Saturday, February 16, 2013

14 Miles with Friends

Jerry and I started out this morning with a 14 mile training run ahead of us.  The weather was good for running, about 41 degrees with no rain.  We planned to run with friends at different points today.  Our first stop, Kingsborough Park to meet Ultra Marathon runner Chris!  I like to meet Chris for runs because he knows so much about running and has been on almost every road in Polk County.  He only was doing 5-7 miles today because he has a 30 tomorrow, yes...30 miles on feet, YIKES!  And you all think I'm crazy!!!
Jerry and Me
He took us out on a great road we had never ran on yet with a few nice hills.  I was happy with the pace we were going and glad the rain was holding up.
Jerry, Me, and Chris
Soon, Chris broke off to run home and Jerry and I ran a few more miles before meeting up with our friends Jenny and Katie.  We saw several people out walking that we knew, Diane, Boone, and Will.  We also saw Tonya out for a fast shorter run...Guess they were out enjoying the nice weather too.  
It was finally time to meet the girls outside of BLUSH.  Katie was getting her hair cut, so perfect timing.  We set off for some hills.  Jenny has no hills by her house and she needed to train on some for Shamrock next month.  We did a figure 8 thing up and around Safeway.  I think Katie was getting a little irritated
  at the last hill, but hey...she's doing Shamrock too!  LOL!  Sorry Katie!!!
Nothing crazy happened this training run, nobody feel down or pooped their pants but we just had a nice run together...very much enjoyed it!

Jerry, Me, Katie, and Jenny
14 mile training run for Newport Marathon...
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  1. Fun run today, thanks Julie and Jerry. Next time, we're getting the dodge out of Dallas :-)

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