Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 11 ~ The Oregon Marathon

Week 11, it's getting closer!  I have six weeks left! So this means, I actually only have four weeks to get in some serious workouts.  I don't think there is anything you can do the last two weeks to make your marathon go better but get lots of rest, watch your diet, and maintain the training you have put in.
Jerry, Olivia, and I on our training run Saturday
This week nothing exciting really happened.  Pretty normal, typical week.  My allergies have been a pain but bearable. It was a really hot weekend in Dallas, so my long run and Sunday's recover run were hard.  The good thing about that; Sunday's 20 was a really good "training" run.  I normally hate the heat.  I was able to take it as it was and just do it!  I did slow it down during the last half of the 20 miles. The heat did drain me.  I had a good attitude about the run.  Normally I will complain the whole time.  I will admit, I did do some complaining, but I didn't have a bad attitude.  I almost stopped at mile 17, but then I just talked myself into one more slow mile, then one more, than I was too close to 20 to stop! My friend Olivia joined my husband Jerry and I for the middle part of our run, then Jerry and I ended our 20 with some great food!  Ending with food is always a good time!
This week I plan on more cross training with Olivia, a good tempo run and some speed work.  My long run will be slightly shorter.  I have a Graduation to plan for and a wedding to go too! The ten day forecast shows cooler temps for this next week!  Seriously happy about that.

Over the weekend was Newport Marathon!  I know three people who ran the full and one that ran the half.  From what I've heard it was hot and it affected my friends.  I was sad to hear this.  Newport Marathon is where I've run my fastest two marathons.  I love the course.  I did miss not going this year, but I do believe it wouldn't of been the smart thing to run it.  I have several people tell me to "do it."  Nope, July 16th will come soon enough! The Oregon Marathon is waiting for me!  I can almost hear it calling my name!  

If your interested in running The Oregon Marathon "half" or "full" you can register or just check it out ---->HERE<----

Run with me schedule:
June 6th to June 12th
Monday, 6:15 pm RIPPED class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Tuesday, 7:15 pm run with Kim
Wednesday, 3:00 pm run
Thursday, 7:00 pm HIIT class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego and run
Friday, after run
Saturday, 7:00 am long run
Sunday, 7:30 am easy run
Subject to change depending on weather and things that come up. If you can meet up, let me know so we can plan where to meet! Happy running friends! ~Julie ‪#‎ZaoFit‬

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  1. Hey Julie! Newport was warmer than expected, but still an awesome marathon. I was still happy to hold on for a PR! Such a great marathon!! Now I gotta pick a new marathon.:-)