Saturday, April 23, 2011

"22 miles.............Bloody Elbows, and Killer Cats!"

  Today Tonya and I meet at 7:00am to start our 22 mile training run.  Valerie joined us for the first 4 and then turned around and headed back home as we headed further and further out of town.  The weather was perfect!    
 This was the first long run in a long time that Tonya and I both felt good heading out!  The first 3 or 4 miles was a good warm up.  After the warm up, we felt really good.  We watched our pace, so we didn't over-do it.  Hwy. 99 was beautiful...we talked about American Idol, and whatever else popped into our heads and ran ahead! Every mile we were closer to being done.
  We tried something different this time.  We took some hydration tablets before, during and after the run.  What a huge difference they make.  I call them "magic pills."  As you get more and more dehydrated, it takes affect on your body.  Taking these helped us not get to that point.  
  We got into Monmouth and had to run all the way trough town to hit half way!  On the way back I was showing Tonya where one of our Dallas, Runners Club gals live and her husband and Dad where we yelled back and forth but I had no idea what they were saying.  Truth is, I just wanted to make sure they saw us...I mean, who runs to Monmouth and back?  Oh ya, we do!
  As we got closer to Dallas, it of course got harder and harder.  At mile 19 I was feeling pretty good considering, but all of a sudden I was flat on my face!!!  We are talking a full-on-hit to the pavement!  At this point in our run we had put on ear-buds and tried to focus on "just getting done."  Tonya was a few steps ahead (with ear-buds in).  When I fell, it scared me really bad.  First of all, I didn't expect to fall (I thought I was doing really good).  I guess my legs were tired, go figure!  I didn't know how bad I was hurt and I didn't think Tonya would hear me.  I yelled "TONYA"....she did hear me.  I just laid there for what seemed like forever, but I think it was just a second.  When Tonya got to me, I got up.  I was bleeding on my knees, my hand and my elbow....are you kidding me!  I did feel okay, but my elbow was bleeding pretty bad.  I didn't have anything to dab it, so my good friend Tonya took off one of her gloves and said "here, use this"  I told her I couldn't use her glove to wipe my blood.  She insisted (only a true friend would let you wipe your blood all over their running glove) and later said, "it probably had my snot all over it anyway", yes, only a true friend!  About a block later, a man was working in his yard.  Tonya said, "I'm gonna ask him for a band aid!"  I said, "that's ok, I'm fine," but she seemed so worried.  The nice man let me rinse off my elbow and I got a nice big band aid to help stop the bleeding.  I thought it would be kinda fun to run though town with a bloody arm and make people freak out!  Good thing Tonya was with me!
  We got over to Levens Street and there were cats all over the was like all the cats came out from hiding!  We are lucky we didn't get attacked by killer cats today!  I hate cats!
  Up Levens hill...UGH, and then less then a mile left!  Oh, the joy of being done.  
  I was so happy to be on pace today for my goal time for the marathon in June!  We still have 6 weeks left to grow stronger!  What a great morning, despite the fall!
  Thank you Tonya for the magic pills, the snotty glove and for watching over me!  Most of all, for just being you!


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