Sunday, June 19, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 13 ~ Running Coins and Peak Week, Chu-Ching!

The The Oregon Marathon is right around the corner, four short weeks out from yesterday!  Last week's training went well.  Monday, I got in a late night tempo run!  I almost didn't do it, but I am so glad I did!  I was really tired Monday evening! 
Wednesday was a great RIPPED class with Olivia and a nice easy run!

Saturday I was excited to meet up with a few friends for my 20 miler! The first half of the 20 miles was nice and flat.  The second half was HILLS and it made me very tired. It was a really good training run with great company!

Sunday (this morning) I meet up with Olivia with some morning hills for breakfast! Another great run in wonderful weather! Olivia is planning on running her first marathon in 2017!  She's going to kill it! 

As I go into this next week I'm expecting to be sore! Next week is peak week.  It's looking like nice weather for lots of good training runs!  Of course, I would like it to be 10 degrees cooler every day, but it could be a lot hotter so I won't complain! 


For those of you who have done any running with me know I often will stop for just a sec, then catch up with the group!  At first my friends chuckled at me, some wonder how I see these small things on the ground, others think it's silly...possibly even stupid! I don't care what anyone thinks!  I am on a mission! I am collecting running money!

I started running as an adult the end of 2008.  My friend Darcy gave me a stack of Runner's World Magazines! In one of the Magazines I read an article about a guy in New York who had 1000's of coins, all found while out running!  After reading that, I often would look for coins!  I started finding them!  I started off putting the coins in a little jelly jar.  The little jelly jar, turned into two, then three jars!  I then transferred everything into this large vase.
 It sits on my night stand collecting dust, coins and an occasional "paper bill!!!!" 

I have rules for my money jar!  I have to be out running, walking or riding my bike to add the money to this jar!  If my running/biking friends find money and pick it up, it can be added! Coins from my purse do not count! If there is identification, I must return the money.  This happened once!  I would have $101.00 ($40.00 more) if it wasn't for that driver's license! 

When I first started collecting it was just for fun! I didn't know what I would ever do with the coins, but continued to save.  Over the last two years I have been on a mission to qualify for Boston.  These coins and bills have turned into my Boston jar!  When I qualify for Boston, I will uses this money to pay for my registration fee!  I can't think of a better thing to use this for!  
I decided to count this money for the first time ever today! I have $61.00!  That's about $10.00 a year savings! I know that sounds silly, but I love it!  To register for Boston, I will need to find $119.00 more dollars!  To cool thing is, I have $61.00 already!!!  I realize I will probably need to pull funds out of my bank account to get the full $180.00 but I'm going to continue to look for money as I run for the next four weeks and after! I still need to qualify, then wait a few months to even register! You never know what you will find out on the open road! 

This week I want to hit head on!  Peak week for me means...more miles, nailing every workout! Eating clean! Enjoying how far I have come! 

If you can join me for a run, I would love your company! 

Run with me June 20th to June 27th
Monday, afternoon easy run and RIPPED class at 6:15 pm (Fitness with Studio Fuego with Olivia)
Tuesday, afternoon 10 mile tempo
Wednesday, afternoon easy run
Thursday, afternoon easy run or some speed work and HIIT class at 7:00 pm with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Friday, rest day
Saturday, 20 mile long run
Sunday, recovery run
Let me know if you can join me! 
ZaoFit's photo.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 12 ~ Some stuff I've learned from the Good and the Bad!

Week 12 is here! 5 weeks out! I'm getting excited about the The Oregon Marathon, but I don't feel I'm ready yet! 
Last week was a really hard training week.  I ran a very hot 20 miles on the 4th of June.  After that day, my legs felt tired and swollen for days!  I ran the next few days, but nothing fast.  I was worried I was overtrained, or in some sort of running slump.  I tried to keep positive!  I've had this happen before and typically, it doesn't last very long.  Yesterday (Saturday the 11th) I went out for my long run (14 miles) and I felt back to normal!  It was a great run.  It was a long 6 days for sure!  I did give myself and break and rested Thursday and Friday.  I do believe it payed off. I'm looking forward to this coming week!

