Wednesday, May 18, 2011


   Last weekend was stressful, awesome, emotional and full of great hard things!  I had to give my self a few day's before I even could blog about it. 
   As many of you know I am in training for Newport Marathon (June 4th). This Saturday I was scheduled to do my last really long run before the taper, which was 23 miles!  Saturday was also the day of the Stop Child Trafficking 5k run/walk for the cause that I am in charge of.  My boys both had games Saturday afternoon so I knew Saturday was out for my 23 miles.  I went out Friday, just hoping and praying I would be ok for Saturday's 3:30am early rise!  
   Tonya and I headed out Friday morning on a beautiful morning.  I was mad I had to run, but "it didn't  matter"...It was the only day, and it had to be done.  The problem with the beautiful morning is when it's warmer out, my body doesn't like it.  When we got to Monmouth we had to stop at DQ to refill all our water containers that usually last the whole run.  The workers in DQ looked at us like we were was funny!  Maybe we are!   
   On long runs we bring our music and split apart for a while...long runs are hard, and this sometimes helps.  I was starting to feel done, but we were only at about mile 15!  At mile 20, Tonya ran back to me and I told her I was done...I was really ok, just to be done at that point!  Tonya knows me well, and knew I needed to go to 23 like the schedule said just for my mental training.  She said, "Julie, you are going to go 3 more miles like the schedule says and I will stay with you."  It was just what I needed to here, but it was still I cried for a minute then ran the 3 miles just fine.  I have never cried during a run, but i did.  We then walked a very slow long cool down and it was good to be done!
   I was able to go home and actually get some things done, I never know how my body is going to react to a long run...I was ok!
Saturday morning came and I was so excited for the SCT 5k!  I got up at 3:30am and loaded up!  I took 3 helpers with me and off we went to the park to mark the course and wait for the other volunteers to arrive for set-up.  I had a wonderful group of volunteers (some I knew, and some I had never meet)..who were eager to help wherever needed.  We got set up and the runners/walkers started coming to check in.  We had perfect weather and there was a fun energy with all the excited people waiting to start.  The Corvallis Knights came with their mascot "Mack the Knight"  He was giving everyone hi-5's.  The Body Shop came with fun samples.  Chelan from Stop Child Trafficking was there with her info. We even had coffee and cookies! Now, it was time to start!  We had about 70 people either walk or run and about 15 volunteers.  We raised about $4000.00 for "the cause" and since the race was sooo early, everyone still had their whole Saturday to do whatever they wanted.  I got to spend time with my Mom and watch my boys play some baseball.  My daughter and husband ran the 5k  By the way...Raelee got her best 5k time ever!  She is amazing!

I want to thank all my friends and family who either ran, walked, volunteered or gave financially to this cause. This would of not been successful with-out everyone!

I am still recovering from being tired, but doing good!  I am overwhelmed at the support I received from the community of Dallas!  I really love this town and the people who live here!

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