid water bottle I decided I needed to carry but soon I came to the
  Portland Marathon finish line!  I hadn't made my A, B, or C goal time, but I did finish well for the training I put in!  I PRed that course too! 2010 ..... 5:25.25.    Today in 2014 .... 4:11.12

I knew Jerry came in at least 20 minutes before me.  I was given a finishers medal and handed a rose. Then I was like, wait..."where is Jerry?"  I was feeling happy, confused and extremely tired all at the same time.  I was also very sweaty and hot!  I found my phone and Jerry had sent me a text, "I'm in the Medical tent!"  I couldn't find the tent at first, but then realized it was down from the finishers area just a little.  I told the medical volunteers, "I think my husband is in there."  I was taken to the tent with broken runners lying on cots getting medical attention.  Sure enough, there was Jerry!

This was Jerry's 2nd marathon.  This is Jerry's 2nd time ending in the medical tent.  I was instantly angry at him.  I wasn't trying to be insensitive, I was seriously angry.  My husband likes to finish every race with a sprint and I'm sorry, but you just don't sprint at the end of a marathon ok!!!!  I didn't even have to be told.  I knew what he had done, so, I sat down and said, "I'm never signing you up for a marathon again."  That's all I said!  He got to lay there and get better and I got to sit.  On the finishers block there were no chairs.  At least we were sitting!  I was tired and mad!

Soon they let Jerry go and we walked the finishers block.  I had calmed down by now. Jerry had done a great job, he just shouldn't race the last .2 miles of a marathon!  We were handed our finishers coin, necklace and a tree to take home and plant.  There was all kinds of food and drinks and the only thing that sounded good at the time was the red grapes.  My hands were full so I would eat and go get more, eat and go get more.  Jerry didn't want anything but to get some rest so we made our way around the block and got our finishers shirts.  I did get to chat with a lady I didn't know about the race and other races...always fun.  I ran into Marilyn, a blogger friend.  Check out her facebook at Lipgloss and Spandex.  A block FULL of food and all I ate was red grapes!!!

Jerry and I walked to our van parked a few blocks away and he laid down in the back of the van while I went to pay for parking and get some more food.  I was getting pretty hungry now.

I have learned something from every marathon I have run.  Sometimes its something simple, but most of the time, it's pretty deep stuff!  Running for me, is so much more than just a way to keep fit.  It's a way of life.  Running for me is too keep my sanity, to be healthy, to have valuable friendships, to have alone time, to think, to cry, to feel good about myself, to feel stronger, to feel weak sometimes, to battle the madness in my head, to get away, to get ideas, to clear the head, sometimes I run just to run, to feel alive.  To feel pain. Sometimes I run for food and that is fun! Training for THIS marathon keep me afloat.  It gave me a new friend.  It helped me through a hard year.  Running is a gift!

Dutch Luv
I am going to finish up 2014 with The Runaway Pumpkin Half and Silver Falls 7 miler by Run Wild Adventures.  Also a couple fun runs for food with great friends.

From Donita's Watkins Store
Come January, I will start training for marathon number 8, Newport Marathon.  They also offer a half marathon this year if you are interested. I will never give up on my dream of a Boston Qualifier time, but I know I have to put in the work, to get the PR!

A special thanks to Joe and Karmen from Dutch Bros, Dallas & Monmouth OR and Donita from Donita's Country Kitchen.  They were responsible for sending me to Portland Marathon '14.  Thanks for the sponsorship guys!

I will never stop dreaming of a SUB 3:40