Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cash Envelope System Review...Make budgeting fun??

Not too long ago I saw a link to these Cash Envelope Systems. It really caught my eye because my current envelope system was a mess.  I just used regular white envelopes.  They got tossed into my purse and away we went.  The problem is, they would end up getting bent up, the flap would get in the way and I was constantly  having to toss out the old bent up envelopes for new ones.  When I saw this option I was really excited.  I contacted the seller and got one to try out.  I was even more impressed when I got it than I thought I would be.  It fits perfect into a little wallet I had just bought the week or two before.  The cash envelope system is about 6.5" wide x 3.5" tall.  It has a front flap to slip into the "check-book" area of some wallets if you choose.  I prefer to just have it it my wallet purse.   This cash envelope system could be used in a number of ways. 
One option would be to use it to budget your funds out for the month.  An example of this would be to get your ten envelopes labeled something like this...groceries, fun, hair, eating out, gas, date night, gifts, ect.
  Another option would be to use it for organizing coupons. An example would be something like, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, Albertsons, (any place you use coupons at).  You could plan your trips before you leave to shop, and have your coupons all in place so you are organized for each store. 
   I use my Cash Envelope System with a combination of these two ideas.   There are ten envelopes, so I picked to label mine... groceries, eating out, fun, house cleaning (this is my part time job), coupons (for planed trips to the store I'm going to that day), and one envelope for each person in my family.
   You may order your envelope system "laminated."  I would recommend paying a few extra dollars to get the laminating done.  This will ensure your envelope system last and last for a long time.
After you order your envelope system you simply send Kelleigh a note telling her what ten categories you would like, and she does a really cute print up for you. They are added to your envelope system before it's mailed out to you.  The tab-tops are really easy to see when I open my wallet to get cash or coupons out for my transaction.  I highly recommend you checking this out!
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  Next, visit Kelleigh's Esty shop here and pick out your favorite Cash Envelope System. Her Envelope Systems come in lots of pretty colors and designs.

Using a cash envelope system is a fun way to get started on a budget.  The last year my husband and I worked very hard to get some bills paid off by using a budget.  It was very hard at first, but it is paying off.  We now have two credit cards completely paid off!  I now feel like we have control over our money instead of our money having control over us!

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