Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Uberthons Turkeython...for LINCOLN!

Our "Running for Lincoln" group
Thanksgiving day morning (2012) I was up early.  Had to get the turkey in the over before heading to Beaverton for the Turkeython 5k hosted by Uberthons Running.  Uberthons teamed with us (Running for Lincoln) to help raise funds and awareness for our Superhero Lincoln who is in a battle with Leukemia.

Off we drove, my husband Jerry and daughter Raelee.  It was still dark out as we meet Tonya and her family and headed towards Salem to pick up Jenny (Lincoln's Mom).  

The Singing Christmas Tree
Running shirts for sale
We got to the race site in plenty of time to pick up packets, look at t-shirt booths and use the beloved port-a-potties.  

It was very cold so we sat in the car to stay warm while waiting for the rest of our group to arrive.  

Daniel Baldwin and Jenny
Soon the rest were there and we gathered for some group photos.  I was so excited to see everyone with "Lincoln" shirts on.  They made us stand out well for our well in fact that we were noticed by actor/producer Daniel Baldwin (Alec Baldwin's brother).  He took the time to ask about our shirts and Jenny got to share Lincoln's story.  How cool is that!!!? 

Next thing we know it's time to get in the line to start.  I jumped around some to try and keep was still very cold, but nice and dry.  We had fun standing there joking and laughing.  Everyone was happy to be there and excited to get going.  

It's me!  I'm beating boys...hehehe!
Off we went.  It was nice to all start together.  We quickly got separated, in the large group of close to 800 runners/walkers.  The course was a out-and-back so you always were with people and this made it fun.  As I went around the half way point heading back, I began looking for my friends who weren't in front of me. Wasn't long until I started seeing them.  Was so fun to see people I knew off-and-on for the whole race.  I haven't ran a 5k in a couple years so it was tricky to find the right pace.  As I came to the finish line we had to go around lots of corners.  Finally...... the finish line.  Uberthon's was great at saying everyone's name as they came in. Makes you feel like a superstar!!! 

Me, Jerry, and Raelee
I had ran pretty hard so I felt kinda sick for a second.  I couldn't see Tonya.  Raelee said, "good job Mom."  I put my hand up and told her I might puke, so hold on.  I walked over to a tree to contain myself.  I was ok!  I was handed a cool Turkeython medal.  

Tonya, Alyssa, Raelee, Me, and Jerry

I went over to get an apple off the great table of food and found Tonya who had come in before me. 

 Tonya was so excited that we both got PR's today (personal records).  We had ran Silver Falls only three weeks before and didn't know how today would feel.  Felt pretty good!!!!

We went back over to the finish line to watch for friends to come in.  I got to hand several of my friends their medals.  It was so much fun!  

Meet Lincoln

This is Superhero Lincoln.  When I say "Superhero" I mean it!  He is a true Superhero and so is his amazing family.  If you would like to follow us on facebook or team up with us and give a donation, please message Julie here or here.

The support by the group was so awesome.  We raised $50.00 Thankgiving morning for Lincoln.  We also were asked lots of questions about our shirts.  I feel like our time was well spent Thanksgiving day morning!  

Thank you all who came.  All who supported our cause but couldn't make it...and to Uberthon's, for teaming with us.  Together, we make a difference!

By the way, on our way out...we saw SANTA!!!!!  How fun is that!?

Tonya, Jenny, Megan, SANTA and Jerry

Thanks for giving ........

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time for an awesome little man! GGSA Love from team Awesome!