Monday, July 23, 2012

No One Said This Would be Easy-Part TWO!

Saturday I blogged about how Tonya and I ran our "long run" 14 miles and I fell down.  Bloodied my knee up and had a good laugh.  Well, what I failed to mention is the reason I fell down is, I hit a spot on the sidewalk and my left ankle turned in, and I went down.  It hurt slightly at the time, but I walked it off and was able to finish (more than 6 more miles) my run and it didn't seem to be any worse.  When I got home to stretch I was suddenly scared to take my shoe off and see what I would find.  It was swollen, I could tell.
Saturday after my long run, my ankle bone usually sticks out
I iced, propped it up, everything your suppose to do.  The next day was Sunday, it still looked the same when I got up.  I went to church...came home to ice it again and this is what it now looked like...
Sunday afternoon
This discoloring kinda had be scared but I could bear weight on it so it can't be that bad right?  I have never sprained or broken a bone in my life so I have no idea what to look for or how it should fill.  I  always thought if I broke a bone I would be in lots of pain and was always told a sprain hurts worse.  Surely this isn't the case for me, there isn't a sharp pain.
Well, Monday rolls around and it's just not getting better.  I know I want to run, but shouldn't. If I do try, I might make things worse in the long run,'s time to see a doctor. 
I went to Dallas Family Medicine.  Dr. Edwardson knows I'm Running for Lincoln and is in full support of it, but I also know he knows what he's talking about and will tell me how to get better.
The good news's not broken, phew!
Bad news, it's a sprain and NO RUNNING for a long time.  I go back in 3 weeks and am hoping to get right back into training but chances are, it could be 6 weeks.  Dr. Edwardson did say, he thinks I will heal fast and that I could do some workouts on my elliptical machine to help keep up with training, but NO RUNNING, not even on a treadmill.  It will heal wrong and cause me more problems later.  
I get to wear this smugly cast.  A tie up shoe has to be worn with it and it's the middle of summer, oh joy!
I am thankful it's not worse and am still going to run Silver Falls Marathon November 3rd.  I may have a little setback, but isn't there lots of setbacks in life?  If this was easy, it wouldn't mean much!  

Our Superhero Lincoln is worth it!  Just look at the joy in his face...that's all I need to see.  I have a sprained ankle, my buddy Lincoln had to go get chemo in two days.  He didn't pick cancer, I didn't pick a sprained ankle but I would pick a sprained ankle over chemo any-day.  Keep praying for him and his family!  Thank you all who have given up-to-date!  Keep giving, it is blessing this wonderful family and giving will bless you!

Sorry about the nasty photos of my feet, but I had to show!  


  1. Do you know how to get a LIKE button or Facebook comments on your blog? I just put them on mine if you would like to add them, I can help

  2. No I don't and would love help with that Brian...thanks!

  3. Ack! Well, maybe you can train at the Aquatic Center? I always wondered if that would be effective. You should be the guinea pig! :)

  4. I've always wondered that too Kelleigh, but the doctor doesn't want my foot going sideways at all...besides, I'm too cheap to pay to run in the pool 4 times a week anyway! Hah!