Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Angry Owl Ultra Race Preview 2017

July 30, 2017 brings the Inaugural Angry Owl Ultra to Salem Oregon. The event will take place at Bush Pasture Park. 

 Angry Owl has three timed races for you to pick from.
1 hour
6 hours
12 hours
All three races will start at 6:00 am.  For the 6 hour there is a second option to start at noon instead of 6:00 am.
The event will start on the derby track behind the stadium Sunday morning. All awards for the 6 hour and 12 hour will be given out at 6:15 pm.  The one hour race awards will be given out at 7:15 am, shortly after that race ends.

Angry Owl Ultra 2017

The course is a nice simple loop around the park.  It's just over a mile so you will be going by the single aid station lots! It will be stocked with sweet and salty snacks, water, electrolyte drinks and more.  There will be an area you can leave some of your own food for easy access as you run by!  The loop you will be running has some hard packed dirt, some well-maintained non-technical trail, grass, packed gravel and a bit of asphalt.  You will also run on the derby track, past the stadium and then through the wooded area next to Mill Creek and around the softball field.  Don't worry, everything will be well marked.  Check a closer look at the  course HERE!

Why the ANGRY Owl??? The name "Angry Owl Ultra" has a story behind it.  Not too long ago, there was an Owl or two at Salem's Bush's Pasture Park that was attacking runners. The owl would come down and take their hats.  No major injuries were reported.  Just a few scratches and some missing hats!  You can read about the owl attacks HERE! 
Check out the "crusty cap" patch that
go on your finishers cap made
by Alpine Dam

This race is put on by Crusty Cap Footraces.  When you finish on June 30th, you will receive your very own custom event "crusty cap" cap to make crusty on your own!

Read more details about Angry Owl Ultra HERE!

"I am very excited to support
Angry Owl, the only
 ultramarathon here in Salem.
Bush Park will make a
great venue for the race.
I look forward to
participating and
hopefully getting
more runners interested
in time events and
ultramarathon running."

Pam Smith
Because this is the very first year, I haven't ran it yet!  I am really looking forward to be a part of the very first year!  The race director is very excited about this race and has put a lot of time into planning this event!  This race is a loop course.  I realize a "loop" course may not be your thing, but think of all the advantages.  If you have friends or family members coming, they will get to see you a lot!  You will be in downtown Salem so when you get done running, there is food on most every corner!  Every loop you can get water, a snack, go use the bathroom, whatever you need...it's close by!  If your friends are joining you, you will see each other out on the course.  Also, Ultra runner Pam Smith will be running this race!  A local, living in Salem and winner of Western States.  She is currently on the USA 24 hour team!  How often do you get the chance to run alongside a champion like Pam Smith?  Don't miss out!!!!  I'm really looking forward to meeting Pam, and hopefully running with her for a few minutes. 

Registration is as follows!  1 hour race: $30.00
                                           6 hour race: $75.00
                                           12 hour race: $115

  Use promo code "simplyjulie" to get 15% off your registration.  Feel free to share this code with your friends! 
       Register at Ultra signup---- >HERE <----

The race director is excited about this race.  He's planning on developing a series of races in the future.  Angry Owl this year, and hopefully another one or two for 2018.  Definity keep your eyes on Josh's Crusty Cap facebook page so you don't miss out on any future races!  
Like his page HERE!

Hope to see you on June 30th!

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