Sunday, April 10, 2016

Marathon Training ~ Week 3 ~ Running with Friends

As I go into week three, training for The Oregon Marathon I am reminded how powerful running with others is.  This morning a  group of us met up in Independence. We all wanted to run with Kristi's before leaving to run The Boston Marathon. Running Boston is so many runners dream, and Kristi is getting live this dream next weekend!  As a group, I think we all feel we get a little piece of the experience, just knowing Kristi.  We are all so excited for her! 

We ran nine miles ending at The Pink House for breakfast to celebrate with Kristi.  As I sat there looking at everyone, I realized how different we all are.  We are such a diverse group. We get together to run and we have such a great time, simply running and sharing together.  Training with people has brought me the greatest friendships, taught me so much about people and life!  I love the people I run with.  I also think it's pretty cool that people actually want to run with us.  This morning a new girl showed up and she was welcomed to the group as if she had always been a part!  I love that!!!
I sure don't mind to run a lone at times, I think it's good for my head, but I always look forward to meeting up with the group!  I love them! 

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This week at a glace:
April 11th - April 17th
Monday, 5:00 am, 50 min run
Monday, 6:15 PM, RIPPED with Olivia at Fitness with Studio Fuego
Tuesday, 5:00 am, 50 min run
Wednesday, 5:30 am hour run

Wednesday, 5:30 am hour run
Thursday, 5:30 am hour run
Friday, 5:00 am long run
Saturday out of town, hope to get in an short afternoon run.
Sunday, 9:30 am, the Corvallis Half Marathon
*subject to change depending on who\if anyone is meeting up for the day, so be sure and send a message my way! smile emoticon 


  1. I love running friends. There is just something about pounding the pavement as you talk about the ups and downs of life. It is also amazing to celebrate the successes of your friends. How great that your friend will be running Boston!! I have cheered on many friends and tracked them on the big day. Someday it will be you and me there!