Sunday, June 19, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 13 ~ Running Coins and Peak Week, Chu-Ching!

The The Oregon Marathon is right around the corner, four short weeks out from yesterday!  Last week's training went well.  Monday, I got in a late night tempo run!  I almost didn't do it, but I am so glad I did!  I was really tired Monday evening! 
Wednesday was a great RIPPED class with Olivia and a nice easy run!

Saturday I was excited to meet up with a few friends for my 20 miler! The first half of the 20 miles was nice and flat.  The second half was HILLS and it made me very tired. It was a really good training run with great company!

Sunday (this morning) I meet up with Olivia with some morning hills for breakfast! Another great run in wonderful weather! Olivia is planning on running her first marathon in 2017!  She's going to kill it! 

As I go into this next week I'm expecting to be sore! Next week is peak week.  It's looking like nice weather for lots of good training runs!  Of course, I would like it to be 10 degrees cooler every day, but it could be a lot hotter so I won't complain! 


For those of you who have done any running with me know I often will stop for just a sec, then catch up with the group!  At first my friends chuckled at me, some wonder how I see these small things on the ground, others think it's silly...possibly even stupid! I don't care what anyone thinks!  I am on a mission! I am collecting running money!

I started running as an adult the end of 2008.  My friend Darcy gave me a stack of Runner's World Magazines! In one of the Magazines I read an article about a guy in New York who had 1000's of coins, all found while out running!  After reading that, I often would look for coins!  I started finding them!  I started off putting the coins in a little jelly jar.  The little jelly jar, turned into two, then three jars!  I then transferred everything into this large vase.
 It sits on my night stand collecting dust, coins and an occasional "paper bill!!!!" 

I have rules for my money jar!  I have to be out running, walking or riding my bike to add the money to this jar!  If my running/biking friends find money and pick it up, it can be added! Coins from my purse do not count! If there is identification, I must return the money.  This happened once!  I would have $101.00 ($40.00 more) if it wasn't for that driver's license! 

When I first started collecting it was just for fun! I didn't know what I would ever do with the coins, but continued to save.  Over the last two years I have been on a mission to qualify for Boston.  These coins and bills have turned into my Boston jar!  When I qualify for Boston, I will uses this money to pay for my registration fee!  I can't think of a better thing to use this for!  
I decided to count this money for the first time ever today! I have $61.00!  That's about $10.00 a year savings! I know that sounds silly, but I love it!  To register for Boston, I will need to find $119.00 more dollars!  To cool thing is, I have $61.00 already!!!  I realize I will probably need to pull funds out of my bank account to get the full $180.00 but I'm going to continue to look for money as I run for the next four weeks and after! I still need to qualify, then wait a few months to even register! You never know what you will find out on the open road! 

This week I want to hit head on!  Peak week for me means...more miles, nailing every workout! Eating clean! Enjoying how far I have come! 

If you can join me for a run, I would love your company! 

Run with me June 20th to June 27th
Monday, afternoon easy run and RIPPED class at 6:15 pm (Fitness with Studio Fuego with Olivia)
Tuesday, afternoon 10 mile tempo
Wednesday, afternoon easy run
Thursday, afternoon easy run or some speed work and HIIT class at 7:00 pm with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Friday, rest day
Saturday, 20 mile long run
Sunday, recovery run
Let me know if you can join me! 
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  1. That is so fun!!! I love that it is your Boston fund! I have never picked up coins running because I am afraid I will trip and fall. Plus, I don't even notice. :-) maybe I will have to start looking. Good luck in your peak week!! You got this!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Will you be at the Freedomthon on July 4th in Beaverton?