Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 14 ~ The Oregon Marathon

The Oregon Marathon is less than three weeks away!  I didn't want to blog this week about training or the race!  I'm feeling too hot to run, too tired to run, and slightly run down.  It's now summer, and I'm scared it's going to be too hot July 16th!  I have run the course before and I do know there is a great deal of shade.  I also know that last five miles is "no shade." I'm trying not to think much about the weather.  It is what it is, but...I can't help it!
I guess it's good timing to say, "It's taper time."
I don't care for the taper, but I also love the taper! It's such mixed feelings for me.
I don't like that I need to slowly work my miles down.  I actually like to run!  I don't like the thought of running less.
I do like having extra time to do other things like "get more sleep."
This week my tapering isn't much.  I'm going to cut my long run a little short, but that's about it.  Week 15 will be more cuts!
Fully rested legs are going to be very important on July 16th!

Last week went really well! It was "peak week."  I meet up with Tonya on Monday for an easy six mile loop around town, then went to Olivia's RIPPED class!  Tuesday, I went out with the family for an early evening bike ride! I got in my ten mile tempo run at the correct pace.  A 20 miler with friends and a couple other easy runs!  I topped off my week with 52.4 miles!  My goal for the week was a minimum of 50, so I was pleased with this especially after only running five days this week instead of my normal six.  Like I said, earlier, I have been too hot and tired to run!  It's been a struggle!  I really miss being able to run before work on the weekdays!  I loved running before my day got started! 

I am in hopes of getting some rest over the next two-a-half weeks. I know the pain that comes with the marathon and It can be scary to think about it!  I pray I can make it mentally!  That's where I feel my biggest struggle is this week. 

With all that, this week has already started! Like I  said earlier, I didn't want to blog this week....finally, two days late, here it is! 
Happy Running friends! 
Run with me June 27th to July 3rd!
Monday, afternoon easy run and 6:15 pm RIPPED class with Olivia atFitness with Studio Fuego 
Tuesday, afternoon Tempo run
Thursday, easy afternoon run and 7:00 pm HIIT class with Olivia 
Friday, easy afternoon run
Saturday, long morning run
Sunday, easy morning recovery run.
Let me know if you would like to meet up for a run this week! ‪#‎ZaoFit‬
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