Saturday, January 11, 2020

Dreaming the Big Dream~Eugene Marathon 2020

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One of big goals for 2020 is to run Eugene Marathon on April 26th and Qualify for Boston. I want to do this with title of EMbassador. Although, not a huge "title" person, I find joy in having the honor of representing my favorite Oregon Marathon. I was an EMbassador for 2019, I ended up injured but still ran. My goals just had to sit on the back burner that year. I enjoyed being an EMbassador to the extreme. I talked the Eugene Marathon talk, and walked the walk everywhere I went. I was able to make an in-pack on peoples lives because of the work I put in from the "title" of EMbassador!

I fell in love with Eugene Marathon in 2018 when a friend talked me into running Eugene, close to home (I grew up in Drain). I had run many marathons but, hadn't picked Eugene yet. I found a running coach and got really serious. With some hard work I qualified for Boston for the first time. It was a dream come true, cut short when my time still wasn't good enough to actually get into Boston that year. In 2019 I anticipated qualifying as an EMbassador but ended up with an injury. Iwas just happy to take part, make connections, and inspire just by finishing on the fifty. Although my heart was broken due to dreams cut short, I kept dreaming of 2020!
Eugene 2020 will be my 16th marathon. Because of my experience running marathons, I have a huge influence on runners wanting to run a full, new runners wanting to get advice on a 5k or half and also people asking what races I'm running because they want to train with me and go where I go.

I lead a very full life, working full time as the lead in Nutrition Services at Salem Health/West Valley Hospital. The influence I have at work when it comes to running and eating/training right is huge. I have staff asking me questions or telling me about their running/workout goals several times a week.

I also coach at World Gym Fitness Center in Dallas, OR three nights a week. I teach Barre and coach HiiT Camp. I've had many in classes argue that they will "never be a runner." It always makes me chuckle when they come to me excited they ran a mile after class or actually decide to sign up for their first race. 

People are watching!

I am a Mother to two adults kids and a 15 year old. My husband is a runner because he wanted to spend more time with me. This is a man who hated running. He now runs marathons himself.
I have my own running club/group. When I started running in 2008, my town (Dallas, OR) was new to me. We had moved there in 2007. I knew one person who ran but I always saw people out. In an attempt to find running friends, I made Dallas, OR Run the Open Road (now called ZaoFit) and started blogging. I started with a walk/run ladies group and it's grown to a full on, everyone's welcome marathon training group. I also am a blogger for Run Oregon and am able to stay in the runners loop very well this way. I am recognized at running events and it always makes me laugh because social media, when used right, works.

I am big on Instagram finding it fun and easy to share in creative ways. I love to use story and tag people and events bringing in tons of views and getting others attention. Twitter is okay, but it's not something I put a lot of time into. Facebook is fantastic and that is were I do a lot of communicating to the runners out there. People follow my personal page and people from all over follow my ZaoFit running page. I get new people asking about races, and group runs often. I like to use story on this platform as well. I also share on the World Gym page and share at the gym itself, bringing in tons of interest. Word of mouth is the best. I do use Run Oregon to promote and share the races I have an interest in as well. I am free to share anything to do with running and shared a whole lot about Eugene Marathon in 2019 using all of these platforms.
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I know I can promote Eugene with the platforms I have access too. When it comes down to it, I just love EM, I love Eugene and I want to not only help, but be a part in the whole dynamics. I'm not just a marathon runner, I'm a dreamer who wants to spread joy to others by helping them dream too!