Sunday, April 7, 2013

I CAN DO THIS Challenge-Julie Style

I am excited to announce that I have teamed up with Uberthon's Running for a Challenge giveaway. 

 This is how it works.....

You take on a four week Challenge with me, Julie... and earn yourself (along with 7 friends) a two night stay at a vacation home in Lincoln City, OR. Check it out here. The challenge will start on Wednesday April 10th and end as soon as one person completes the challenge according to the rules.  I will be in the challenge along with you because I want to win as well.
   I challenge YOU to join ME and lets get healthy TOGETHER!  In the end, what do you have to lose?...ok maybe some!  Win or lose, we will all be working on building healthy habits together!

~Contest starts the morning of April 10th
~On April 10th (or whenever you decide to join the challenge) post a photo of yourself (a before photo) on our event page.  This photo enters you into the contest.
~Exercise - Run at least 30 minutes 3 times each week for 4 weeks in a row.  (you may use walk/run intervals if you are just a beginner runner)
                         -After you do your runs, you must post on our event                                             page.

~Eat Right
            -Fruits & vegetables:  At least 4.5 cups a day 
            -Fish:  At least two 3.5 ounce servings a week 
            -Fiber-rich whole grains:  At least three 1-ounce-equvalent servings a day
            -Sodium:  Reduce your salt intake
            -Sugar-sweetened beverages:  No more than 450 calories (36 ounces) a week.  (I really challenge you to be off of sugar sweetened drinks altogether by the end of the four week challenge)
            -Nuts, legumes and seeds:  At least 4 servings a week
            -Processed meats:  No more than 2 servings a week

Rules:   -Contest last four weeks. Starting date is April 10th and will last until someone follows these exercise and eating rules for four weeks straight.
             -To enter, send a BEFORE photo of yourself to our event page (link posted here).
             -Go to Uberthons, like their page and tell them Dallas, OR Run the Open Road sent you. 
             -Like Dallas, OR Run the Open Road and join the I CAN DO THIS CHALLENGE-Juie Style
             -Register for the upcoming community 10k (details to come)
             -Post every time you run on our event page or at least twice a week.  You must update your runs and eating for the week, photos will be fun to add too.  
             -At the end of your four weeks, post a AFTER photo of yourself.  
             -Winner will get to do a video with me, Julie talking about how the challenge was for you.  It will be posted on Uberthons website.
             -Winner will receive two night with a total of 8 people at the Lincoln City vacation home - Debbie's Place in Lincoln City, Vacation Rental
                   -In the event of a tie at the end of the four weeks, we will have a drawing to pick the winner.

Exercise challenge is from "Exercise is Medicine"  

Food Challenge is from"American Heart Association"

~Some helpful tips:
             -Use the App My Fitness Pal.  This a a great way to keep track of you food intake.  It's free and easy to use.  I'm on there, feel free to look me up and add me as a friend. Look for juliemullins1.
            -Use Daily Mile to track your running.  It's free and can be linked to facebook.  They have great maps you can use to plan out routes.  Look me up on there too....Julie M. Dallas, OR.

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