Eventbrite is running an endurance event campaign (how cool is that?) I thought I would share them with you!  Eventbrite is a great place to advertise your event, sell tickets for your event and find great local races. Check them out ----->HERE!<-----

What I have learned from marathon running?
 I have ran nine marathons and have learned a lesson at each and every one of them!  The beauty of the marathon is you never know what you are going to get on race day, but when you hit your's the best feeling ever.  It will keep you coming back for more, even if it means trying many more times to hit the goal! Another thing I've learned from myself and watching friends train (or lack of training) is, there is no luck in distance running. You can only run as fast as you trained for, even on a good day.  There is something called "burn-out" or "hitting the wall!"  It happens, and it's a very very real thing!
I think my worst marathon would be Portland Marathon 2010.  This was my very first time running a full marathon.  I had NO idea what I was doing!  I did train, but not like I should have.  My back went out partway through training so my longest long run was 15 miles.  I did most of my training alone.  I didn't know too many runners back in 2010.  Nobody to ask questions or get advice from. I went out expecting to run a 4:30, and ran a really painful 5:25.  I was in so much pain by mile 18, I cried and walked along feeling very sorry for myself.  The weather was stormy and the last eight miles were "never-ending."
A few things I learned:
  1) I needed more base miles.
 2) I needed more long runs.
 3) I needed to run 20 mile long runs
 4) I needed more wisdom from people who had been running longer than me
 5) I was strong, even though I didn't run fast
 6) I had a deeper respect for "the marathon" 
7) I needed to eat better during training
I will never forget the pain of that race, and would never want to re-live that race.  I am glad I went through it!  It set me up to want more!  To do better! To dream big! To love running! It also was the beginning of many beautiful running friendships. With help, wisdom and lots of hard work, I have managed to shave off 91 minutes from that first marathon.
For my 10th marathon on July 16, 2016 I am training to shave off another 13 minutes in hopes of a BQ (Boston Qualifier).  This scares me and motivates me!
I hope that you can find some motivation in your running!  Motivation to dream bigger, to live healthier and to enjoy that people in your life.  Running is a gift and I am very thankful! 

This weeks Run with Me Schedule! 
June 13th to June 19th:
Monday, afternoon run
Tuesday, afternoon run
Wednesday, afternoon run and evening RIPPED class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Thursday, evening HIIT class with Olivia 
Friday, afternoon run
Saturday, morning run possibly 20 or 20 Sunday
Sunday, 20 miler long run?
Locals, can you meet up? Ask about more details! I would love to run with you!!! ‪#‎ZaoFit‬

 Join me for "The Oregon Marathon" Check it out --> HERE <--

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 11 ~ The Oregon Marathon

Week 11, it's getting closer!  I have six weeks left! So this means, I actually only have four weeks to get in some serious workouts.  I don't think there is anything you can do the last two weeks to make your marathon go better but get lots of rest, watch your diet, and maintain the training you have put in.
Jerry, Olivia, and I on our training run Saturday
This week nothing exciting really happened.  Pretty normal, typical week.  My allergies have been a pain but bearable. It was a really hot weekend in Dallas, so my long run and Sunday's recover run were hard.  The good thing about that; Sunday's 20 was a really good "training" run.  I normally hate the heat.  I was able to take it as it was and just do it!  I did slow it down during the last half of the 20 miles. The heat did drain me.  I had a good attitude about the run.  Normally I will complain the whole time.  I will admit, I did do some complaining, but I didn't have a bad attitude.  I almost stopped at mile 17, but then I just talked myself into one more slow mile, then one more, than I was too close to 20 to stop! My friend Olivia joined my husband Jerry and I for the middle part of our run, then Jerry and I ended our 20 with some great food!  Ending with food is always a good time!
This week I plan on more cross training with Olivia, a good tempo run and some speed work.  My long run will be slightly shorter.  I have a Graduation to plan for and a wedding to go too! The ten day forecast shows cooler temps for this next week!  Seriously happy about that.

