Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Runaway Pumpkin Half ~ Running in Costume

Are you looking for a great Half Marathon?  Look no further, the Runaway Pumpkin Half is one of my personal favorites. 
~ It's in the Fall, my favorite time of year! 
~ It's a half, I love the half distance!  
~ It's a nice, looped mostly flat course!
~ It's also a dress up race! 

Saturday October 17th, join me for this fanatic race!  Don't forget, you can walk it or run it!!!

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Running in Costume!

I have dressed up every year for this race and loved it! If you have never dressed up for a race, maybe give it a go this year!  
I'd like to send some tips your way.  Hopefully the tips will help your nerves so you can embrace the crazy fun of running in costume! 

1st ~ Get the creativeness going.  Dressing up is fun! Check out photos on Pinterest.  It will get ideas going fast!  Secondhand stores can be a great place to find costume pieces.  You might be surprised at whats in your own closet. Often you can put together a fun costume with items you already have. 

The Inaugural Runaway Pumpkin Half, what a fun time!  
2nd ~ Don't are going to sweat during a race, so take  Vaseline!    It will be your best friend under all that fun material!  Make sure you wear some of your regular running gear under your costume!  Costumes should never be worn by themselves during a can just take my word on that one! 

3rd ~  Use all of those extra safety pins laying around from previous races to make your costume!  Safety pins are the BEST at pinning down items like necklaces and headpieces. You can also use them to add-on any last minute props your awesome costume.  

4th ~ I don't recommend using hairspray for race day!  You don't want to feel the burn as the sweaty hairspray drips down your face, into your eyes!  Your fancy hair isn't going to last past mile three anyway, so just be happy you got your fun photos at the start! 

2013 race!  Ran for my buddy Lincoln who had cancer! 
5th ~ Be ready to embrace the fun of the costume on race day.  You will get comments, and extra cheers.  Go with it, have fun!
Last year with these crazies! 
Keep in mind when you're happy, you run faster!  Embrace the fun of the awesome costume you picked out and placed together and guess what, you will run faster!!!!

Now, tell me....what will you dress up for The Runaway Pumpkin Half?  I have my costume all picked out!  My two friends are trying to decide how they will dress!

  Join me and my friends at 8:00 am for the judging on race day.  The Runaway Pumpkin Half starts and ends at Cheadle Lake Park, Lebanon OR.  Photos will be taken.  Splendid prizes awaits the winning costume participants.  Prizes will be given out by 8:30 am with plenty of time to warm up before the race starts at 9:00 am.  
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