Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marathon Training Week Four

I can't believe I am in week four of marathon training already.  I feel like things are going well but it's time to ramp things up just a bit! I am going to start making sure I get in a weekly tempo run at marathon pace.  I will start this week's tempo run at six or seven miles at 8:15-8:20 pace and work up to ten miles in the next few weeks.  By next week, I will start adding in some speed work as well.  
This week was busy with work and a few other things but things will slow down some next week!  
I was given the honor of pacing a friend for her first half marathon this morning.  It was such a wonderful thing to watch her cross that finish line for the first time.  Tears were shed, and she walked away
From today's Corvallis Half
from that race somehow stronger!  I love that about running!  There is something that makes a person stronger after doing something hard.  Running a half or full marathon is very hard.  When you give it your all, it is such a powerful thing. I love you Olivia! 
I will be blogging about the Corvallis Half later this week, so stay tuned. 
This week I'm looking forward to a really fun group run on Saturday out on a country road.  I'm looking forward to pushing myself a little harder too! 

Run with me April 18th to April 24th...
Monday, 5:30 am, 60 min. run
Tuesday, 5:30 am, 60 min. tempo run at marathon pace.
Wednesday, 5:30 am, easy pace 60 min. run
Thursday, 7:00 PM Fitness with Studio Fuego HIIT class with Olivia
Friday, xtrain on the bike
Saturday, group run ... see event post for details. Gonna be a fun one.
Sunday, 7:30 am run
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