Monday, February 6, 2017

Marathon Training ~ Week ONE!

Week one is done! 

I was seriously worried about week one!  I told a friend this the other day and she was surprised! I haven't been in "training" for over four months now.  In the four months I had an injury and really got out of "training" mode.  I still enjoyed running, but going out for a run versus training, are two different things.  I was scared to start training again.  What if I can't hit my times? What if I'm too tired after work? What if I just don't have it in me this go around? I was scared to start up again, but it is time to try!

I ran the Uberthons Winter Half as a warm-up for the season.  It proved I had work to do, but also helped me see where I'm at.  I feel like I'm in a slightly better stop starting than last year.  

I don't know why marathon season scares me but it does.  I think it scares me because I have been through it several times. I have goals and dreams in marathon running and I can't seem to hit the mark after all is done. I really believe I can do it, but so far, I haven't hit the mark I set for myself. Training's not only hard work, but it's a strain on the brain. There's a place you have to go mentally to get through some of the hard training sessions and to get through the marathon itself. Can I go there again???! Sometimes I doubt myself.  I can go there mentally for a training run, but the race ... that's much harder for me.  It's like a test I've studied for and prepared for and then fail!  I don't want to fail again this year. I will not fail this year!

Saturday long run group! 
I try to keep motivated by planning group runs!  I have an amazing group of running friends who keep me going every single week, and I love them! 

 I also run for Uberthons and My Soxy Feet.  I run Uberthons events and they keep me motivated to keep moving forward in my running goals and healthy eating habits.  I do all my running in My Soxy Feet athletic socks! They are high-quality, awesome, fun athletic socks that help keep my feet from getting blisters! 

This last week I received oatmeal from Umpqua Oats! They will be fueling all my long runs for marathon season. I'm really excited to represent them because their oatmeal is so amazingly good!  I can't wait to share with my group for our next long run! 

This week I will be adding on a little more hard work to my track session, tempo run and long run!  I am hoping for another great week of training, ending with a fun 10k on Saturday! The Uberthons Cha' co la' do thon!!!!  I have several friends meeting up with me at Cook Park to run or walk this one!  I can't wait! 

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  1. I understand exactly how you feel, but you describe it more eloquently than I do!! I am glad I met you and I am excited to be chasing unicorns with you!! I am hoping to at least stop by and say hi on Saturday. Not sure if I can fit in the race because I have a 16 miler. I am considering ending it with it but we will see. :-) congrats on the umpqua oats- they have a great ambassador!!! We will get our bqs this year- it's our turn!!!

    1. Kelly, it is our turn!!!! I have a 16 this weekend too. I'm going to run it Friday after work with Kristi. I may be sore Saturday, but I will have fun! Hope to see you friend!!!