Sunday, February 22, 2015

Run Your Tutu Off 2015

Stacy, Erika, Lucy and me
Saturday February 21st I headed to Chrystal Lake Park in Corvallis OR to run "Run your tutu off 5k"
I got to the park at 9:30 to meet my friends.  We went and got our running bibs and still had time to go back to our cars to get rid of jackets/etc.  I was really glad parking was so close.  

Shortly after 10:00 we lined up on the paved walking path to hear instructions and get started.  There were men, women, walkers, runners, children and doggies all dressed in colorful tutu's ready to get moving. My friend brought her little Boston Lucy.  Lucy was the cutest little thing out there!  Lucy even won a trophy and was the first dog to cross the finish line!  She is a master dog runner!!!!

Lucy the winner!
We were off, along with 105 other walker/runners.  My friend Erica and I ran together with Lucy the dog.  We started about half way back into the pack.  We should of started up front.  We had to make our way around walkers.  I know better than this, but forgot to get up towards the front this day.

We ran on a smooth paved path the whole 3.1 miles.  We ran along part of the Willamette River.  It was a chilly but sunny beautiful Oregon morning.  Perfect running weather. There were people along the course holding signs, cheering us on as we ran by.  

About mile 1.5 or 2 we came to some rolling hills.  At the top of the last hill was a water station and the turn-a-round.  The turn-a-round was a little over half way.  I loved turning around.  We got to see all the other runners, walkers and doggies go by.  It was a fun atmosphere. 

The finish line was about a quarter mile from where we started from.  We got a little cool down walk back to the vendor/registration area.  It was nice and relaxing at this park so I didn't mind at all.  
Goody Bags for everyone

We were handed a goody bag and checked to see if our bib number won any prizes.  There were prizes like gift cards to sports authority.  There were some prize trophies too.  They were handmade and super cute.

Doggy Treat Station 
 Erika gave Lucy a dog treat from the doggie station.  We went over to the Zoup table for free samples of three different kinds of delicious soups.  We got a bowl of whatever kind we liked best.  There was also a table with bagels, bananas and blueberries.  Dutch Bros had some drinks available too.  

Emily did a fantastic job making this a fun event to come walk, or run with friends.  I like that anyone could do this one.  Men, women, children, doggies, walk or run!  Everyone was welcome!

It was held on Saturday February 21st at Chrystal Lake Park in Corvallis OR. at 10:00 am

Next year mark your calender for the third Saturday in February.  This event will most likely be held at the same spot.

Adults $25.00
Children $10.00
Children under 5 were free
Registration was available on line before the race, and the morning of the race from 9:00-9:45 am

$1900 was raised and went to benefit the Benton Furniture Share.

I recommend this race for 2016 if your looking for a very fun 5k to run or walk with a friend or your dog!  I had a blast running with my friends and I know they feel the same way.  

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