Monday, May 23, 2011


   I have spent the last few days working on "the crazy house."  Its a old vacant house that I am helping clean up for the owners to sell.  Today I went in early to get a few hours in before the day got going.  I was in this large house by myself cleaning the kitchen cupboards.  Doesn't seem like a big deal hu?  Well, you have to understand how I was in this "large house" "alone"....I locked the doors, turned on the radio and started cleaning!  The smell of bleach fills the air and I realize that I have to clean up mouse droppings!  Nice!!!  As I'm cleaning out mice dropping from the drawers a commercial comes over the radio..."It's rat season, so buys your gun from "so-n-so" to keep the rats under control!  Oh, that's just nice...I am scared of guns, rats and mice!  I didn't get all freaked out, just had to laugh! I mean, what more can you do but laugh?  At least I didn't "see" a mouse, rat or  gun in that old vacant house!!!

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