Monday, February 29, 2016

Run Wild Adventures~Buck Mountain Mudslinger Trail Run 2016

Jerry and I, getting ready to run!
Saturday February 27th was my 4th time running Buck Mountain Mudslinger.  It's a race I know I can't run very fast, but going up over that mountain in the mud is somehow a great time! This year was more muddy than last year.  We had lots of rainfall in the 24 hours leading up to the race.  

My husband Jerry loves trail races, I love road races, but I am always up for a Run Wild Adventure Event.  They are very challenging and loads of fun.

It was the most beautiful weather I have ever seen at this race. High 40's with a light mist.  I call this perfect race weather!  We started just after 9:00 am at Howard Creek Horse Camp.  Entry fee was $25.00 or $40, day of race.  I always pre-register for the better price.  It often will fill up before race day too.  It would be a shame to miss out! 

Our climb! 
As we ran to the left onto the trail head, I was preparing for mud!  In past years I have seen snow out on this course, but it was too warm for that today! I started closer to the front this year.  I didn't want to get boxed in. It is possible to pass people on this trail, but can be tricky at times.

We started up the mountain and soon the familiar "burn" of trying to run up Buck Mountain hit!  It was extra muddy, so trying to keep from slipping and falling was a challenge.  I had to walk some of it! But as I looked around, everyone around me was taking walk breaks as well!  It was steep!!! 

The course is 6.5 miles long, with lots of up hill.  We where nearly at 4 miles before we got to really start cruising down.  There was a "bonus" sneaker hill just before the end too! Not bad compared to the last hill we had just gone up.  This course was MUDDY, and absolutely beautiful.  It was fun, I did slip several times, but I never fell down!  

I really wanted to win a boot medal
Prize table 
I ended this year with a 3 minute PR. It was unexpected with it being muddier this year. Starting near the front helped.  Also seeing that they were giving out age group winners a cowby boot medal, really kept me moving!  I really wanted to win a boot medal!  

Jerry had already come in when I got to the finish line.  I was feeling really good, but really hungry!  We went to the food table and got some chili and Great Harvest Bread. I didn't care for the chili this year, but the bread was perfect! 

Our friends, Tim, Jerrilynn, and Britt
We found some people we knew and chatted while waiting for awards and prizes to be given out.  They gave away a number of things in the drawing.  Things like new shoes, socks, shirts, beer and coffee.  It gets everyone excited.  I didn't win anything in the drawing but I was so happy to find out I did win 2nd in my age group, a cowboy boot medal winner!!!!

This is a race I'm sure I'll do again next year.  I loved being able to represent My Soxy Feet as an ambassador.  They have fun athletic socks you can check out and purchase here.  You can save 10% off with code "GET SOXY"
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