Over the weekend was Newport Marathon!  I know three people who ran the full and one that ran the half.  From what I've heard it was hot and it affected my friends.  I was sad to hear this.  Newport Marathon is where I've run my fastest two marathons.  I love the course.  I did miss not going this year, but I do believe it wouldn't of been the smart thing to run it.  I have several people tell me to "do it."  Nope, July 16th will come soon enough! The Oregon Marathon is waiting for me!  I can almost hear it calling my name!  

If your interested in running The Oregon Marathon "half" or "full" you can register or just check it out ---->HERE<----

Run with me schedule:
June 6th to June 12th
Monday, 6:15 pm RIPPED class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Tuesday, 7:15 pm run with Kim
Wednesday, 3:00 pm run
Thursday, 7:00 pm HIIT class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego and run
Friday, after run
Saturday, 7:00 am long run
Sunday, 7:30 am easy run
Subject to change depending on weather and things that come up. If you can meet up, let me know so we can plan where to meet! Happy running friends! ~Julie ‪#‎ZaoFit‬

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 10 ~ The Oregon Marathon ~ The Test Week!~

This week was a test to see where I am at physically.  I used the Uberthons Spring Half as my test.  But first let's start with Monday!
Monday I had a doctor's appointment after work.  Just a follow up from a few months ago, nothing is wrong.  I was determined to get a good workout in so I went to Olivia's RIPPED class at 6:15 pm, then ran a fartlek workout on the treadmill just before going to bed.
Tuesday I had a eye exam in Salem so I ended up just taking the day off running.  Some days are just like that.  I have learned to let a workout go when life gets busy.  Let face it, working full time has it's benefits but it takes up TIME!  Nobody has offered to pay for me to run yet!  LOL!
Wednesday I was itching for a run.  I knew I had a race Saturday so I didn't want to run fast.  I just decided an easy 7 miles would do it.
Thursday was my son's 18th birthday.  We had work/school then took him out for some birthday fun. No running happening that day.  I was getting a little worked up about having two days off already.  I reminded myself I'm going to race Saturday. Taking it easy this week is a good thing.  
Olivia, Kristi, Charlotte and myself.
Friday, I knew I had to get an easy run in too keep my arms and legs loose.  I ran an evening easy five miles and went to bed eager  to race the next morning.
I was excited for Saturday.  I had lots of friends riding and meeting up with me at the race that morning.  Some, running their first half, some their first 10k, some their first Uberthon's event!  This excited me a lot.
I was also thrilled with the weather.  We started the race at 7:30 am, with a beautiful 48 degrees at Heirloom Roses. I had checked the weather and I knew it would be about 55 degrees when I got done running.  This is warm for me when racing.  The sun was out, but it's also not too hot.  Nothing to stress over. 
I started the race with the 1:45 finish time pace group and with my friend Kristi.  My plan was to stay with them for a minimum of three miles, up to mile eight.  About mile three-and-a-half or four I just felt I was good and warmed up and should push the pace slightly.  I looked ahead and decided to start working on catching some of the runners ahead of me.  I went into my own head and left the group I was with.  
I was feeling good and had the thought, this may be too soon.  I decided it was worth it to try today.  I stayed pretty steady in my pace for the next several miles.  I slowed down a little for mile seven, the mile with "the hill."  I love Uberthons description of this course. "The course is flat and fast - except the hill."  And that is very accurate.  
Spring Half Splits
Mile eight came, by the St. Paul School!  It was time to start moving faster!  I upped my speed.  For the next six miles, every mile was either the same or faster into the finish line.  I never felt like quitting.  This is a common thought when I race hard.  I always talk myself out of quitting, but it is almost always a conversation I have with myself.  I ran smart and strong. I ended with a negative split.  This is my hope for every race, but most of the time I don't pull it off.  I had a goal for this "test" run.  I feel like I needed to run at least a 1:45 half to boost my confidence for my marathon goal (3:40).  I really wanted a PR.  Last year at the Spring Half I ran a 1:45:35.  To break 1:45 would be the best! 
 But deep down, I had a scarey goal.  For the last year or so I've dreamed of being able to run a 1:42 half.  This is the goal I don't like to talk about because it has always seemed impossible to me.  Well, something wonderful happened Saturday. I crossed that finish line at 1:42:02.  I didn't feel sick, I didn't feel dizzy.  I felt incredibly strong.  It was a moment I won't forget!  It's a moment in time I felt a dream is coming...and it is starting to stare me right in the face!  The question still remains, "how bad do I want it?"

