Monday, October 24, 2016

Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon 2016~The Gift of Running

To run or not to run? What a silly question! 
 On the "stormy" morning of Saturday October 15th I ran the Runaway Pumpkin Half marathon.  This was the morning Oregon was going to get hit with big pacific northwest storm.  Many people were concerned about the race Saturday morning, including the Runaway Pumpkin Half race director and staff.  They did such a good job posting and e-mailing updates for race day morning. Safety was certainly a concern!  At 5:00 am Saturday morning, they sent out one last email....the race was happening!!!!! 

  As I drove to the race that morning, I didn't feel the weather was too bad. After I got to the race it wasn't too bad either.  As I ran that morning, I thought, "this is perfect running weather."  It was 55 degrees with a very light mist in the air.  As I ran that morning we were hit with a little bit of wind in areas. 7 mph to be exact! It was an awesome time! 
Ready to run with Tonya! Tonya has run this race all 8 years!

  This was Runaway Pumpkin Half's 8th year.  I have run this race every year except one, when my daughter was in her Senior year of cross country!  It's one of my favorite half marathons.  I love the loop course and I love the atmosphere of this race.  It is really fun to dress up for this one, but you aren't required to do so.  The course is FULL of volunteers who are happy to be helping. I love the bikers who come help out on the course every year!  They are a great bunch of guys who help with traffic and help keep up runners/walkers safe.

  The course was pretty! We started and ended at Cheadle Lake Park in Lebanon, OR.  We ran through the park on a paved path and then turn off into a friendly neighborhood.  There were people out on their porches cheering as we ran by.  After running through the neighborhood we headed towards a country road and ran along a river for several miles.  It's was so calming and beautiful with all the Fall leaves. I loved every minute of it! As we turned and ran across a bridge, a band was playing.  I love running to the beat of the drums! 

Olivia and her husband Brandon who ran his first
half TODAY!!!!!
The yummy food at the end. They even had it safely
covered to stay dry in this "stormy" weather.
This was a special race to me because 5.5 weeks before this race I sprained my ankle helping with high school cross country.  I was unsure if I would be able to finish this race running, or even at all.  Every day I would test my foot.  Some days it was just getting through the work day.  Some days running a mile or two very slowly, and some days nothing because it needed to rest and heal.  I had already missed Uberthons Fall Half and I didn't want to miss this one too.  I planned on running with friends, and many showed up that morning.  It was fun to see everyone out, even in the midst of a "storm."  I ran every step of the Runaway Pumpkin Half with my friend Tonya who hadn't ran a half in over a year!  It was a special race to her too.
We did it!!!! 

Congratulations to Lacey
I plan on running this again next year and coming back to "race."  I am ready to PR this course but my foot needs to finish healing first.  I am just happy I got to be there and run!  Helps me remember that running really is a gift.  

This is a great race to put on your 2017 calendar.  100% profits goes to ABC House.  Founded in 1997, they help abused and neglected children in the Benton and Linn Counties. 

Congratulations to Melissa, running her first half
marathon today!

Congratulations Caric!

If you're not ready to run or walk a half marathon, you can choose the 8k.  The 8k was new this year and a great add on.  I had two friends do this race and they loved being able to take part in this fun time.

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