Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hood to Coast 2016 ~ Team UBERTHONS ~ Relay Packing List

I have lots of mixed emotions about Hood to Coast.  I've run it three times and made some great memories and gotten some great running friends out of it.  It's it's own beast and very different than  running a morning race!  I also have memories of puking my guts out because I over exerted myself and then drank chocolate milk that didn't agree with me....but that's another story! 

This year I got invited to be on Team Uberthons .  It's Uberthons first year of having a H2C team and I am honored to be on the team. 

2016 is the 35th year for Hood To Coast.  All teams will start on the top of Mt. Hood and end in Seaside.  My team will have two vans, six runners in each van for a total of twelve.  My team also has three wonderful volunteers who will be helping out on the course. 
This year I am in van one and am the fourth runner.  Leg 4 is 7.18 miles.  Leg 16, 3.92 miles. Leg 28, 4.9 miles.  Out of the 12 legs, this is ranked 11th hardest.  I am beyond thrilled. In years passed, I've done the harder legs. I'm hoping to relax a little more this time! Haha, if you have done H2C you know there isn't much "relax" time, yet I still have hope! 

In my van will be two Rookies on this Hood to Coast experience.
  I thought it would be good to send them a packing list and include you too, just in case you need a reminder.  I have used this every year I have done H2C.  It was wrote up by a good friend of mine, who after running H2C for the first time, forgot clean underwear for her final change at the beach (how tragic).  You may not want to pack everything on this list.  You may want to add to this list, but either way, it will help get you started! 
Happy Running Friends!

Hood To Coast packing list. 
 Made by my good friend in 2010 and still good in 2016! 
Gear for the Road:
3 running outfits in gallon ziplocks-shorts, shirt, socks, underwear, bra (take clean clothes out, put sweaty clothing in and zip shut)
1 ziplocked outfit for after last run
2 pairs running shoes (it may rain and it's nice to have dry shoes)
flip flops
body glide and foot glide
 fuel belt or handheld 
shot bloks
baby wipes
travel pillow
sleeping bag rated for very low temps
stocking hat
warm gloves 
warm winter jacket 
band aids
cash for food stands along the roadside
ear plugs
hand hotties 
electrolyte pills 

Food in cooler: 
3 starbucks coffees in glass bottles
3 electrolyte drinks
water bottles
6 cheese sticks
small box triscuits
cliff bars
1 peanut butter & jelly sandwich
1 turkey sandwich
trail mix
thermos for hot coffee
frozen water bottles to keep things cold
(other food was purchased along the way)
Beach Bag for the end of H2C:
body wash
blow dryer
phone charger 
extra underwear - forgot in 2010-not recommended
lightweight pants
clean shirt
Expenses on the road:
Gas money (depending on if we paid it already or not)
H2C gear at the beach $20-$50
Food on the road $20-$30

One thing I would add is toilet paper.  I have seen port-a-potties run out (oh the horror!)

Who else out there is on a Hood To Coast team this year?  I would love to here from you over on facebook at ZaoFit

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