Thursday, June 28, 2012

Running for Lincoln

A few weeks ago my friend Rebecca came to me at our son's baseball game and asked me to make cookies for a bake-sale "if it's not too much trouble"  she asked. She went on to tell me the bake-sale was for the Jones family who's son Lincoln has been battling Leukemia for the last year.  I knew who this family was, I see their posts on facebook but I don't know them personally.  "To much trouble!" making cookies is the least I could do I thought.
As the week went on, I knew I needed to do more than making cookies.  I begin a new dream, running a marathon for Lincoln and just for Lincoln, not for me.  I feel my running has been a gift from God and I am ready to use it for something bigger than myself.  I threw out some thoughts at my friend Rebecca and in just a day or so things began to come together to get this started.
I looked at several marathons in Oregon.  I found about five that would be coming up before the year ends.  I was looking for a few specific things.  I got it narrowed down to two.  I went back and forth for days on the two.  I finally felt like the right one is Silver Falls Marathon.  This marathon is run by Run Wild Adventures and is known for mud, crossing creek, trails and very steep hills.  Not my idea of a good marathon but it was the one, and I knew it.
I had mentioned this one to my running buddy Tonya in the past joking and she was very anti Silver Falls Marathon.  I was sure I was going to be doing this alone and was okay with that.  I was actually scared to even tell Tonya.  I finally told Tonya and to my surprise she was willing to do this, not for herself, but for Lincoln a total stranger to her.  That very same day, an anonymous donor offered to pay her registration fees.  Wow, this is a big deal!
This isn't going to be easy training but it's for Lincoln and I know that will keep me going and it will keep Tonya going.  We have to do some extra workouts to get our legs stronger to handle the mountain we will be running on.
I don't expect this to be easy, but cancer isn't easy.  It affects more lives than we realize.  In the next four months there will be multiple ways you can help raise funds and awareness for Lincoln.
Please start by following by page Running for Lincoln and watching for updates.  Updates will include, ways to help. The good and bad of training. Updates on how Lincoln is doing in his Dad's Brian's blog.  Photos and much more.
Join us on this journey of encouraging Lincoln and his family.
Meet Lincoln, he loves Batman!

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  1. What an amazing post! I pray that your training and running will bring glory to God and healing to Lincoln! Blessed are the feet that bring good news!