Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Reveiw on BLUSH Hair"

 BLUSH Hair Design, located on 865 Main St. in Dallas, OR, opened their doors to the public in September 2006.  It has a very inviting atmosphere.  

This is what you see when you walk into BLUSH!  As you can see they offer color, and highlighting along with other salon services.

This is my favorite area of BLUSH!  I have often sat here while waiting for my daughter to get her hair cut.  It is nice and relaxing with plenty of magazines to look at while you wait.  You can also look through the magazines/books looking for that perfect look!
  Rachel and Erin.  Rachel is the owner and founder of BLUSH.  Rachel has lived in Dallas for 37 years.  She raised her family of three here.  She now, is the proud Grandma of Ella who is two, and soon to be Grandma to Coral.  She is married to Mark and is enjoying being a newlywed, Grandma and Salon owner.   She has 4 stylist working now for BLUSH.  Good news, they have a manicurist in school and will be ready to work in September.   
  Rachel loves to cut, color and weave.  She loves to do new styles for clients.  "Everyday is unique"  She looks forward to seeing her clients each month.
  Erin has worked at BLUSH since it opened.  She has lived in Dallas since she was born.  She has two adorable kids and is married to Jerin.  She love to do color and razor cuts.  She loves it all!  Erin truly loves her job!

This is a "before" picture of myself, Julie.  I am tired of my hair and would like it trimmed up.  I need some texture and shape added.  Rachel is cutting my hair today!  I have never had my hair cut by Rachel.  I look forward to seeing how she cuts it!  I told her what I normally do to my hair.  I also told her, to cut it however you would like...just don't make me look like a boy!

My after picture.  As you can see, my hair looks much better.  Rachel cleaned up my fly-a-ways and added great shape to my hair.  I am very happy with it.  We talked about coming back another time for some color around my face.
Rachel was very professional, but added a friendly touch!  She was easy to chat with as she cut my hair.  I do recommend her for sure!  I know she would be happy to help you get the look you are after.  She is offering $5.00 off to anyone who comes in and mentions this blog!  Call today and make your appointment.

This is Raelee, she is my 15 year old daughter.  She is a Sophomore at DHS.  She is getting her hair cut today by Erin.  Erin has also done my hair several times.  Raelee wasn't sure what she wanted to do to her hair today.  She has been growing it out for quite a while.  She decided, she would talk to Erin about what to do.  Erin took time to look through some magazines/books and show Raelee some ideas.  She trimmed up the back and sides.  Added some great shape to her bangs and used the 
 razor to add a great shape to her overall hair.  Raelee was really happy with what her hair ended up looking like today.  Erin left it long enough to pull back, but Raelee can also just keep it down for a nice look as well.  Raelee always prefers Erin when getting a cut.  Erin would be a great choice to come in and get a back-to-school cut.
 Erin is offering $5.00 off any salon service if you mention this blog.

I made this picture extra large so you can clearly see what BLUSH has to offer you.  Find BLUSH on facebook here.  Be sure and post that "Simply Julie" sent you on their wall.
I highly recommend you making your next hair appointment with either Rachel or Erin. And remember to mention this blog for your $5.00 off if you book with Rachel or Erin. Call now.  You can reach BLUSH at 503-623-4131.

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