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Runaway Pumpkin Half '14 Race Review

October 18th 2014 was the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon in Lebanon at Cheadle Lake Park.

Tonya, Erika and me!

Runaway Pumpkin  is a fundraiser for the ABC House.  The ABC house is in Albany, OR.  They provide a safe and healing environment for children who have been abused.  I love that funds are going to support this!

Info on the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon:
Race entries: Early bird $45.00 through May 31st. Prices went up until just before race day.  $55.00 through Aug. 31st, $65.00 through Oct. 7th and $70 till registration closed on Oct. 15th. 
Registration included a cool tech shirt, a reusable goodie bag FULL of coupons and samples.  It was one of the best goodie bags I have gotten at a race. You also got a finishers medal!
  This race was chip timed.

Staggered start in pace groups.

Packet pick up was available the day before the race or on race morning.

Race was open to walker and runners (4.5 hours time limit).

There were 7 aid stations along the course.

Course is a nice loop, partly along the water.

Lots of food after the race with gluten free food this year.

Lots of vendors including a massage vendor!!!

That's me in the middle, front with the really white legs, lol!  Costume contest! (Photo by Ingrid B.)

The Runaway Pumpkin Run from Julie's point-of-view:  Saturday morning I rode up with friends.  We came early so we could take part in the costume contest The Runaway Pumpkin Half was having before the race started.

The weather was good but could of been a little cooler if you ask me, lol.   I stood in line at the port-a-potties with Emily, Erika, and Tonya for the second time.  With only  five minutes left to start and about 8 ladies in front of me, I left the line and headed for the start. I joined my pace group and was excited to get started.
Me at the starting line (photo by Eric F.)
Soon the race started.  The race director did a great job with the staggered start.  The first mile was a narrow path and I never felt like there were too many people around me that mile.  People were passing each other with no problems.  As I ran a few people passed me and I made it a point to remember them.  Come miles 7-13, I had plans of passing them back!  I was really trying to pace this race right!  As I turned the first corner (a sharp corner) a guy almost tripped me cutting me off to shake a volunteers hand. He was so focused on the volunteers he didn't even realize what he had done.  He went on my passing list!  

Erika running fast (Photo by Eric F.)
I ran the first four miles and wondered if I should speed up but I just tried to maintain.  I didn't want the last few miles to be horrible.  I had told my friend Erika (running this for the first time) that it was a flat course. I had ran it a few times and honestly remembered it being flat.  Well, it was fairly flat (opps).  There were several small rolling hills but it wasn't bad at all.  This is one of my very favorite half courses. I did keep thinking, "Erika is gonna kill me"   
I found Erika and ran with her for a few min.
I knew Erika's husband would be at about mile nine.  I had plans to hand off my water bottle and fly to the end if I felt good.  About mile 8.7, there he was.  I almost didn't see him. I handed off my water bottle and I took off.  I was feeling good and I needed to finish passing all the people on the list in my head.  I was sure I wasn't going to PR at this point so I didn't focus on that too much.  I just looked at the line of people in front of me and started picking them off, one by one.  If they had a bright shirt on, I went after them.  
With about two miles left I realized I might just PR, but I was going to have to really GO, so I speed up.  Mile 13 was my fastest mile!  I was just short of a lifetime PR, but I did PR the course by about eight minutes!  I finished at 1:50.53 feeling AWESOME. I do believe that was the best I have ever felt for a half and it was my 11th one.  It pays to learn how to pace correctly.  I did learn that if I feel good, I should speed up a few miles earlier than I did.  
My friend Emily had finished way before me, and Eric told me in on how she did.  Eric and I headed out to look for Erika, Tonya, Mitch and Kelleigh. Some of our Dallas friends.  I was supper excited for Erika, she PRed today!  As everyone came in we went over and found the food booth and looked around.  

Found Will from Dallas, The DJ for the event
Finished! 1:50.53
Found some Superheros! Mitch and Kelleigh! 
We did good Tonya!
Race sponsors 
Post race food!

This is a half marathon I definitely would suggest you do!  I look forward to next year!

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