Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Knockout! Panties Review and Giveaway!

A while back I was contacted via twitter to do a review for Knock Out! Panties.  I like doing reviews so I quickly agreed.  Since I am a runner, I asked to try the no sweat bra and thong, both out of the Fitness Collection.  I was excited! Not only did they send me those two items to try, but a third pantie, the lacy thong

Smart Pantie, Lacy Thong
I have had these for a couple months now and have worn and washed them several times.  My favorite ended up being the lacy thong. The price is what I consider high, but the value us A+++.   I have never had panties that have fit so well and been so comfortable.  After washing time and time again, they still fit like they are new.  
The thong out of the fitness collection is great too.  I would pick the lacy thong first, but I do think this is an excellent value too.  I even ran in these! 

Fitness Collection, Thong
Fitness Collection, Sports Bra
The sports bra isn't what I expected.  I like to wear a padded sports bra with some support.  The no sweat bra is very comfortable, but there is no padding or under-wire, so I wasn't comfortable going out for a run in it.  I do, love wearing this bra with casual wear or doing at home workouts.  It doesn't pull or pinch at all.  It's so comfortable, I could sleep in it, and most bra's are a big NO for sleeping in.

Some facts about Knock out!
Invented by a women who wanted a little something extra for sweat, spots, and little leaks that can occur during exercise or just because (because it happens and we all know it!!!)
She wanted women to have a better thin cotton liner.  Knock out panties are made with patented technology that protects from wetness and odor all day, everyday!  The liner has an all natural odor absorbing treatment and a dual action wicking fibers built right into the 100% cotton fabric.  It is thin, breathable and natural.  They have styles for every personality and any outfit!

After trying these myself, I can tell you, this is a way better liner than any pantie I have worn. Even brands that I thought were top quality.

Founder & CEO of Knock out! is Angela Newnam 
 Panties are made in the USA
You can find Knock out! on facebook here. 
Find them on twitter @KnockoutPanties

Knock out has generously offered one of my readers a couple free pairs of panties.  I picked the lacy thong since they are my favorite.  Enter the giveaway below and share with your friends! 

Please note: I am not sponsored by Knock out! Panties and received no compensation for this blog. 
All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'm not a thong girl. I'd love to try the boy shorts.

  2. Finding good workout underwear is tough, these look great!

  3. I'd love the lacy thong!! Cute and functional!

  4. I would like to try the Lady Bikini. They look great for running.

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