Monday, May 13, 2013

Hippie Chick Half 2013

Just leaving town (Tonya and I)
I had no intentions of running Hippie Chick Half this year.  I love this race, full of women all ages shapes and sizes but last year was a bad race for me, and I didn't add this one to my wish list for 2013. My friend Tonya had other ideas!

Several months ago Tonya asked if I would do Hippie Chick '13.  I told her I hadn't planned on it but she just went ahead and registered the both of us  She did ask first!  I have to say, I'm glad she did!  I really needed this race for a confidence builder for Newport Marathon in three weeks and to get over the disapointment of last year!

 Saturday morning Tonya and I drove off about 5:45am towards Hillsboro Stadium.  We got there with plenty of time to use the port-a-potty and gather our gear.  Then we did a little warm-up going towards the starting line while looking for people we know.  Sure enough, we saw our running friend Susan!

Tonya and I got in line and worked our way up to the pace group we wanted.  We had just a few minutes to start and Tonya kept saying she had to go pee again, so you guessed it....I needed to pee too!  The lines for the port-a-potties were WAY backed up at this point and there was no way to make it back in time for the big start.  I decided to "deal with it."

The gun went off and Tonya and I split up right away.  Usually we stay together for at least the first half but today we both had  different goals.  I felt really good.  I wanted to hold a 8:15 for the first ten miles but I was going faster.  I just went with it because I soon as it heats up I will slow down no matter what.

The first eight miles went super.  I knew the course this year and that was really nice.  I also remembered all the spots I broke down last year.  Thing is...I wasn't breaking down this year!  Even the "hill" we had to go up seemed very small this year.  I think it just seemed bigger last year because I was having a bad run.

At the top of the hill we did a turn-a-round.  The turn-a-round was about 1.5 miles out and back, so as the elites started coming back, I started counting them.  It gave me something to do.  1...2...3....4.  I kept counting until about 43. Then I got tired of it and stopped.

I got up to the turn-a-round and started looking for Tonya.  Soon I saw her and she looked really good.  I could tell she was happy! We gave each other a high five in passing! 

As I got to mile nine I began to really heat up.  It was getting very warm and I still had to pee.  There was port-a-potties along the course, but every time I came to one, I couldn't bring myself to I kept going.  

At mile ten, the plan was to speed up for the last 5k (3.1 miles).  I didn't have it in me at this point.  I just tried to maintain and keep my overall pace under a 8:15.  We ran on a road, gravel, and a blacktop.  As I came to the blacktop about mile 11-12 the heat was miserable.  I also now found myself with 100's of walkers finishing up their 1/4 marathon.  I weaved through them and got tired of my music.  I stopped my music and just tried to enjoy the race...I knew I was almost done!

I came to the dreaded corner that Jerry meet me at last year and just flew by...I was stronger this year and I reminded myself of that. I didn't need anyone to come talk me through the last mile or, not this year! 

As I came to the "Luna Mile"  (Luna bar aid station and final mile to finish line) I was feeling that finish line.  I was very tired, but knew the end was near.  

As I passed more walkers a lady grabbed my arm and said, "JULIE."  I about peed my pants right then and there!  It was Tonya's Mom, Teresa!  "Hi, Teresa...I've been watching for you" I said as I went by!  I love seeing people I know out there!  

The final .1 mile

Just before I came into the stadium (the final .1 mile) Tina (another running friend) yelled my name as I ran by.  I turned the corner to step on the stadium grass and about took out the walker in front of me!  My goodness...sorry lady but you need to move!  

I looked up and there was Jerry!  Was so good to see him!  I took off and ran as fast as I could to the finish.  I stopped my Garmin and hoped that my chip time was what my Garmin said, cause I liked what my Garmin said!

I was given a bottle of water and my Hippie Chick 2013 necklace.  I went over to meet Jerry and Rylan (husband and 9 year old son).  I was so happy to see them.  Jerry has been a HUGE help in supporting me this last year with all my running goals.  
Tonya and I...finished at last!

I waited for my best friend to come in and then went over to check out the vendors.  I won a Brooks shirt and got some food.  I love the free food after a race!  

I really was glad to be done, the last four miles were really hard but I can tell my marathon training is working.  I PRed (personal record) by about 8 minutes from my last half in October.  I finished at 1:49:31 (1 sec. off of what my Garmin said).  29th in my age group out of 331 other women.  Overall I came in 100th out of 1860.  Pretty happy about all that.
Rylan (my 9 year old) and I after the race

I have Newport Marathon (26.2 miles) coming up on June 1st.  I have higher scarier goals this year.  Goals I didn't think I would ever even think about making for myself a year ago.  It's nice having people who believe in me and support me.  Looking forward to seeing what June 1st has in store for me!  I can hardly wait! 

Thank you Tonya!!!!


  1. Great recap and great job on your time - I was there too. What's the deal with a women's race that doesn't have enough bathrooms? I almost stopped at a tree to pee, but I waited until mile 8.

  2. No kidding, lol! Thanks for reading :D