Sunday, May 1, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 6 ~ The Oregon Marathon

Week six and still pounding away! I've been tired this week. I started my week with a good speed work session Monday morning! Tuesday my new hours at work started, 5:30 am to 2:00 pm every weekday.  These are wonderful hours for me.  My only problem is, no more 5:30 am runs during the week.  Running after work is taking some adjusting too.  T I know many people run after work.  I know it's possible, but it's just really hard for me.  

Because I can't just "eat and run" (I will puke), I have to be very careful what I eat during the day and plan my meals. I can't have food for about three hours before going out, especially if it's going to be a tempo or speed workout.  I did get some good training in this last week, but the new schedule makes me feel tired.  Give me a couple weeks and I will adjust! 

One positive with my new work hours is, I am forced to do more warm weather running.  The morning air is so nice and cool. I love the cool morning air.  As we get closer and closer to summer, it's getting warmer (HOT) in Oregon!  Tomorrow's run is going to be in the high 70s or 80s.  The heat is my biggest weakness for races and for training!  It gets to my head.  The heat makes me suffer! I don't like running in the heat! Anything over 59 degrees it simply too hot!  I need to get over it, and this is my week to do it!  

There you have it, I got it out...I had my pity party!  It's time to move on!  Unless I die tomorrow afternoon when I train in the heat that is, lol!!! 

Yesterday a few friends joined me for a Saturday morning group long run!  It was the highlight run of the week.  We started at Pill

Made it to Monmouth, now...time to run back to Dallas!
Box in Dallas, ran to Monmouth.  Looped around and ran through the beautiful WOU campus.  Then we ran back to Dallas, for a total of 17.2 miles.  It was great company and good long run weather.

Running on Hwy 99 Saturday
Just to set the record straight,  my opinion is this:
Perfect training weather, 50-55 degrees, no wind. No bright sun.
Perfect race weather, 42-52 degrees, no wind and no bright sun.
 Many of you may disagree, but this is my idea of good weather! 

I'm looking forward to running with my friend Kristi this week for an afternoon training run. I'm also looking forward to the  Uberthons Chocolatathon 10k on Saturday!  My goal is to break 48:00 minutes.  I'll be running my long run Sunday morning in Yoncalla.  It's Mother's Day...a long run and iget to see my Mom, perfect! 
Run with me
May 2nd to May 8th
Monday, after work run around 3ish or later 
Monday, 6:15 PM RIPPED w/ Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Tuesday, meet up with Kristi, 4:30 PM run
Wednesday to Friday, after work run
Thursday, 7:00 PM, HIIT class
Saturday, 8:45 am, Uberthons Chocolatathon 10k
Sunday, long run in Yoncalla. Happy Mother's Day!
‪#‎ZaoFit‬ Let me know if you can meet up for a run or two!
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  1. Hey Julie,
    I love reading your training updates. I think switching to the new schedule for running would be tough, but you are right that it will probably help you for the Oregon Marathon. It sounds like we have the same ideal running weather needs. Some of my friends think I like it too cold, but that is where my heart likes it! Case in point, yesterdays race. I think it got my heart rate up too soon and I just couldn't cope with it. Fun to see you and meet Kristi though! Enjoy your long run today. Mine was yesterday with the 10k thrown in. I did 12 total.

    1. Great job getting your 12 done Kelly! I can't wait to hear all about Newport! It was so fun seeing you Saturday!