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Uberthons The Oregon Marathon Half Reveiw

Some of my favorite races have been put on my Uberthons.  Last year I ran the first ever "The Oregon Marathon."
  This year I ran the Half.  

This is Tonya, myself (Julie) and Erika with some serious Uberthon Bling around our necks! We all ran the half this year.

We arrived early September 13th to make sure we were in the correct spot and get Jerry (my husband) were he needed to be for volunteering.   There were lots of people coming in, 920 people registered this year. 38 states were represented. We had a chance to talk to other runner friends we hadn't seen in a while and meet new people we had only seen on facebook.  
It was about 54 degree at 7:00 am as we stood outside the Glockenspiel Restaurant waiting to start.  The Marathoners started first down the road.  The half marathoners lined the streets and cheered for the marathoners as they ran by.  It was a fun way to start off the race.  Soon we were off.  54 degrees is just about perfect racing weather in my opinion, but I knew it would be quickly warming up that day.  
Tony, Mitch and Kelleigh at the start of the half
I had a stomach bug a few days before the race and was nervous about how I would feel out there.  We got only .32 miles in and I knew I had to use a restroom.  The runners were still really close together, rounding a corner when I saw a line of port-a-potties.  I knew we were heading out on a country road so I though, "I better go"  UGH!  I hate having to stop while racing, but it happens sometimes.  2-3 minutes and I was back out there running in the river of runners.  I had some friends who I knew started behind me, so as I climbed the small hill I just looked for them.
 I was feeling pretty good.  I could feel I was dehydrated from being sick, but right now I could run!  I loved the course Uberthons picked.  We had a small climb, but then a nice flat and a few declines for about 9 miles.  9 miles of feeling awesome too!  I was passing people and enjoying all the beautiful farm land.  
Soon I saw my friend Lisa who was running the full marathon today.  We talked briefly and I went on.  I was really trying to make up at least 2 minutes from my stop during the first mile.  

About half way, Darwin (the head of Uberthons) was out there cheering us runners on.  It was fun to see him out on the course.

Mile 9 came and the dehydration set in.  I suddenly felt terrible.  
I tried not to come to a walk but a few times I had too or I would of thrown up.  I knew this might happen, but I still tried to enjoy what was left of the half.  

We ran across Gallon House Bride (the oldest covered bride in Oregon).  I saw people stopping for a quick photo.  It was really pretty, but I didn't care about a photo at this point :(

Soon we started to climb again.  I actually was looking forward to this part of the course, but not now!  The hills made my stomach hurt worse.  I began getting passed and hearing, "your doing great" "way to stick it out"  UGH, yeah, I know, and your wrong!  I'm not doing great!  At the same time, I knew this might happen and I ran anyway.  Afterall, Uberthons has the biggest finisher medals I've ever seen, and one was waiting for me just up ahead!  

After the hill, we went around town some and headed to the school to finish on the track.  I soon saw Eric (finished today at 1:42, his very first half).  Then I entered the track.  This was a nice way to end.  There were lots of people and it was totally flat.  I was able to pass two people and end it at exactly 2:02.  Very sad time for me compared to what I had planned to run, but that's how it goes sometimes.  

Yes, I just passed that guy!!!! Me, at the finish
I was handed a huge Uberthons medal and a water.  Then I went behind the grandstand to hide.  I felt like puking and I didn't really want my friends to see that.  After I composed myself I came around to cheer friends on as they came in and try to eat some watermelon.  It sounded so good!  I got my watermelon and then found a spot on the nice green grass and SAT DOWN!  Sorry friends, I can't cheer you in, I can't get up!  The watermelon, as good as it tasted, didn't seem to help.  My friends soon found me and we all sat together and laughed and just enjoyed the afternoon. 
Erika also ran her first half today and did a fine job!  I saw my friend Kim come in (she was on my Epic Relay team, good job Kim!).  

I was able to pick up my Uberthons Jacket!  It's really awesome.  
Tonya, Lindsay, Myself, and Erika with our Uberthons Bling

I earned my Oregon Marathon Jacket for running last year and this year!  I love it!

Over the course of the full marathon, 13 water

 & electrolyte stations were along the course along with 

several ice-cold watermelon stations.  My husband was 

helping cut up watermelon out there! 

Mile Markers were up along the course

1000's of race photos were taken.  It was really fun, looking

 through all the great photos that were taken!

The Oregon Marathon was Chip timed.

This is a race I highly recommend for anyone looking for a

 full or half in September 2015.  Uberthons does a fine job

 making their events fun and leaving you wanting to come

 back again.  They also have the biggest medals I've ever seen! 
Congratulations to the winners....
The Full Oregon Marathon Winners... Male: Norman Mininger from Colorado Springs, 2:46:52
Female: Jennifer Lloyd from Bend, 3:26:56
For the Half, winners are Male: Jason Griffiths from Portland coming in at 1:08:13. 
Female Colleen Little from Lake Oswego fininishing at 1:22:05

Register for 2015 starting October 1st here.
Full Marathon $105
Half Marathon $85
Marathon Relay $70

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