Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 12 ~ Some stuff I've learned from the Good and the Bad!

Week 12 is here! 5 weeks out! I'm getting excited about the The Oregon Marathon, but I don't feel I'm ready yet! 
Last week was a really hard training week.  I ran a very hot 20 miles on the 4th of June.  After that day, my legs felt tired and swollen for days!  I ran the next few days, but nothing fast.  I was worried I was overtrained, or in some sort of running slump.  I tried to keep positive!  I've had this happen before and typically, it doesn't last very long.  Yesterday (Saturday the 11th) I went out for my long run (14 miles) and I felt back to normal!  It was a great run.  It was a long 6 days for sure!  I did give myself and break and rested Thursday and Friday.  I do believe it payed off. I'm looking forward to this coming week!

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What I have learned from marathon running?
 I have ran nine marathons and have learned a lesson at each and every one of them!  The beauty of the marathon is you never know what you are going to get on race day, but when you hit your's the best feeling ever.  It will keep you coming back for more, even if it means trying many more times to hit the goal! Another thing I've learned from myself and watching friends train (or lack of training) is, there is no luck in distance running. You can only run as fast as you trained for, even on a good day.  There is something called "burn-out" or "hitting the wall!"  It happens, and it's a very very real thing!
I think my worst marathon would be Portland Marathon 2010.  This was my very first time running a full marathon.  I had NO idea what I was doing!  I did train, but not like I should have.  My back went out partway through training so my longest long run was 15 miles.  I did most of my training alone.  I didn't know too many runners back in 2010.  Nobody to ask questions or get advice from. I went out expecting to run a 4:30, and ran a really painful 5:25.  I was in so much pain by mile 18, I cried and walked along feeling very sorry for myself.  The weather was stormy and the last eight miles were "never-ending."
A few things I learned:
  1) I needed more base miles.
 2) I needed more long runs.
 3) I needed to run 20 mile long runs
 4) I needed more wisdom from people who had been running longer than me
 5) I was strong, even though I didn't run fast
 6) I had a deeper respect for "the marathon" 
7) I needed to eat better during training
I will never forget the pain of that race, and would never want to re-live that race.  I am glad I went through it!  It set me up to want more!  To do better! To dream big! To love running! It also was the beginning of many beautiful running friendships. With help, wisdom and lots of hard work, I have managed to shave off 91 minutes from that first marathon.
For my 10th marathon on July 16, 2016 I am training to shave off another 13 minutes in hopes of a BQ (Boston Qualifier).  This scares me and motivates me!
I hope that you can find some motivation in your running!  Motivation to dream bigger, to live healthier and to enjoy that people in your life.  Running is a gift and I am very thankful! 

This weeks Run with Me Schedule! 
June 13th to June 19th:
Monday, afternoon run
Tuesday, afternoon run
Wednesday, afternoon run and evening RIPPED class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Thursday, evening HIIT class with Olivia 
Friday, afternoon run
Saturday, morning run possibly 20 or 20 Sunday
Sunday, 20 miler long run?
Locals, can you meet up? Ask about more details! I would love to run with you!!! ‪#‎ZaoFit‬

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  1. I loved reading what you have learned from marathons. It is amazing how much we have in common! I can't believe how close you are to your marathon! You are ready!!