Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Julie on a Bike, it's ok to Laugh!

I am not the most coordinated person, with that said...I've never really been one to get on a bike for fun in my adult life.  I have a hard enough time walking with-out falling down, so getting on a bike is scary.

I have two cousins who love to bike, they are cyclist.  They go on really long rides and know what they are doing.  One cousin was almost killed on a ride and that hasn't helped my "like" for bikes.  My other cousin brought his bike over a year ago and wanted me to check it out.  He told me to put these special shoes on and then "clip" into the bike!  Do you realize how scary that is?  It freaked me out!

After my marathon I decided I wanted to find something else to enjoy on my "off running days."  I have a stationary bike and an elliptical in my garage but there is something about being outside that I love!

About 14 years ago my husband and I went to K-Mart and got two mountain bikes.  The first time we took them camping we let some teens borrow them and they thought they would do bike tricks....Uh, mountain bikes aren't meant for tricks!  Anyway, Jerry's bike ended up with a bent back rim...Jerry bent it back, but we have never replaced it.  It works, but you can tell when!

This week I have been riding to Tonya's and back for the extra cross training in this lovely weather on our "run" days.  Today was a "off run day." I decided to go for a "real" bike ride.   My bike has a messed up chain so Jerry bent bike it is!  I also needed to wear a helmet so I don't kill myself.  I found either Rylan's or Randy's and put that on.  I don't have "bike gear" so I put on my running gear.  Bike gear is padded and running gear isn't (I don't feel the need to explain this one)!!!  

My son's helmet rubbed my chin wrong but I knew I must wear it or Tonya would kill me.  I tried to stay off the main roads and in the neighborhoods so less people would have to look at me.  I must of looked hilarious.  I was scared to take my hands off the steering wheel.  I wobbled up and down three neighborhoods in Dallas this morning.  If you saw me, I'm sorry but I enjoyed it.  I don't care if I look silly, it was fun.

A year ago I said I would never be a bike rider.  I still don't consider myself a "bike rider" and I'm definitely not a "cyclist" like my cousins. I sure enjoyed my silly little bike ride this morning and will go again this summer.  I think I will go lots more....ride on friends!

Don't be afraid to try something new, you might just enjoy it!

"... run with patience
the race that is
set before us ..."
Heb. 12:1-3

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