Sunday, November 20, 2011

"My First Non-Dairy Thanksgiving!"

Four days ago I posted about going off dairy for a week to see if it helps my allergy headaches.  In the meantime I have had two friends (one a nurse, one who has dairy allergies) tell me to give it at least three weeks.  Well, my first thought was, "Thanksgiving!"  I decided it was still worth doing, so I am four days in and going strong.  Tonight I did have a huge challenge....Thanksgiving Potluck!

Now some people have no problems "not eating" at potlucks because they are germ-a-foes.  Me...not so much. The people at my church are wonderful bakers.  The Thanksgiving potluck has the best food of all potlucks too! Tonight I knew I could eat turkey, and green beans. I was bummed! That just isn't enough!  I decided to make non-dairy mashed potatoes so I could at least have one more thing on my plate. I was a sad girl!  I have no problems eating, and eating well at a Thanksgiving potluck, not tonight!

I got in line and found a couple yummy looking veggie salads, my non dairy mashed potatoes, turkey, and ham.  I also got one beef roll thing that looked super good.  I set my food down and took my 7 year old to the dessert room.  Three large tables full of favorite!  Rylan picked out a few I walked around I couldn't find anything that didn't have dairy in it.  Crust of any sort, is sure to have dairy unless it's specially made.  Brownies, cookies, pie's, cakes....nothing I could have!  I was sad as I walked back to eat my meat and veggies.  I actually was feeling sorry for myself and let my husband know!

After I finished my plate I was surprised that I felt full.  I got home and was okay!  For the first time ever, I didn't pig out at a Thanksgiving potluck.  Wow, I surprise myself!  The great thing is I don't feel "guilty" or "bloated."  It's actually a great feeling.

In a few days we will be at my Mom's eating Thanksgiving dinner!  My brother is coming this year and he is very allergic to dairy.  Since I'm on a "non-dairy" kick and Jeff is coming, my wonderful Mother is making us "special" non-dairy food.  She has some yummy stuff planned.  I will even get pie!  I'm so excited, but wonder how in the world, is pumpkin pie going to be good with no dairy?  Who knows, maybe I will loose 5 lbs this Thanksgiving instead of gaining 5 lbs!   LOL!

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  1. Almond milk is really a great creamy substitute for milk in pumpkin pie! And other things for that matter. Seth is doing non-dairy too! Go non-dairy people!!