Sunday, March 27, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week ONE ~ "Come along for the Ride"

July 16, 2016 I will run my tenth marathon, The Oregon Marathon! This will be my fourth attempt for a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time. 

For my age/gender, I need to run at 3:45 marathon.  I really would like to get a sub 3:40 to make sure I get into Boston, should I qualify! So my goal pace is about 8:20 minute miles for 26.2 miles. This is a doable goal, I just haven't got there quite yet!

I have never blogged much about my training, goals and dreams in too much detail.  I typically only talk about this stuff while out on a long run with my group of weekend runners. Then, blog about the race after all that training is over.  
This time, I decided to bring my readers/followers along for the ride!  I would love to get some accountability from my readers/followers.  I will simply post how my week went and how I'm feeling. You guys (my readers) are keeping me accountable, simply by being on-line.  So many of you have came to me at races or found me on facebook and told me you're actually read my blog.  So, hear we go, please come along with me.  I will do the work, and you can watch.  Along the way, I hope we can meet up for a race or training run.

Darcy, who inspired me to run my first marathon in 2010
I am a 39 year old female who started running in October 2008.  I did run in high school but found a new love for running in 2008,
 shortly after moving to Dallas Oregon. After I meet Darcy, who was training for her first marathon, I was  inspired to run my first  marathon in 2010.  Now, 8.5 years later, I find myself not just wanting a marathon, I want a BQ.

In the last few years of training I've seen improvements every year.  I've come to the conclusions that I am lacking in two areas. My diet, not to be confused with "a diet." Simply "diet" the kind of food I eat!  I will make this very clear, I do not believe in diets! Also, core work/cross training.  
I am really good at getting my weekly miles in.  In fact, I am often ending my week, wishing for one more run!  I feel free when I run.  I feel alive and well! Because I like to run so much, it's hard for me to want to be in the gym.  I am well aware of the foods I need to eat, and what I should stay away from.  With some simple weekly planning, this is doable.  I have already started eating better and have seen some extra unwanted weight come off. 
I believe if I get my core into better shape, it will help considerably with my last six to ten miles of the marathon, plus, it's just good for the body in general.  I started going to R.I.P.P.E.D classes about five weeks ago and I am loving it!  My classes are in Independence Oregon at Fitness with Studio Fuego.  If you are local and ever want to join me, I almost always take a friend or two, it's fun!
Every week, I will post my workout schedule and any thoughts about my week (good/and or bad). I may post a new recipe or two as I find new yummy healthy foods to try. I will post random stories about my journey and other stuff as I think of it.
I invite you to comment and share your journey with me as well.  It's amazing how we can do more as a group than alone!
So, lets do this.....

Run with me March 28th to April 3rd. First full week of Uberthons The Oregon Marathon training! Whoohoo, can you meet up for a run or two? 

Monday, 5:30 am, 60 min run
Monday 6:15 pm, RIPPED class with Olivia (if back from my son's tennis match, a big maybe). Fitness w?Studio Fuego
Tuesday 5:00 am, 50 min. run
Wednesday 5:00 am, 50 min. run
Thursday 7:00 pm, class with Olivia at Fitness w/Studio Fuego
Friday 5:00 am, 50 min. run
Saturday 7:30 am group run in Dallas. 12-14 miles.

 Let me know if you can meet up and I'll send you meeting places and more details (all in Dallas this week).

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  1. So excited to follow your blog on your way to a BQ! I know you'll do it! You inspire me do "crazy things " like run..a lot..LOL! But, me than that, to push myself! Love having you at Studio too. Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Thanks Oliva! You have been such an encouragement to me over the last six weeks. I love your class and what great timing for my training! I can't wait to run with you Sat and lot and lots more over the coming weeks!!!! Corvallis, watch out! #beastmode

  3. I love this!! Wish I lived closer but will follow you virtually! I love reading your goals!

    1. Thank Kelly!!! I would love to live closer so we could run together! Thanks for reading :D