Saturday, April 6, 2013

Long Run Plus my First 10k...WOU 10k

Today I was scheduled to run 10 miles for my long run.  I found out about the WOU Criminal Justice 5 and 10k and thought it would be fun.   My running friend Chris was doing this race and suggested we run too Monmouth and then race the 10k.  I have never ran too a race only to turn around and race.   It sounded crazy but I though it wouldn't be too much of a big deal because we would run slow to Monmouth. 
 I posted about people joining us on Dallas, OR Run the Open Road thinking surely some other crazy will join us!  We decided to meet at Dallas Safeway and I talked my husband into joining in on the fun.  We got going about 6:45 early Saturday morning.  It was 50 degrees out and beautiful.  It looked like it could rain, but it wasn't yet.  My husband Jerry and I meet Chris and off we went.  Nobody else showed!

We ran through beautiful Dallas and down Riddell Road into the WOU campus.  I love it this time of year.  All the trees are blooming and the red brick on the campus buildings is so pretty.  As we got to registration we were at mile 10.75.  I thought, "what am I doing?"  "That's all I needed for this long run weekend and now I'm going to run another 6.2 miles fast!!!!!."    Well, I just tried not to think about it...I needed to find a bathroom and the doors to the buildings were all locked. 
My bathroom buddies
We got registered and then went on a bathroom hunt.  The wind had picked up and I was chilled and stiff.  Moving around helped.  I knew a few others were on a bathroom hunt as well so I was keeping my eye's on them.  I realized somehow they had gotten some keys and were heading to another building.  My friends and I took off after them and found a bathroom.  If you have ever ran a race, you totally get how important this is!!!  From that time on, these people were my bathroom friends.  They were so nice out on the course.  We encouraged each other in passing, even gave out some high 5' was fun!  People like this group are one of the great things about running races.  You get to meet some awesome people.
It was finally time to start.  I was very chilled at this point, the wind had picked up.  We started a little late but that's ok.  My daughter had brought Jerry and I our car, but was leaving to go back to Dallas with her friends.  She saw us starting so waited to "give me the"  It was so funny, I told her I have keys, keep them..... in passing. I didn't want more keys to carry in the race.  I was so thankful she brought us the car because I knew I didn't want to run home!!!

  The first two miles were pretty good.  We ran by my friend's house, and she was out on her porch waiting for us....HI TEASA!!!!!  Was so fun to see her out there.  I was behind Jerry and Chris but one of the volunteers left her station or something weird, and they made a wrong turn.  A guy yelled at them (and a few others) and they got back on course.  I knew they would eventually pass me up, but hey...I WAS AHEAD of them!!  I fully enjoyed them moment!  
Jerry and I waiting to start the 10k
As we came to about mile 4, I was ready to be done but kept telling myself I was almost done.  My friend Teresa was walking the 5k so I started looking for her.  Soon she was in sight.  It's so nice to have people you know out there...somehow it helps mentally.  This women just got over cancer treatments and she is out walking a 5k!  A huge inspiration if you ask me!  Way to go Teresa!

As we came back around to the finish, we had to loop up to the end of the road and come back down.  One of the guys from Willamette Valley Running Club said, "good job Julie" in passing and I took off a little harder and finished up strong.  

While standing around waiting for the drawings I got to meet Vince, Jeff, Britt, Matt and Jill all from Willamette Valley Running Club.  Was so fun talking to them about different upcoming races.  What a great group that came out this morning.

This was my very first 10k, I have run 5k's, a 15k, half marathons and full marathons but somehow the 10k's never got done.  I enjoy this distance for racing but after running almost 11 miles, it wasn't as enjo
yable as it could have been.  I had no goals for this one but came in at 50:57 (8:20 pace).  I was very pleased with that pace for today.  It was a small race but I was the 2nd female who came in for the 10k.  The girl that came in first was very fast.  

Jerry and I didn't win anything in the drawing and realized we were very hungry.  Our favorite taco stand was over in Independance at the Farmer's Market today so guess what?  We headed over there and I got my favorite....pork tacos from El Pique.  Yummy!  

Newport Marathon is less than two months away and I am excited! I would love to have you join my in some upcoming races or on my fb running page.

Some other races on my wish list for the year.....

A HUGE thank you to DC sponsor for Newport!



  1. Congrats on your 10k PR! That is so fast (especially after finishing a bunch of miles).
    Kim at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls

  2. Oh, my!! I will be pleased if I can come in under 60 minutes for my first 10K at the Iris Festival, but I'm expecting 63-65 minutes, knowing how slow I am.

    Can you even imagine how fast you would have been if you hadn't been tired? Good grief, woman!! I would LOVE to be as fast as you!! Congrats!

    1. Kelleigh your going to do great at the Iris Festival! It's taken years of running to get to being able to even think about running miles like that....your are doing so great and inspiring so many! I'm super proud of you!