Saturday, July 21, 2012

No One Said This Would be Easy!

This morning Tonya and I were scheduled for a 14 mile "Run for Lincoln".   I was excited she agreed to run part of it on James Howe because I'm getting sick of Safeway hills!  Our plan...Run from my house, 6 miles of hills on James Howe, then run through town and finish up on Bridlewood.  A good hill challenge, and we need hills to prepare for whats ahead at Silver Falls.  
We started off and did several hard hills, feeling good and feeling like we were working hard.

We stopped for a second to get this shot at the top of what felt like a's was so pretty out there!  The picture doesn't even do it justice. 

We finished up James Howe,  filled up our water bottles up, and set off for Bridlewood.  We felt good knowing the hardest part of the run was over, but we still had another good 7+ miles ahead of us.  We ran down Levens, then turned on Kings Valley Hwy.  We passed my friend Michelle's cute yellow house.  I said,  "there's Michelle's house" and we ran on.  We got to the mini mart and all of a sudden I'm on the ground.  I'm talking....two arms out, flat on my face down!!!  
It went something like this....
Julie goes down, Tonya says, "stop your watch"
Julie tries to get up, but hurts and is scared so she just lies there.
Julie sees a coin and say's, "there's a coin"
Tonya tries to help Julie up. 
Julie finally gets up.
Tonya tells Julie to sit back down.
Julie sits on the curb and picks up the coin she saw.
Julie and Tonya both see another coin out in the road.  
Julie tells Tonya she better go get it.
Tonya says' she's going into the mini market to get band aids because Julie is bleeding.

Julie say's, "lets go to Michelle's house" that is what we did!  

Thank you Michelle!

We ran on to Bridlewood to finish up.  We were tired and walked more on Bridlewood then we normally would even think of, but we were so ok with it! 

So there you have it!  No one said training for a marathon at Silver Falls would be easy, but cancer isn't easy!  We love our Little Superhero Lincoln!

Please like our page for updates on Lincoln and pray for him as he is in treatment for leukemia!


  1. I am sorry to hear that Dallas is just as brutal as it was to me last year when I punctured a hole in my leg while installing a fence. I can share pics if you want =)