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Marathon Training ~ Week 8 ~ The Oregon Marathon

Week 8 of training!  

 > The Oregon Marathon < > July 16th, 2016 <

Monday right after work I meet up with my friend Tonya.  We headed out of town for a nice 6 miler in the HEAT!  It was good to run in the heat, but exhausting.  Tuesday was very hot after work so I decided to wait a few hours before doing a speed work session.  I had been really tired and I wasn't sure why.  I planned on running 3x mile repeats but ended up doing 8x400s.  I just couldn't keep pace for a full mile.  I was glad to get some speed work in, but also disappointed. 
Wednesday and Thursday I figured out why I had been so tired.  I have seasonal allergies and they decided to flare up.  My allergies turned into a headache, then caused a migraine. I used to get migraines about once a month.  Since I started running in 2008, I rarely get them.  But, occasionally, I still do.  When I get a migraine, I am pretty much out of commision.  I feel like I have the flu, intense throbbing in my head, accompanied by nausea, causing stomach issues for a few days. It was horrible. 
Saturday I felt a lot better, so Jerry (my husband) and I went out for what was supposed to be a 20 mile afternoon training run.  It was cooler that day, really nice afternoon weather.  We decided to run out to the golf course on Hwy 22, then back.  I like this route because it's flat and there is a bathroom stop and water half way.
As we headed out, I was feeling better than I had for three days!  I started for get warmed up, and was really enjoying the run.  About mile 8 or 9 I started to have an upset stomach. REALLY?!!! My body was feeling good, but my stomach was NOT!  At mile 10 I had to stop and walk it was so bad.  Jerry encouraged me to keep going, we were almost to the golf course! I couldn't!!! I just couldn't keep going! I did what many of you understand (if you're a distance runner!!!!) and many of you will NOT understand....I pulled out my emergency toilet paper and found a squatting spot in the bushes. It was not my finest moment and I was glad the group run didn't work out this day!!!! Really glad!
We ran on to the golf course.  There, I had to use the bathroom again!  I composed myself and headed
Jerry sent this to me after our long run!  LOL! "Runner's are a different breed"
back, now over halfway done with the run.  
I just was not feeling good!  At mile 12 I had to stop and walk again and I was getting really frustrated.  
Jerry told me it's not worth it and we needed to call it a day. He called our friend Jesse, who gladly drove out and picked us up.  I was rather upset at first.  When I got home, I was really happy we stopped, because my stomach acted up again.  I would of been in trouble if I had of tried to finish the 20 miles.  

Sunday was a new day!  Kristi was driving over at 7:00 am to run 6-8 miles with me.  I decided to go out early and try to get a "good" long run in.  I started on my treadmill in the dark hours of the morning.  It was nice and calm, nobody was up yet.  At mile four, I had to again...use the bathroom!  Good thing I was at home!  I decided to take my run outside now, it was daylight and beautiful out.  I was just going to run for an hour (6-7 more miles), then be back at the house by 7 to run with Kristi!  I never made it back........
Me and Kristi after our Sunday morning run
I ran thru town towards Dallas High School.  I was feeling decent but when I hit Lyle Elementary (1.25 miles from my house) all good vibes went south!  I was going to have a problem really soon! My quick idea was to walk up the little steps on the side of the school, cut thru the playground and make a quick shot to the Softball fields port-a-potties.  Well, the playground is fenced and is now locked up (it wasn't locked when my kids when there, BTW...Randy is a Senior now, it's been awhile).  Plan "B"  I would never make it around the long way, so I would walk around the fence on the park side.  That worked, but it was tall WET grass I walked through.  I got to the softball field, my feet felt as if I had walked through a creek and I just stood there!  The port-a-pottie was only 50 yards away and I stood there doubled over....I'
Somehow, I did make it to that pottie box in the softball field.  I had to let Kristi know I wasn't going to make it back to the house at 7 to meet her.  I may not even be able to run.  She said, "Oh, I saw you on the Softball field.  I wondered if I should stop."   We decided just to meet up on Ellendale and see how it would go. 
Well, it surprisingly, it went really well. We ran eight wonderful miles and I haven't had a stomach issue since!  WHAT????  I didn't end my weekend with that 20 miler I wanted, but I got in 12 on Saturday, and 16.65 on Sunday.  With all considered...I was happy with that! 
 I am hoping the worst of my allergies for the season are over, but I'm thinking that isn't going to be how it goes!  The cottonwood is all over Dallas area!  Guess I have no choice but to suck it up....literally! 

This week's schedule (and I realize this is almost over, lol):

Wednesday, 5:00 PM tempo run
Thursday, 2:10 easy run
Thursday, 7:00 PM HIIT class w/Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Saturday, 7:00 am run for food group run. Ending with real strawberry shakes at Cafe 22 (will need to set up carpooling, who's coming? You can run 5-20 miles for this one)
Sunday, 7:30 am easy run
Hope you can join me for a run or too. Subject to change so be sure and comment your questions and if you're planning on meeting up! ‪#‎ZaoFit‬



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  1. Hey Julie. I love your weekly reports and I really do keep checking for updates. :-) I am sorry you had a rough week. I am impressed that you were able to the 12 miler and the 16.65 miler back to back! That is a lot of miles when you weren't feeling great. Way to tough it out! I had a strange week as well due to traveling. I was supposed to run a 12 mile tempo on Thursday, but was in a strange city so I decided to do it on the treadmill, but they only had one and it was occupied. :-( So, I went on the bike until he finished (an hour later) and was only able to get in a 5 mile tempo. Better than nothing I guess. Then after a week of traveling and eating treats I decided to spend the last 2 days of my trip cutting out the sugar and I might have overdone it because my 18 miler on Saturday was horrible! I started at a 9 minute mile for 3 miles and then switched to 8:40's and 8:30's and after about 7 of those, my body just shut down. I slowed back down to the 9's and considered ust ending my run, but decided to continue. It was definitely not a great run. But, I am in taper now and I can say I got my bad run out of the way right? :-) I also started my 10 day fat load today. That is a nutrition strategy that I tried with the Phoenix Marathon andI feel like that race went really well, so I want to stick with it.