Sunday, January 15, 2017

Warming up with the Uberthons Winter Half

Marathon season is coming soon! Two weeks to be exact! I will be entering marathon season number eleven. I can't wait to see what it brings! I have picked Newport Marathon at my #11! 
This will be my fifth time running Newport.  I know the course and my fastest times have been run there! I actually can't wait! I do have four solid months of work to do yet! But I'm ready to get started!

To start my season off, I will run the Uberthons Winter Half on January 21st! I have friends joining me for the half, and for marathon training!  I'm expecting great things! 

This year I will not only focus on a decent training plan, but also taking time to meal prep and make a weekly plan. I am now working full time. I think this will be key to making sure I am able to keep myself true to training and eating well.  A little planning each week goes a long ways! 

I will again be posting my workout schedule on my facebook page ZaoFit.  Many of my local running friends keep me motivated by meeting up each week and I love it! We all keep each other going, there is such a beauty to it! If you don't have a training buddy, I encourage you to find one! There is magic in meeting a workout buddy!  You will push each other and make each other get up and move on days you would otherwise skip! DO IT! 

I am excited to represent Uberthons in 2017 as an Ambassador.  If you have never run an Uberthons event, please message me!  I would love to hook you up!  Warning~~~once you go to one event you will be hooked for life~~~They are awesome, family friendly, for all ages and fitness level events!~~~~~

Check out Uberthons

I will also be representing My Soxy Feet for 2017!  They make awesome, fun athletic socks for men, women and children.  Check them out
Use promo code mysoxyjulie for 10% off your order!
What are your fitness plans for 2017? Any new goals and dreams?  I would love to hear from you!

Happy Running!

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