I have to take this next six weeks very seriously!
~  I have five more pounds to take off before race day.  This isn't because I'm overweight or have some extreme "diet" idea.  It's to be at what I call "race weight."  It's not something everyone should worry about, but if you want to run faster, I encourage you to lose a few pounds.  It makes a difference.  I know the extra five pounds will help me be more efficient at that marathon! And that is important to me.
~I need to keep running tempo runs. 
~ I need my long run every weekend.  Running these faster this year has helped my training.  
~I need to get more speed work in.  I am not doing a particular type of speed work this season.  The last three marathons, I've used yasso 800s.  With my full time work schedule I haven't been as strict with this one. I have been doing a mix of 400s, mile repeats and fartleks.  Just doing something every week!
Nick, Myself, Olivia, Charlotte, Kristi, and Jerry 
~  I also need to continue to do HIIT and RIPPED workouts twice a week with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego.  I know without a doubt, these classes have made my core stronger.  I can see it in my body and I can feel it when I run.  It's been the best change to my training this season.

Happy at the finish line! 1:42:02
I spent yesterday and today thinking about how thankful I am for the people in my life that have been so encouraging the over the last ten weeks.  My Saturday running group is the best!  We are all working through our own goals and it's been so good to have them to talk to about the good, the bad and everything inbetween! My girlfriends, Olivia, Kristi, and Tonya, who take time to encourage me through the good and the bad of life and training.  Kelly, who comments  on these blogs very week.  She's running Newport next weekend in hopes of her very own BQ!!!!  Uberthons, who believes in getting people moving and encourages eating right.  They have helped me become a better runner and because they believe in me, they help me to help others. 
I'm excited to move into the next six weeks of training!  
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Next week's workouts:
Run with me May 30th to June 5th...
Monday, 7:00 am easy longer Memorial Day run.
10:00 am Mixed HIIT class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego 
Tuesday, 2:30 pm run
Wednesday, evening run 5:00 or 6:00pm
Thursday, 2:30 or later tempo run
Thursday 7:15 pm HIIT class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Friday, off
Saturday, early long run, anyone interested? I need to be in Independence at 9:00 am. Wondering if anyone wants to meet and run there before, like at 5:30ish for a 20? If you want to run less, meet partway into the run.
Sunday, 7:30 am easy run.
*Subject to change so let me know if you can meet up on any of these days. I'll give you more information like where we can meet! Have a great week ‪#‎ZaoFit‬

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 9 ~ The Oregon Marathon

Heading out to meet Tonya
Week 9 was alive and well for the most part! Much better than week 8 anyway! 
I started off my Monday running 5 miles after work with my Jerry (my husband).  It was warm out! But thankfully not HOT! 
Got er done #marathontraining 
I went home and ate a little dinner, then headed to R.I.P.P.E.D class with my friend Olivia, then did a 2 mile cool down on the track.  Monday was a good start to my week! 
Tuesday and Wednesday I slacked off and rested.  These are the two hardest days of the week for me for some reason! 
Thursday I was back at it. I meet Tonya after work for a nice 6 miler.  I ended my run with a nice fast mile by myself. I ate some light dinner, waited an hour or two and went to Olivia's HIIT class for a killer cross train workout.  
The group that ran the 20!  Photo credit: Kristi Clack
Friday, I did my fatigued 10 mile tempo run at marathon pace (8:20).  It was warm out, and I was tired but I managed to pull it off!  I was slightly disappointed because I like to run these at a 8:00 pace.  My marathon goal pace is a 8:20, so, 8:20 is actually just fine!  
Saturday was group run day!  So fun!  We meet up at 7:00 am.  Oh how I love running in the mornings!  I have allergies, so running first thing, helps clear my head.  The air is crisper and it's calmer out!  I love morning running!

Saturday's "Run for Food" Group
We had a good group come out for some heavy weekend milage!  Some doing 10 miles, some 14 and some just short of 20 miles, ending with breakfast at Cafe 22.  The fresh strawberry shake really was a perfect end to a good long run!!! 
This morning (Sunday), Jerry and I went out for a much needed, slow recovery run! It was beautiful out in Dallas!
It was a good week!  

