Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goats Cheese....

I am talking today about going non-dairy again.  I was feeling very good right before Christmas.  For a few days (over Christmas) I choose to eat dairy and I was okay with it, why not? It's Christmas!  Christmas night I went to bed feeling terrible.  Headache, stomach ache, swelling in my eyes and hands.  Not fun.  It's now been four days, I have not eaten dairy since Christmas and I can still feel the affects.'s not worth it!

I talked to my brother on Christmas Day and he was a huge encouragement to me.  He hasn't been able to eat dairy since we were kids.  He knows more about eating non-dairy than anyone I know.  He told me how to make homemade rice milk and that I should be able to eat goats cheese...who knew?  First of all, I never would of even thought about "making" rice milk, second...because goats cheese is cheese, I would of never thought I could eat it, and cheese has been my favorite food since I can remember.  I went to Safeway today and bought myself some goats cheese.  I made a grilled cheese sandwich and I dipped it in tomato very good!  Oh how I have missed the cheesy goodness......I also bought some brown rice and white rice.  Today I will attempt to make vanilla rice milk, almond rice milk and strawberry rice milk.  It's very easy to make, the test will come when I'm done and taste it!  Will let you know how it turns out!

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