Friday, February 22, 2013

Long run the WIND!

Oak Villa
Today is "long run" Friday.  I am training for Newport Marathon in June along with Jerry and Tonya.  Today our schedule
called for 9 miles of hills.  We set out about 8:15am.  I had high hopes of 9 feeling like nothing after running 14 last weekend...yeah right!!!!!  I have upped my cross training this last week trying to get my arms and core stronger.  I am a tad bit sore and having some allergy issues.  I felt like I couldn't get enough breath and that's never fun on a run.  We headed up some smaller hills and then one larger hill and then back through town.  I love running out on Oak Villa.  It's out of town, with hardly any traffic and a nice hefty hill.  We even passed another runner out on that road going the other way.  We got home and I was impressed with our pace with the hills and headwinds (18mph) we faced.  As soon as I got in the house the allergy headache I had during the night came back.  Love how it goes away during a run (most of the time).  It was fierce!  Glad I have today off because I had to lay down for a while.  The good news is I'm feeling better now and because of the headwinds, we got extra BURN in today!  Lots of extra calories GONE, whoo hoo!  

Looking forward to a nice easy five with Dallas, OR Run the Open Road tomorrow morning.    

Jerry, Me, and Tonya after our run in the wind this morning

A side note:   Currently I'm working on losing that "last five pounds."  Over the last four years I've been running, I have lost ten pounds.  I haven't been able to lose the last five to reach my goal for racing.  I'm not an overweight person but definitely not underweight.  I have found much joy how running has changed my body and body image over the last four years.  I am trying to focus on "lifestyle changes" not "diets."  I am not a fan of diets!  I have lost 1/2 pound this week and am enjoying the encouragement I have gotten from some of you!  I am using that "Lose It" app just to help keep myself accountable and make myself aware of what's going in my body.  I am eating more fruits and veggies and like to add chia seeds to my smoothies, oatmeal or just my water.  Read about the benefits of eating chia seeds here.  I encourage you, if you're having issues losing that last few pounds, keep going!  We can do this together!

I would like to tip my hat to DC Electric, Inc.  My Newport Marathon Sponsor.  I am honored to have you on my blog for the next several months.

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