I'm looking forward to getting next week started! The Uberthons Spring Half is Saturday!  I am
2015 Spring Half  finish 1:45.35
really hoping to do well at this race! The weather is looking good and several friends are running this too!  It should be a great time!
 Time to beat....1:45:35.  It is on a different course, but I still want to break 1:45!

This weeks Run with Me Schedule! 
Run with me May 23rd to the 30th!
Monday 4:30 pm run
6:15 pm RIPPED w/Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Tuesday 2:10 pm run (meet at WVH)
Wednesday 2:10 pm run (meet at WVH)
Thursday off
Friday 2:10 pm
Saturday 7:30 am Uberthons Oregon Spring Half, 10k, & 5k
Sunday 7:00 am 12 miler
Times subject to change depending on who can meet. Let me know if you can meet up, some times are slightly flexible! ~Julie

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 8 ~ The Oregon Marathon

Week 8 of training!  

 > The Oregon Marathon < > July 16th, 2016 <

Monday right after work I meet up with my friend Tonya.  We headed out of town for a nice 6 miler in the HEAT!  It was good to run in the heat, but exhausting.  Tuesday was very hot after work so I decided to wait a few hours before doing a speed work session.  I had been really tired and I wasn't sure why.  I planned on running 3x mile repeats but ended up doing 8x400s.  I just couldn't keep pace for a full mile.  I was glad to get some speed work in, but also disappointed. 
Wednesday and Thursday I figured out why I had been so tired.  I have seasonal allergies and they decided to flare up.  My allergies turned into a headache, then caused a migraine. I used to get migraines about once a month.  Since I started running in 2008, I rarely get them.  But, occasionally, I still do.  When I get a migraine, I am pretty much out of commision.  I feel like I have the flu, intense throbbing in my head, accompanied by nausea, causing stomach issues for a few days. It was horrible. 
Saturday I felt a lot better, so Jerry (my husband) and I went out for what was supposed to be a 20 mile afternoon training run.  It was cooler that day, really nice afternoon weather.  We decided to run out to the golf course on Hwy 22, then back.  I like this route because it's flat and there is a bathroom stop and water half way.
As we headed out, I was feeling better than I had for three days!  I started for get warmed up, and was really enjoying the run.  About mile 8 or 9 I started to have an upset stomach. REALLY?!!! My body was feeling good, but my stomach was NOT!  At mile 10 I had to stop and walk it was so bad.  Jerry encouraged me to keep going, we were almost to the golf course! I couldn't!!! I just couldn't keep going! I did what many of you understand (if you're a distance runner!!!!) and many of you will NOT understand....I pulled out my emergency toilet paper and found a squatting spot in the bushes. It was not my finest moment and I was glad the group run didn't work out this day!!!! Really glad!
We ran on to the golf course.  There, I had to use the bathroom again!  I composed myself and headed
Jerry sent this to me after our long run!  LOL! "Runner's are a different breed"
back, now over halfway done with the run.  
I just was not feeling good!  At mile 12 I had to stop and walk again and I was getting really frustrated.  
Jerry told me it's not worth it and we needed to call it a day. He called our friend Jesse, who gladly drove out and picked us up.  I was rather upset at first.  When I got home, I was really happy we stopped, because my stomach acted up again.  I would of been in trouble if I had of tried to finish the 20 miles.  

Sunday was a new day!  Kristi was driving over at 7:00 am to run 6-8 miles with me.  I decided to go out early and try to get a "good" long run in.  I started on my treadmill in the dark hours of the morning.  It was nice and calm, nobody was up yet.  At mile four, I had to again...use the bathroom!  Good thing I was at home!  I decided to take my run outside now, it was daylight and beautiful out.  I was just going to run for an hour (6-7 more miles), then be back at the house by 7 to run with Kristi!  I never made it back........
Me and Kristi after our Sunday morning run
I ran thru town towards Dallas High School.  I was feeling decent but when I hit Lyle Elementary (1.25 miles from my house) all good vibes went south!  I was going to have a problem really soon! My quick idea was to walk up the little steps on the side of the school, cut thru the playground and make a quick shot to the Softball fields port-a-potties.  Well, the playground is fenced and is now locked up (it wasn't locked when my kids when there, BTW...Randy is a Senior now, it's been awhile).  Plan "B"  I would never make it around the long way, so I would walk around the fence on the park side.  That worked, but it was tall WET grass I walked through.  I got to the softball field, my feet felt as if I had walked through a creek and I just stood there!  The port-a-pottie was only 50 yards away and I stood there doubled over....I'
Somehow, I did make it to that pottie box in the softball field.  I had to let Kristi know I wasn't going to make it back to the house at 7 to meet her.  I may not even be able to run.  She said, "Oh, I saw you on the Softball field.  I wondered if I should stop."   We decided just to meet up on Ellendale and see how it would go. 
Well, it surprisingly, it went really well. We ran eight wonderful miles and I haven't had a stomach issue since!  WHAT????  I didn't end my weekend with that 20 miler I wanted, but I got in 12 on Saturday, and 16.65 on Sunday.  With all considered...I was happy with that! 
 I am hoping the worst of my allergies for the season are over, but I'm thinking that isn't going to be how it goes!  The cottonwood is all over Dallas area!  Guess I have no choice but to suck it up....literally! 

This week's schedule (and I realize this is almost over, lol):

Wednesday, 5:00 PM tempo run
Thursday, 2:10 easy run
Thursday, 7:00 PM HIIT class w/Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Saturday, 7:00 am run for food group run. Ending with real strawberry shakes at Cafe 22 (will need to set up carpooling, who's coming? You can run 5-20 miles for this one)
Sunday, 7:30 am easy run
Hope you can join me for a run or too. Subject to change so be sure and comment your questions and if you're planning on meeting up! ‪#‎ZaoFit‬



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Uberthons Running

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Marathon Training Week 7 ~ The Oregon Marathon

I am a few days late getting week 7's update out!  With Mother's Day weekend and work, that's how it goes sometimes!  
My beautiful family at Saturday's race

Kristi and I having fun after the 10k
Last week was a low point for me in training.  It was a stressful week due to some personal stuff.  I couldn't get in the miles and workouts I wanted to get in.  My legs felt tired every time I went out for a run.  I did have some good company!  My friend Kristi ran with me after work one day!  I also ran the Uberthons Chocolatathon 10k on Saturday the 7th with some great friends and family!  It was a little warm for racing, but it was loads of pre Mother's Day fun!  I didn't PR, but I sure enjoyed the Uberthons atmosphere!  It ended up being a good tempo paced run.
Sunday Mother's Day and Long Run
Sunday, I was visiting my Mom for Mother's Day.  I took my long run out of town on a beautiful country road.

 My husband Jerry joined me for some great hill work! 
 Finally some cooler weather to run in!

This week, I am trying to embrace the warmer weather and afternoon runs.  It is what it is! The heat is my biggest weakness in training and racing. 

 As much as
Loved running into Kelly!
Good luck at Newport
next month! 
 I complain about afternoon running and the heat, this is a really good thing for me to conquer for July's Marathon.  The chances of it being warm that day is pretty high!  

I did get some exciting news today!  I have been chosen along with 19 others to be an Spandits ambassador. I will be posting more about Spandit soon!  In the meantime, check them out here!

I loved taking part in the first ever Chocolatathon with Uberthons!  They have such great races!  They are family friendly and promote being active and eating healthy!  Check them out HERE!  I would LOVE to meet you at the Uberthons Spring Half on May 28th!  If a half marathon isn't' for you, there will also be a 5k and a 10k!  You can walk or run!  Don't miss out!

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This weeks workout plans!
Monday 2:10 PM run with Tonya
Tuesday after work speed work
Wednesday after work run
Thursday after work run and 7:00 PM HIIT class with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Friday, after work run
Saturday, 7:00 am group run on the Banks trail Group Run<---(click link for details)
Sunday 7:00 am easy run
Let me know if you want to meet up and we can figure out exactly what time and place to meet at! Have a great week friends! ‪#‎ZaoFit‬